To the lurkers….

Upon the advice of a prominent blogger this post is going up.

I know you read. I know you’re out there. But you don’t want to chime in and comment. Well; this post will be my last until I get 50 new comments: from NEW commenter’s (and I can easily verify new person’s).

This is simply and attempt to open the discussions more. I know there are reader’s that WANT to contribute, but don’t. Therefore, you are in control here. You determine the fate of this site.

So just comment with your age, sex, where you’re reading from, and how you ended up here.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Stay up.

165 Comments on “To the lurkers….”

  1. Daniel says:

    Okay, fine.

  2. Natalie says:

    Hello, I’m 34, I’m female, I’m reading all the way from Auckland, New Zealand and I came to this blog through another one, I don’t remember which one, but it’s all part of my journey to become a more feminine, appealing woman. It started off as ‘How do I atract a man after this horrific break-up and make sure I’m never the man in the relationship again’. And now that I have a man who’s happy to be in charge, my focus is on ‘how do I please and keep him!’. So there you have it, a little bit about a lurker. 🙂

  3. Jonathan says:

    29, male, rainy old England. Although it’s not actually raining for once. I found your site through the Delusion Damage megalinkfest page, been reading for a couple of months now.

  4. Chrysalis says:

    36, male, Serbia. Back ass country.

    Dude, if anyone proves that mediocre game works it’s you. It’s hard to follow the apex gamers, but you I can relate to. And I know it can not be the looks in your case.

  5. Tiralion says:

    44, male, Germany.

    If I remember correctly, I found this blog after I stumbled on /r/mensrights on reddit and did some research afterwards. The stories on your blog are quite worthwhile to read. Although I still need to wrap my head around the idea, that it is cool to have an AR at home.

  6. Rusty says:

    I’m not sure if I’ve commented here before – I occasionally leave comments on the odd blog. Might have done here. Certainly you and I had a little exchange at BB’s a year or so ago.

    27, male, UK. I got into the ‘sphere a couple of years back due to doing a great deal of research into modern masculinity as part of a project. I got interested, and make sure to drop through the links on Delusion Damage every couple of days. I’ve found a lot of stuff around these blogs very useful to my personal development, confidence, drive and relationships, but I’ve never really felt the need to comment or blog myself – I’m happy to read what others have to say, think about it, and analyse it compared to what I see outside my door. But, for me, that’s a personal process that I don’t really need or want to share.

    Perhaps I’m wrong in that. I do know that sitting down and structuring your thoughts in writing helps to solidify them, so maybe I should get involved in the comments more. Hmm, we’ll see. Anyway, for now, Hello!

  7. Mark says:

    30, Male, Italy.

    Came here lurking around various manosphere blogs.

  8. dumasworld says:

    28, Male, London UK

    Mentu, bronan and Twitter.

  9. Simon says:

    Male 44 Australia from Mala Fide blogroll I think.

    I like some of your shtick – fighting, guns. You’ve done a few posts which don’t show you as being such a winner – respect that.

  10. andy guy says:

    Athol Kay

  11. Matt says:

    17. Male. Reading from disgustingly sunny south Florida. And I ended up at your blog from Delusion Damage & a good friend of mine.

  12. LifeUniverse42 says:

    30 male, single from Quebec/Canada the place where we have 4 season in one day.
    I found red pill stuff I don’t remember how but I did read “the game” a few year back. Found athol blog a few month back, I think january or february, and from there and the people comment I found other blog that seem interesting. You were in the path of those blog. Right now working at internalizing what it is to be a man, stand up for myself and understanding body language. Also to acknowledge to myself that I am awesome and continu to push what I am above and beyond normal…
    Trying to work the field to have a fun time but also looking for a great woman if it still exist. I think I spot a few every 6 month or so.

  13. MadMav says:

    Retired Air Force
    ARRT for 25+ years
    Ran Mad game back in the 80’s and 90’s.

  14. Jonas says:

    married, one kid

    btw my favorites:

    Ardbeg Uigeadail
    Laphroig 10 Years

  15. Karen says:

    Arlington VA
    Bouncing around the manosphere, saw your FOOTBAWWW cry of joy in someone’s feed, then one of your recipes. Plus I feel obligated to read you since I am lifelong Saints fan.

