ITLR- The Chosen Few

this post is dedicated to the young men of the Sphere. Gather round the fire, there is something i want to tell you.

you are the fortunate ones of the upcoming generation of men. you have the truth. you have taken the red pill. as i approach the twilight of my third decade on this ball of dirt, i wish to offer you some perspective and words of encouragement.

your 20’s, in regards to women, suck fucking wet donkey balls.

the battle rages on around you. the enemy is firing upon you from an elevated position and the trenches are steeped in mud. you wanna give up, you want to thrown your rifle down and give up. i know the feeling. i’ve been there. your 20’s is the hardest time in the SMP for guys.

but you’re different. you are a new generation. the new spec-op’s of the SMP. you’ve found RoissyRooshMentuBadgerPrivateMan, hell maybe to an extent… dumb ass. you are being given true weaponry for the SMP. i found the blogosphere just over a year ago. if i were DECENT with women then, i’m SURGICAL with them now. i recall the SMP in my 20’s, i did ok. if you’re in your 20’s and have taken the red pill, i SWEAR TO YOU, your 30’s will be CAKE in the SMP.

so take your lumps- get flaked on, rejected, manipulated, etc. don’t be angry, don’t be bitter. the girls in your dating pool are simply exercising a fleeting power. a power that fades in a blinding flash for most women. one second it’s there, the next….”where are all the boys?” by the time they realize it, you’re almost 30….or in your 30’s. you have something you didn’t have in your 20’s-

you’ll have a true sense of self.

this is the burning core of confidence. this cannot be faked, or learned over night. it is the culmination of life-experiences and the battles you’ve fought in. it’s from rejection (after a while it just doesn’t bother you anymore), flaking (ah well, fuck her.), education (The Sphere), and having a true idea of what you want your life to be. and by that point in your life-

women just won’t be a major factor anymore.

now i LOVE women. i enjoy being in their company, i enjoy flirty banter, i enjoy teasing them, making them smile, and they LOVE it as well. but women can sense a “pussy agenda”, and when they do, most will just string you along until you give up or they’ll fuck you. yeah, they will. with game and the modern outlook on sex that most young women have….getting laid ain’t that hard. it’s no longer dating, it’s “hanging out.” asking most women, in their late teens-early 20’s on a date nowadays is like asking ben franklin for a light bulb. tell her, “you wanna hang out” and she agrees, you’re almost half way there. if you actually DO hang out  with her….and you know game. dude, you’re WAAAAAAAAAAAAAY ahead of where i was in the my 20’s.

so fret not young hunter. these days may be dark, you might be taking lumps in the SMP; but i promise you….it.gets.better. you are being baptized by fire, forged by the men who KNOW their shit about the SMP, i can assure you- your 20’s will be A LOT better off then 90% of men in their 20’s who are blinded by blue-pill bullshit. trust me men, adversity builds character. get your first true heart break out of the way, fuck as many women as you can, and if you’re LTR minded-

learn what you need/want in a woman. that only comes from “dating” as many women as you can.

the best advice i can offer you is- DO.NOT.GET.MARRIED.IN.YOUR.20’S. got that.

learn Krav, go to a shooting range occasionally (with the intention of becoming a better shot), take up archery (great for relaxation), learn auto-mechanics, PLEASE learn to cook  (you don’t even have to be able to cook well)- do ONE THING that could be construed as “masculine”. these things will give you a confidence no degree could ever replace. it will give a SKILL. and….DAMMIT…..

sorry, couldn’t resist that one.

in a sense i HATE you little bastards. lol. you have it MUCH easier than i did in my 20’s. so keep reading the blogs, learn masculine skills, practice game (yes….it MUST be practiced), and soldier on.

the myth of Sisyphus

Sisyphus was punished with eternal toil.  Camus posited that what made Sisyphus greater than the God’s was his watching the stone fall back down the mountain, then climbing back down to begin again. by accepting his punishment, he’s BEATEN the God’s. his unwavering ability to tend to this mindless task is epic.

but eventually, you….young man, will watch the stone fall (aka-flake, rejection), and you’ll REFUSE to push that stone back up. you’ll scream a hearty “FUCK YOU” to the God’s (feminism), climb down the mountain, look at stone, look at the mountain, then look up to the God’s, give them the finger, and find a better stone.

stay the fuck up.

33 Comments on “ITLR- The Chosen Few”

  1. boss says:

    lurker here and elsewhere for a long time, and for whatever reason this post really resonated with me enough to make my first comment, just wanted to say thanks danny for the blog and great post

  2. thebastardson says:

    man that shit was epic. really hit home with me and I’m know I’m not alone in that. stoked to read more man. loved the “stay the fuck up” btw.

  3. Young Hunter says:

    Heh, young hunter… Great post. Already went against your best advice long before I knew about the Manosphere. I actually don’t know that it really existed at that point. My lessons in that area have been learned the hard way with little help unfortunately. Any young man reading these blogs before taking the plunge is SO fortunate.

  4. freddy says:

    mate being 20, I’m finding it really hard, even at college. fuck without game it would be impossible!! Great post

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      thanks man. trust… WILL change in your 30’s. just keep soldiering on. from 30 and on….

      you’re in the driver’s seat. most women will have 1-2 kids, be a tad over weight, have TONS of issues, and…….they’ll be desperate for a partner. the SMP is a whole new ball game when your in your 30’s.

