The Gayest Post EVAAAAR!!!!

last night we covered how a beautiful girl can be a great wingman. well, back in NO my boy lived in the Marine Barracks. his room-mate was a 5’11” JACKED Marine. i found out he had a part-time gig dancing at a gay club on bourbon. when i found out, i asked him about it and if they were looking for more dancers. “Doc, they’re always looking for dancers.” when i asked what he made i learned he bagged around $500 for a 6 hour shift and $750 for an 8 hour shift. then he told me that i’d do that clean up as a twink while he’s considered more of a bear. i told him i was interested in dancing. he looked me up and down and told me to strip. i took off my shirt and dropped trough. now i was working out then but i’ve never been muscular. i had a swimmers build. he told me i’d need to invest in some expensive boxer briefs but for now ralph lauren’s would do. but once i started making money to move up to gucci, AXI, and the like. he told me he’d talk to the manager the next night.

i showed up at the club and was showed the managers office. he told me to strip and he told me i needed to shave all upper body hair. i agreed. i told him i was active duty and could only work weekends and he said that was fine and told me to show up friday at 10pm.

my first night i was showed the dressing room and there was 7 guys in there. i was told i would do my first rotation after the all the dancers went through so i could watch and get an idea of how shit works. and the dancers: all straight, great looking men. i was the only twink in the group. basically shit went like this. there were 5 separate stations. you spend 15 minutes at a station, then move on to the next one. after you’d gone through all five stations you got a 30 minute break. you typically did 4-5 passes a night. and by dancing, what they meant was stand around and kind of gyrate slowly. never broke a sweat, not once.

now, i’m sure you asking, “don’t the guys mess with you and shit.” nope. there were VERY strict rules about not grabbing the dancers. and the clientele knew we were 924’s. lol. besides the money i made there were additional perks. if you recall, i mentioned yesterday that anytime you have a large congregation of gay men you find HOT.STRIAGHT.WOMEN. lol. now the girls could get away more with touching us. the girls were always asking when were were getting off shift. well, one woman asked me once, “so, when are you getting off?” i looked at her, smiled and said, “about 20 minutes after i get inside you.” she blushed.

now the fun began when we left work, 3-4 of us would head off to the  R-Bar or  Molly’s. we’d tell the girls from the club where we were going after work and usually more than one would show up. and when we showed up, we winged VERY well for each other. they all knew i like brunettes, so they’d big me up when i “called bids.” lol. most of the times the girls were already a little buzzed and often tourists. most girls that go to NO on vacay wanna do shit that they don’t tell their friends about later. lol. it was like watching that show “giggolos”. soon, we became know as the “gay boy crew”. lol. there were a total of about 15 dancers and usually 6-8 were working a night. i never went out EVERY night after getting work, but when i did, i always went home with someone. funny thing is, when we’d show up to one of our spots and “The Gay Boy Crew is here” was announced, we’d just laugh and get our drinks. i don’t think i need to tell you how women in the bar would inquire about us “being gay” and were told, “no, they’re all straight. but they’re dancers at a gay club.” panty soakage…we haez it. if girls from the club didn’t show we usually had girls approaching us to ask about our “work”. lol.

worked there for a little over a year. it was great fun and i made a TON of money.

oh, my stage name was Timmy. all the dancer’s chose stage names. one guy was a dick and chose Danny as his stage name. that soon became the big joke. choosing a stage name that was another dancers real name. we can be suck fucking dicks, it’s too fun. GREAT group of guys too. we always had a blast when we went out after work. when we got off shift and we left, as we walked out the club, it was always funny to hear the customers, “Bye Timmy, you looked great tonight.”

now, you might wonder why i wasn’t skeeved out at any of this and it’s simple. gay may have a MUCH HIGHER standard of males that they find attractive than straight women. but….gay men are essentially women with dicks. they HATED that the girls got away with more with us dancers than they could. the cattiness was epic. for those of you that don’t know these women are called hags. which is a play on  fag-hags.

when i started dating beth and i mentioned i had worked there, she didn’t believe me. i walked into the club, the bartender saw me and said, ‘TIMMY!!!!! OMG, it’s so good to see you. c’mere, i’m totally buying you drink.” i introduced the gf to the bartender and he proceeded to tell her how i was one of the more famous dancers there. lol. and when we got home later that evening, beth gave me a VERY nice dose.


this is a twink

20 Comments on “The Gayest Post EVAAAAR!!!!”

  1. FFY says:

    Dude haha that is crazy man. Very interesting, to say the least

  2. Senior Beta says:

    HM1, that is better than any Subic story I have ever heard. And I think you know what I am talking about. Hilarious.

  3. Stingray says:

    Egads Danny. You have been posting some pictures of some seriously good looking men and then you had to ruin it with this one. WTH? 😉

  4. Spacetraveller says:


    I had a totally different idea of the word ‘Bear’ 😀

    I find it interesting that some of you guys here are so comfortable around gay men. Some men I know would run a mile from another man if he knew he were gay. But it’s not discrimination because they don’t have the same reaction towards lesbians. It must be a ‘man’ thing?

  5. You never fail to surprise me with the things you write about. LOL

  6. Panama says:

    Yve in a sidebar: “It’s going to be me or Dan.” Then she pauses and has to deal with yet another person running up and asking why her head seems so oddly-shaped.

  7. Hamster Tamer says:

    Danny, funny shyt. I gather you’re career USN non-com? What would have been the repercussions of getting “caught” by “Duh Brass” in that particular “extracurricular” gig?… (I’m ass-u-ming this was during GW Bush Admin…?) Just curious… =:O…MG!

    PS: Finally met TPM (and Lucy T. Dog) IRL… he’s Mr. Rico-Suave Nighttime/Mellow Radio Host Voice… hypno-chatting le wimminz… lulz.

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      yeah. TPM is cool. i try and call him once a week to chat.

      the docs i worked with all knew. my chain of command in the clinic knew as well. they thought it was funny. basically, if anyone active duty went in the club, i was in a position to “out them”so, it would be in their best interest not to rat me out. and honestly, i didn’t care. if they gave me static about it, i’d just quit.

      the only thing i got shit for was not running a special request chit requesting secondary employment. one of my doctor’s brought his wife to the club to see me one night, and he laughed his ass off. he was cool as fuck too, used to love working with him.

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