  16. TempestTcup says:

    Flyover Land
    No clue – have been lurking forever.
    Also, my husband just bought a new AR, too. It looks like yours, but I’m no expert.

  17. Beppo Venerdì says:

    28, Male, Columbus

    Found you via a comment at The Private Man’s blog originally (I think, I’ve been reading your stuff for awhile now)

  18. Grappler says:

    Near Charlotte, NC (PANTHERS fan or course)
    Former Marine 03, so thanks Doc.
    Enjoy reading your blog and usually check it every day or so. I think I found your blog thru Private Man and who remembers where I found his. But it’s a tangled web this Manosphere and I find new sites every day it seems. But yours is a good one.

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      What’s your MOS brudduh?

      And you never have to thank me for anything Marine.

      • Grappler says:

        0311 Infantry……HOO RAH!!! Great time, who doesn’t like to shoot guns and play around in the woods all week. Still lots of hard work and not a lot of pay at that time. Seems like ages ago, got off of active duty in ’95 finished with reserves till ’97 while I was finishing up college.

  19. Sean says:

    Fine, fine.

    Calgary, Alberta.

    I ended up here with one of your links off of UMan. The big red safety crayon has huge drawing power, Danny. Been lurking a couple of months but the comment this am on UMan was hilarious. Maybe if you grew hair people wouldn’t confuse you with the kid from the Matrix bending a spoon.

  20. Strauss says:

    Mexico City, Mexico
    I am a big fan of the manosphere and i am very intrigued about topics like feminism, which i see raising more in my own country and other countries in Latin America. But i may be the only reader in the whole country, lol. I came from, in which your blog is listed.

  21. John Smith says:

    41, Florida. Divorced a few months ago after being married for 20 years. Fell into the beta trap. No longer!

  22. Female
    I don’t exactly remember but I am new to the manosphere and was suggested that I read for a while before I comment on this circle of blogs.

  23. Kuraje says:

    Athol kept mentioning you and checked out a post or two and added to my Psychology | Philosophy RSS folder. The ‘awesome, dipped in awesome sauce, w/awesome filling’ is money. Never fails.

  24. Andy says:

    59, man, England.


  25. Nietz says:

    Hey Danny,

    Male, 22, Toronto.

    I have recently (5 months ago) taken the red pill. This is due to my one and only failed relationship. The excruciating pain and anger lead me to discover (I came across it as a commenter’s link on; I boy am I delighted that I clicked that link. I haven’t been sucessful with women due to many factors: I haven’t really had a large social group with loads of girls in it, I am as short as you (reading game blogs have made me even more concious of how this affects game, and it makes me sad), I was ok being the follower in social group and mostly coz I had not taken the red pill prior. I also have Bipolar Disorder and feel that I have been given the short end of the stick in life.

    When I came across your blog a few months ago, it was almost a relief. Danny, you were my height, balding ( me too), had PTSD (and discussed how hard it was for you), you displayed your shortcomings as well as your strengths. You blog is hope for me. I want to experience some of the great moments you have had over in your 20’s in the game and otherwise. Your hobbie and tastes are distinguished; I hope to someday pick up fun and masculine hobbies too.

    You had a recent post about how if you are game aware in your 20’s, then your 30’s are going to be great. I have a lot of self-confidence issues, frustration and doubts regarding game. I wish we could have direct contact regarding some of these things.

    Please keep doing what you are doing. Some of us have not reached where you have please help guide us further.

    • kurtzdidact says:

      Your story sounds really similar to mine, though I simply went through a depression instead of PTSD after my first relationship. Keep moving forward though man, it’s worth the pain.

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      My blog exists for guys like you.

      Trust me, it WILL get better as you practice it young Padawan.

  26. CanIUseAnyNameILike? says:

    20, Scotland. Pretty sure I found you through someone’s blog roll. Maybe Athol’s.
    Anyway, I think you’re one of the better bloggers. Even though the rest have better grammar lol. I quite like ITLR and stuff of that kind. Just keep writing interesting stuff. And tell Dogsquat to post again.

