Military Game and the Military SMP

So, I decided I wanted a frosty Coke Zero. As I walked to the atrium a young lady that I neg all the time (she works in the ER), was working at the front desk. As I walked past her she made eye contact and smiled (she’s married btw) and some guy was leaning on the desk, talking to her. I looked at her smiled and said, “HN *******, I LOOOOOOVE YOU!!!!!” I said it in a high pitched goofy voice. After I said it she beamed a huge smile at me. I got to the atrium, bought my coke and walked back. He was still there. I walked behind the desk she was working at (I’m kind of High Rank, typically you CANNOT go back there unless you’re assigned there) and observed the situation.

He was flirting with her. She had her ring hand on top of her right hand in perfect view. After 2 or three minutes I finally chimed in-

“HN *******, I need to see the daily log.”

She spun around (she knew I was back there, and didn’t need to be btw) and responded, “Yes HM1.” And pulled up the log I requested.

As she “worked” the young man said, “OK ******, I’ll talk to you later.” and walked off. Ok, this girl is Dominican and VERY cute, and as he walked away she turned to me and said in Spanish, “DEAR GOD, some guys can’t take a hint.” I just laughed and told her, “I worked with So-So for over a year, I watched that shit happen ALL.THE.TIME.” she giggled and I told her, “I gotta get back to work grenas (gren-yas, it basically means “messy hair”, I call her that because her hair is super curly), quit slacking off.” She smiled and said, “I like my grenas, thank you very much.” And her hair was actually done up neatly because she was at the Quarter Deck, grenas is my neg- nick-name for her. As I walked away she thanked me for “assisting” her.

OK, that guy had been there for almost 5 minutes. GOD KNOWS how much longer he had been there before I noticed. Her body language and responses made it clear she was being polite. She’s an E3, the guy talking was an E4…..she was just being respectful of someone of higher rank. She was sitting up straight, and responding in curt, short answers. I’ve said it before and I’ll reiterate it-

Guys, if you aren’t getting IOI’s within 2 minutes of flirting-

Walk away. He may well have not even noticed she was flashing her ring. ANNNND, just a moment ago…

A cute blonde from the ER was bringing me a patient. Well earlier, she was with another guy from the ER buying something in the mini mart. The guy was having problems with his card so it was taking a second. I finally tapped him on the shoulder (I know him) and said, “Hey….fucktard, get yer shit together.” He laughed and made mention of not having the cash of an E6. I NEVER talked to the girl. But she smile and giggled during me and dudes interaction.

When the girl came to my desk I looked at the guy I work with and said, “She held me up in the mini-mart. Anything she needs done, it needs to be done as slowly as possible. I looked at her and smiled. She said, “I am not responsible for that, that was HM3 *******’s fault.” I shook my head, “Nope, guilty by association, besides all girls named ************ are trouble.” I knew her name from reading her Hospital Badge.

“OMG everyone tell’s me that!!!!!” she relied excitedly. OF COURSE everyone tell her that. *sigh*

I answered, “I’ve dated enough **********’s to know.” and laughed.

She walked away to go check on her pt and said, “Awkward.”

THIS. This right here. 

Little miss *********’s entitlement hamster is so fucking big and she’s been white-knighted so many fucking times that she thinks she’s some fucking super-model. She’s a hard 6, soft 7. THIS is why I don’t fuck with girls in the Military. Yeah sweetheart, that’s it, I just wanna fuck you, that’s all. I’ was insinuating that I could date you.

Die in a fucking fire you delusional hole. I have EVERY intention of telling the dudes in the ER that this went down, and I wouldn’t be surprised to find out she’s an asshole and or, everyone kisses her ass.

So, next time you ask me WHY I don’t fuck with girls in the military, now you know. I posted this to show two things: the military is simply a mirror of civilian life. The guy in the top story is your typical, clueless omega white knight and the girl has a sense of entitlement that could squeeze into the Grand Canyon.

Sound familiar?

Now once the uniform is off, I want to completely disassociate myself from the Military. I NEVER wear my uniform off base. I know most of you think being seen in uniform would be a great pea-cocking routine. But I choose not to use my uniform as a crutch with girls. Besides, I get VERY uncomfortable when strangers approach and “thank me” for my service. But, I do have an extra set of ribbons at my house that a woman can see if she comes over and they ALWAYS ask what they stand for. THIS is when I run game.

