Pork 3 Way

tonight, in a stroke of genius i decided to cook a pork tenderloin, stuffed with boudin and wrapped in bacon. it’s a pork porn trifecta of epic proportions. i realize many of you can’t get boudin, so i’d recommend italian sausage or ANY sausage made with raw, uncooked pork. remove the pork from the casing and cut a pocket into the pork loin. stuff the sausage into the pocket. then overlap strips of bacon to equal the  length of the pork loin, place the loin (pocket side down, or off to the side) over the bacon. use a large knife, slide it under the bacon and flip it over the pork loin. pull the bacon taught, and repeat on the other side. then place 3-4 strips over the bacon sean to help keep the seal. place the loin seal side down on a grill or baking pan with a grate. if using a BBQ pit, cook over indirect heat, covered for about 15 minutes or until the internal temp is about 155. i cooked mine on “convection roast at 375 for close to an hour. again, internal temp needs to be 155. BUT since i won’t be eating this until tomorrow, i’ll slightly undercook it since i’m going to be reheating it.



My boy Adam is the charming gentleman at the beginning of this video. these lovable bundles of testosterone are my buddies back in NO. i’ve known Adam since we were 5. well every wed. the “riot squad” gather together and the tribe shreds. eat drink and be merry.

and as always- Mentu posted a gem. enjoy your weekend while i watch LSU and Florida State.

5 Comments on “Pork 3 Way”

  1. Looks fantastic but not what I was expecting from the post title. heh.

  2. thebastardson says:

    this has to be killer.

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