  27. Not sure if I’ve commented before (may have at one point, I get around), but Male, 36, Married, two kids. Follow the Hawaiian Liberatarian blogroll, but see your comments at other red pill sites as well. Your stuff is solid :subscribe:

  28. Hank says:

    I’m a married Male, 41, who is an exiled Cajun currently living in Virginia. Former Jar-head who found this blob via a link from The Private Man blog.

  29. grady says:

    43, male, jax beach

    Not sure who linked your site, but it was through the manosphere blogs. I read something I liked and have been coming back ever since. Commented previously, but it was months ago. Shamelessly stole your ettoeffee recipe and have enjoyed it numerous times.

    Btw, if you are interested in getting in the water for some surf again, the next few days will be the time.

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      Email me and I’ll send you my number.

      And I haven’t surfed in a over a year. Lol. How are the locals? And I have a 7″ G&S. will that work at Jax?

      • grady says:

        Just checking sites again and saw this. I’ll kick an e-mail in a bit.

        Locals here are not much to worry about. The pier and the poles are the only spots to think of and it’s more of a crowd situation than it is dealing with locals. If you’re cool in the water you won’t have trouble catching waves. This weekend any board will work as we should have lots of swell (thanks Sandy). Most days you need a lot of floatation (longboard/funshape) to get into the weak stuff, but not with this swell.

  30. M3 says:

    Reblogged this on M3 and commented:
    So that’s how it’s done… LOL. Well, i do recall begging once before on getting my lurkers to disengage their cloaking devices.. but then i thought begging was very unbecoming. But i always wanted to do what Danny just suggested.. so in the interest of efficiency and the fact that i’m just too damn lazy, i will co-opt his post and apply it to my own.

    De-lurk you fuckers! Can’t have an open exchange of information and idea’s if im just blowing smoke up my own ass. One thing that was valued long ago on HUS was a spirited and open discussion between men/woman from all sectors of life debating back and forth.

    If you feel you have something meaningful to say or contribute.. please do so. If you just have an opinion you feel strongly about, say it. If you hate my guts, lemme know! 🙂

    I just don’t want to have myself committed for carrying on conversations with myself.

    Thanks for letting me hijack your post Danny! Consider it LinkLuvWithBenefits

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      Lol anytime

      How many daily views do you get?

      • M3 says:

        I’m not a baller, but i love what i get. If i had to ave. it out, i’d say the mean is 400. When i take a stretch off it drops to about 150-250 per day. When i’m posting alot, it’s 4-500. Highest day was 785.

        I’m not looking to amass HUS or Dalrock numbers. I just enjoy a creative outlet to abuse Google Images!

        How are things on your end? And hows Dawgsquat doing?

      • dannyfrom504 says:

        I’d NEVER want HUS or Dal numbers. Also, commenting on a few blogs frequently helps as well.

  31. Recently unplugged says:

    Mexican male living in Europe, I would describe myself as a guy educated into betahood but which always felt something wrong with it, discovered the manosphere about two months ago, and I think Mentu was the first one to link me here, I’ve been thinking of starting a blog on my recent awakening and my hopeful transformation

  32. Fist of Vulkan says:

    Been lurking the sphere for awhile, and now I’m getting a big more proactive.

  33. Alpha says:

    Not sure if I commented here before.

    24, male, new to the manosphere – but all jokes aside I do love this blog.

  34. this_is_me says:

    Single, no kids
    Rhode Island
    mostly lurk, just don’t have the time to comment, discover the red pill a year ago, good stuff
    consider myself a mgtow

  35. Boisfeuras says:

    44, male, SF Bay Area, link from some site or other.

  36. Templar says:

    My first post was like 2 days ago, so hope this still counts. Ended up here by bouncing around the manosphere. Find something appealing about the “unpolished” edge here. Don’t get me wrong – like the polished posts as well, but this reminds me of sitting down and jawing with some buddies. Good topics – babes, bullets, beers and food.