“Well, this medal is for being a GREAT kisser, this one is for sleeping with over 9000 women, this one is for expert pistol, shot….” You get the picture. IF I get approached in uniform I ALWAYS get asked about one ribbon in particular. They ask about my JMUC. And I always answer with the same response.  

“I can’t say really. At least not while the light is on.” then I wink. Girls ALWAYS smile and shake their head. The typical response they give is, “You are bad.”- which is womanese for “Dear God am I tingling!” lol.

Stay up.

quit staring at my rack. but i DO realize it’s impressive.

full dress medals and ribbons. this is what i have lying out in the house.

17 Comments on “Military Game and the Military SMP”

  1. J R says:

    Nice rack, HM1 – but in the lower pic the medals are backwards (ie row beginning with NAM should be on top) … guess most chicks would never know!

    Never, ever fucking whores-in-uniform is a good idea … though the horny, sex-starved career-MILFs at the O4/5 (even 6) level can be fabulous in the sack. Plus they usually love to be dominated, roughly.

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      lol. i never wear them. it was for my sisters wedding and my mom wanted me in full dress uniform so i could escort her. when i got them back i didn’t have time for them to change them. now they just sit at the house.

  2. aneroidocean says:

    I corrected Rose the other night after she’d walked over to the gas station convenience store to get us something or other. I was surprised she went there instead of to the other store and I mentioned it. She brought up that the guy at the front counter was talking to her. Then she said he was creepy. Everything she’d said led me to believe that while he was older and not that attractive, he was just trying to flirt with her. I clarified with her how the interaction had gone, then checked her.

    I told her that if it had been me flirting with her in the EXACT same fashion, that she wouldn’t have called it creepy at all. I explained to her that her calling a guy creepy simply because she didn’t find him attractive (as opposed to his actual behavior), made her very judgemental and prejudiced. I told her that this is the negative side of feminism and that this only serves to turn men off to women and makes her less feminine. She took it surprisingly well. I plan to check girls who call guys creepy as often as I can. It’s rude.

  3. redpillwifey says:

    I was in the military for a while… I don’t blame you for not messing with military chicks. They were all entitled bitches, or lesbian, lol. 😉

  4. quixliver says:

    …and that’s not mentioning the Desert Princesses…

  5. PP says:

    Anyone who’s served and didn’t have their head up their ass would concur with this.

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  7. I’ve also found that military women get passed around within their particular career fields far too frequently. I work in a squadron full of “eskimo brothers” simply because the chicks who work there can’t seem to make up their mind on which dick to ride.

  8. Young Hunter says:

    This combined with hospital politics… Fuck…

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      this is no longer the organization i joined 18 years ago. i’m SOOOOO ready to retire.

      • Young Hunter says:

        Going to continue your career in the civilian sector?

      • doclove says:

        I joined the U.S. Army in 2003, and entered reception battalion just 3 days shy of my 35th birthday. I stayed for 8 years and got out in 2011. I am an Iraq and Afghanistan War veteran who has been out of the military for over a year. I’m 44 years old. I tell people the truth about the U.S. military. It has become overly bueracratized, overly feminized and over homosexualized. I wonder if you agree. I’m sure you are ready to retire, and I wish you well.

        Keep in mind that once you accept your military retirement checks, the military can still drag you back in, put you in your dress uniform, court-martial you and convict you as well as take everything such as rank, pay, benefits etc. for what you do off duty, off installation, out of uniform and retired if they think you have commited a crime in the USA or a foreign country. I remember there was a retired U.S. Army E-6 Staff Sergeant who had married a Japanese woman and and lived in Japan in the early 2000’s. He was picked up for child molestation by the Japanese police. The U.S. government caught wind of this as did the U.S. military specificly the U.S. Army. The Japanese government handed him over to the U.S. Army which courtmartialed him and took away his retirement pay, rank, benefits and put him in Fort Levanworth(U.S. military prison for your readers who may not know). He was off duty, off installation and not in uniform because he was retired. It’s a shame that men or women who retire from the military like you are about to do never truly get their freedom back when they retire. Could you see this happening to a retired USA Federal civilian government employee such as a postal worker? I can’t, but it does happen to some retired USA military.

  9. Georgia Boy says:

    There oughta be a picture of you in the dictionary next to mercurial. After you get out, I recommend you join the mafia.

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