ITLR- Let Danny Do the Heavy Lifting for You

It’s been a great week on Planet Danny. My Cardiologist was THRILLED with my 24 hour BP monitoring, I have a GREAT new job, and I’m officially on leave and driving to NO thursday. PLUS I was refunded $978 for an overcharge on my escrow. As a result, I thought it over and decided to help you fellas out.

So, you’ve opened her, gotten IOI’s, made her laugh….you’re doing just fine. Eventually she’s going to ask you about hobbies. Do what I do, just tell her you host a blog that teaches guys how to chat up women, and answer email’s from women who want a male’s perspective. TPM asked my a long time ago if I told girls about my site.


That’s the beauty of posting openly. I have ZERO worries about being “outted”. So, how do you go about doing what I do?

  1. Take the red-pill and fully integrate it into your core.
  2. Read the blogs and for a while and up your game.
  3. Go to and register to start a blog.
  4. Name and design your own blog (if my dumb ass can do it ANYONE can)
  5. Copy and post ANYTHING I have on my blog that you think would give “your blog” some credibility. Add one a day for about a month. Once you have enough content. You’re ready to go. I’d recommend “female ejaculation, the sexy-time posts” and anything else that you thing is a good post.

Now next time you’re talking to a girl, and she asks about what you do in your spare time. You can show her “your blog”. Now, I have the benefit of being able to show her my stats (which ALWAYS impresses), but honestly tell her you just started it (at other bloggers suggestion) so you’re “building your audience”. Lol. Seriously, just telling her you only get about 300 views a day will impress the shit out of them.

So there you have it. Uncle Danny’s gonna help you DHV by being a “manosphere blogger”. It might be in your best interest though to edit what you copy paste. Lol.

The way I see it, why should I be the only guy benefitting from blogging about making girls tingle. I don’t think I can reiterate enough BEING 100% confidant in your inner game.

Now, just to be fair. I’ve decided to throw a bone to my female readers. Since let’s face it, i KNOW when you ladies see- “Into the Locker Room”, the hamster MUST read it. I’ve often spoken one of my co-workers whom I have affectionately dubbed, “WarMachine”. He’s 6’1″ and 210lbs. He runs pure “gorilla game”. He’s on of my best friends. When I first moved out here we instantly hit it off (most alphas tend to recognize each other right away). He invited me out ALL THE TIME. “Bro, you and me, Whiskey River, we’d get so much pussy it’s stupid. With girls approaching me, and you’re type of game…we’d clean up.” Of course….he was 100% right. But I had to decline. I told him….

“Dude, I get it. I was 26 once too. But I’m 27, that shit old to me. I honestly prefer to to sit back at the house on the weekend and chill.”

Eventually, you quit asking me to roll with him. lol. Oh, and he’s 100% BADASS!!! His current last name is not his BORN last name. He had it changed after he left Afghanistan. You see, in 2004, when we went into Iraq…..he was in Afghanistan. Doing what? He won’t say, but my my guess is: Black Op shit. Ladies, prepare your panties for moisture.

Stay up.  

13 Comments on “ITLR- Let Danny Do the Heavy Lifting for You”

  1. Dunno if you care, but Google punishes the fuck out of your search rankings for duplicate content. If you get an army of schlubs copying your shit, your search engine hits will bottom out.

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      meh. i don’t get 10k views a day, i RARELY break 1000. most people end up on my site via word of mouth.

      fuck google. fuck google in it’s fucking ass.

      i’d prefer people end up on my site because the other blogs. nah’mean.

  2. Jake says:

    With you on Google. Or any sort of promotion. Who’s got time for all that?!

  3. MissMarie says:

    If they do a spellcheck it won’t be duplicate content…

    Sorry Danny, had to! 😉 Mwah!

  4. MissMarie says:

    Ohhhh, not Brody! Now I’m very sad 😦

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  6. Phoenix says:

    gorilla game?

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      I learned about “gorilla game” via my boy Aaron when I was stationed in Charleston. We used to go to the enlisted club on the Chair Force base.

      Gorillas primarily operate at clubs and get approached by younger women. The are typically guys in GREAT shape, are tall, and ooze alpha cred.

      Girls will approach said guys and basically throw the pussy at them. My other boy Ray COULD work gorilla game, because he was pretty intimidating looking. Most black dudes rock gorilla game.

      At 5’4″ I could NEVER run gorilla game. Neither could my other ultra player besty Alex. The 4 of us used to go out every weekend. We’d arrive, make a round or 2 about the venue. Then Aaron or Aaron and Ray would go off, they usually returned in 10 minutes with 2 or 3 girls.

      Me and Alex ran out “funny guy” game. The girls would invite their friends over (and they ALWAYS had friends) and before you knew it, there were a bunch of girls around us. Within minutes Aaron was making out with a girl in front of the group and this DHV to the is and the. Girls fed on it.

      Eventually me and Alex gravitated to one of the girls (we’d rally in Spanish mind you. Aaron was the only one that COULDN’T speak spanish), and that shit is chick crack. I’d always kiss/number close. Sex came within a week of flirting.

      Aaron and Ray eventually tweaked my game. By the time I left for Italy 2 years later, I was a stone cold lady killer. But in Italy I didn’t need game.

      I’d be willing to bet Bronan and FFY work gorilla game. I’m as intimidating as a sack of wet kittens. Lol.

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