  37. Marc D says:

    39 year old man from L.A. (Single/never married, no kids). I found your blog from one of your comments on one of the other ‘sphere blogs, but I can’t remember which one. I think it was either PrivateMan’s or Mentu/Ashur’s University of Man. Speaking of which, is PrivateMan the “prominent blogger” who advised this?

  38. dejour says:


    I’m sure I first encountered your blog via In Mala Fide. Nowadays, I mainly arrive via the delusiondamage page.

    I have interest in game, but honestly it’s usually MRA stuff that prompts me to comment (on other blogs). Sadly, I just don’t have enough success with women to make worthwhile contributions to game blogs. For me, it’s mostly about reading and applying what I can in real life.

  39. Benji says:


    I found you on delusion damage about a year ago, and haven’t really stopped reading since. I’ve been meaning to comment but I feel like I have to tasty morsels of wisdom to spare.

  40. Onit says:

    United States

  41. cape codder says:

    Massachusetts, USA
    Delusion Damage aggregate feed…how the hell else do people keep track of all this stuff?

  42. Kyle says:

    Male, 21, southern california, found you through twitter or mentu.

  43. Ingstray says:

    Good idea Danny!

    I have no idea where I found you. It’s been too long.

    Hehe. Do I count?

  44. Anon NOLA Reader says:

    New Orleans
    Don’t remember,either in mala fide,or HUS

  45. macengr says:

    Manosphere reader

  46. fullmoonmama says:

    female, 30, utah… probably first came from HUS blog roll.

  47. kurtzdidact says:

    Male, 22 years old, living in Houston, Texas. I discovered Rational Male a few months after the breakup of my first relationship and depression that followed, and have simply moved outwards from there. I’ve gone on more dates this year than all of my previous 21 combined, kissed more women, and actually gotten intimate with more women. I am much more respected at work and at home, and I’ve even begun to write again.

  48. dj says:

    45, male, michigan, married (15 yrs), total AFC, had no idea why, but suspected something not right, have had 100’s of arguments with spouse, suffered a lot, finally found “manosphere this spring by accident (lol…thru’ google search), have been reading up all the popular pages (roissy, RM, thisone, athol kay), bought his book, have recently started working out, being assertive etc…keep blogging man…just cause we stupid AFCs don;t comment means shit…most of us AFCs are even hesitant to accept their situation (which I have finally done now)..leave alone changing things…so I am one of those married chumps so not much field testing/action for me but just read and learn and try to improve my current situation…the best news is I am trying to educate my son (12 yrs old)…very grateful for your blog and the rest of the manosphere….DJ

  49. Hamish says:


    you are one of the few bloggers who aren’t bitter and throw the words ‘beta’ and ‘alpha’ around every second sentence.

    keep the good work up.

  50. Michael of Charlotte says:

    Michael, 36, North Carolina (one guess on the city). I think I ended up here probably from Susan Walsh’s Blog or from one of your comments on the Rational Male. I know I found your blog before Yohami’s but I can’t remember how exactly. I arrived in the Manosphere at about age 28. I got played worse than I ever had by a girl, then another girl and our friend who wanted me to be heart broken so she could date me.

    After embracing the MGTOW route for about 2 years, I really missed women. So, I’ve been learning Game to try and get women back into my life. I’m also getting in shape and dealing with a lot of my inner demons. Yohami had an excellent post that’s pretty much changed my life to that end.

    I’ve found varying perspectives on Game extremely helpful. Some guys are harder to relate to than others but nearly everyone has useful stuff. Reading your stuff has helped me with Approach Anxiety and I thank you for that. It’s fascinating to me that I used to believe I was bothering women when I spoke with them. I wish I would have gotten over that sooner.

    I do have questions as I have several gaps in my Game. I think I’ll email you them and see what answers you and your readers come up with.

  51. Shelle says:

    Hello! I’m 25, female and I’m from the United States (specifically, Florida), but I am currently in South Korea. I found your blog through my boyfriend a few months ago. I read your blog every day!

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      What branch you in? And are you in Pusan, osan, or chinhae?

      Fucking miss Korean fried chicken.