      • Infantry says:

        Getting laid is easy in your 30’s. You will have female companions coming out of your wazoo. Now, finding a quality life partner? That’s the hard part. But the good news is that you’ll be swimming in it in the meantime.

  5. damngringo says:

    Another great post, thanks a lot.

    But i still remember what you said about blink 182!

    It’s important to get one’s shit together in 20s, figure out how one wants to live his life and go for it. I am happy that i did – i have a long way to go, but i’m moving to it every single day.

    Reflect on Roissy’s commandment #3 – you shall make your mission, not your woman, your priority. I made it my #1.

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      fuck blink 182. lol.

      never read Roissy’s commandment’s, but i’m sure they’re money. he was my “gateway” to the sphere. keep studying the great one’s, and in the end….their knowledge will arm you for success in the SMP.

      stay up.

  6. mrjworthy says:

    This shit resonates. 24, having spent most of my early 20s in blue pill haze. I’m like a whole different person now, ready to start tearing it up while taking my lumps in the process.

    The sentiment is great, danny. Thanks.

  7. deti says:

    This is outstanding. Men: read it, and read it again.

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      thanks Deti. much appreciated. if you could extrapolate, i’d be very appreciative.

      • Infantry says:

        If I was going to focus on one point it would be this: ‘don’t be angry, don’t be bitter.’

        If you can make it through your 20’s without war wounds or baggage and with a genuinely positive attitude towards women, you are doing exceptionally well and will be better placed than anyone (even paragon PUAs) to find happiness.

      • dannyfrom504 says:

        great advice. thanks for stopping by and chiming in.

  8. dumasworld says:

    This is a great post, saw Mentu tweet it on twitter and headed on over. I feel like I could write a whole fucking essay of my transition from the age of 24 to who I am now at 28. In fact I could get a number of my knobhead beta friends do it on my behalf.

  9. Chewie says:

    Well done. I found the Sphere at 25 and I haven’t looked back.

  10. Handlingtheredpill says:

    Fantastic. I will take your advice on marriage to heart.

  11. Newly Aloof says:

    Didn’t learn about the red pill until after marriage, but I’m glad I know now. I feel like Neo in The Matrix, regardless of how my marriage turns out.
    My advice to the young bucks is:
    1. Stay in frame all day, every day. Good for relationships and work.
    2. Work the fuck out and get in shape – Fuck video games and other sedentary shit.
    3. Read Rick Dad Poor Dad and get you some passive income.
    4. Dress sharp
    5. Don’t beat the monkey, and if you do, a) don’t do it to completion as this drains your will to meet girls, and b) get yourself a Fleshlight stamina control and work on becoming a terminator.

  12. Your new name is Coolness P. Maximus. The “P” is for Peckerhead, ya bald fuck.

    I threw down some quick advice and three great links for young men over at the Roosh forum:

  13. dem says:

    great advise D. the sphere has totallychanged me. turned 22 few days ago andi had the best birthday man. the sphere motivated me to do so many things i would have never ever have imagined to do. now being out of my comfort zone means nothing to me.

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  15. deti says:


    You asked me to extrapolate further. Well, I don’t know. I guess if there are a few points I’d amplify, it would be:

    1. So much of meeting and being with women is not so much doing things to get them to like you. Most of the battle is NOT doing things that cause women NOT to like you.

    2. Look out for YOUR interests FIRST. Believe me, she’s looking out for herself. Your wants, needs, desires, and feelings are a distant second to hers, if they even register on her radar screen. You’re history if someone better comes along. You’ll be a “mistake”, just some guy she used to know. So why shouldn’t you put yourself first?

    3. Your frame — first, last, always. You always set the frame.

    4. Don’t waste time on girls who clearly aren’t interested.

    5. Don’t waste time on girls you’ve already been with and it didn’t work out, unless you’ve got a decent fuckbuddy thing going on.

    6. I cannot stress this enough — when it’s over, IT’S OVER. Wish her the best, walk away, and don’t look back. And if she comes back to you, I’d think real long and hard about walking away again. There’s a reason it didn’t work the first time.

    7. Don’t make something out to be more than what it is.
    –If a girl is your fuckbuddy, then that’s all it is. It’s not love and you’re not getting married.
    –If you have a “hang out a couple of times a week” thing, then that’s what it is. Maybe it’ll be more later, but right now it’s hanging out. It’s not love and you’re not getting married.
    –A rejection isn’t a concrete evaluation of your worth as a man or as a human being. It just means you weren’t right for that girl at that time in that place in those circumstances.

    8. Do go as far as she will let you. If the bang is in your reach, get the bang.

    9. Be prepared.

    10. When it comes to dating and being with women, stay in the moment. Stay in right now. Don’t think about how things used to be. Don’t talk or think about what this will look like next week, next month or in six months. Don’t compare her to some other girl you used to know. That’s not fair to her.

    11. Don’t get needy. You don’t NEED a woman.

    12. Live your life. Go have a good time and enjoy your life. Put yourself around good men and women. Don’t go out all the time looking to get laid.

    13. Surround yourself with a few good male friends. Never, never ditch them when you get a girl. Your time with your crew is sacrosanct. No woman is worth losing your male friends.

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