      If you’re active duty, I’m surprised you read/lurk. Lol.

      • Shelle says:

        I’m not in the military. I teach English in Seoul. I love Korean fried chicken too.

        • dannyfrom504 says:

          Aaaah. I see. Honestly. KFC (see what I did there?) is fucking epic delish.

          The branch I had was kyochon. Spicy of course.

          WarMachine- I posted his pic, is Korean. We house Korean food once a month in Jax.

  52. pugsfugly says:

    32, male, Texas.

    Linked from Delusion Damage. Stil wish that guy would put all of his old content back up. But I do enjoy this blog.

  53. dlm80 says:

    Male. 50. Panama City Beach, FL. I very much enjoy your blog. Keep up the good work.

  54. Matt says:

    Male, 55, Central Texas

    I’m not a new commenter, so I guess this doesn’t really count.

  55. Maj says:

    This muthhhhaaa fukkkkkkaaaaa…… love it…. I typed into google “how can a short, bald, scrawny looking nerd who stands about 5’2, looking like that character from “Powder” pull made pooney and have serious swaagggggggg” ….. keep up the good shit D…

  56. Senior Beta says:

    So with all the new Canuck and Brit fans you going to drop your old pals? Just shitting you HM1, good job on smoking out the lurkers. Even the chicks dig you. And good to see the jarhead response. But only one comment on your Cajun recipes. You must be losing your touch.

  57. 25, Male, West TX
    No way I can remember what site I linked from. Your probably the most personal blogger in the sphere and that’s what draws me and alot of other people in. That and guns! Planning on picking up a Savage 11/111 trophy hunter xp in 30-06, gonna have some fun on the long ranges and go get some feral hog. BTW do you have any recipies for dove? Got a nice load of breasts, heh, in the freezer just can’t decide how to fix em up. Thanks and keep writin!

  58. Man way to bring out the comments. I did one of these posts like a year ago and I think like 10 people commented.

  59. Faust says:

    28, Socal.

    I think I came here off of a link from Bronan, or maybe UMan? I’m your typical introverted video-game playing geek who woke up one day early this year to find myself weighing over 300 pounds and that anything that could reasonably be termed “young adulthood” was fast slipping away from me. Since then I’ve been trying to get myself into some kind of shape, both socially and physically, as I decide what the hell I’m going to do with my life.

    I like your blog because it’s more upbeat and chipper than a lot of the manosphere; it’s obvious that game is working for you and you’re enjoying yourself. I can’t see myself ever getting married, not after the horrible ways I’ve seen friends’ relationships fall apart, so a life like the one you describe is appealing to me. Stuff like this gives me the motivation to keep going between endless workouts and disappointments.

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      Dude- keep up in the gym. Read Bronan and FFY’s posts on getting fit and other blogs for game that resonates with you.

      You aren’t dead Brother. Get better, physically and mentally. Fight the good fight, and when you drop weight, and get better w/ game, your confidence will soar.

      And when you get there….I’ll be one of the ones there to greet the new you.

      Get busy living, or get busy dying. And it ain’t about having a six pack. Just get healthy Brother.

      Stay the fuck up, and you BETTER keep me informed on your progress.

    • M3 says:

      Dude. I was you. 6 years ago i was exactly you so you actually got 2 years of leg up on me. Except for the 300 lbs, but i’ve seen people with my own eyes get past that.

      You can make it.

  60. I know you don’t want me to comment, but I’m glad everyone else did! I wouldn’t want to lose your blog.

  61. ASF says:

    Wow biggest response to a comment or I’ll quit post I have ever seen. Nice work bro.

  62. chris700000 says:

    19 , Male , Santa Barbara, California.
    Took the red pill via FlyFresh&Young and have been learning about a better lifesytle threw these blogs, thanks & keep up the good work. Nice guns man.

  63. TexasSAHM says:

    36, Female, SAHM in Houston, TX. Found your blog through MMSL. I’ve been lurking across various manosphere blogs for a couple years, and your blog is definitely a favorite of mine.

  64. Marellus says:

    Male. 37. South Africa … en sal die ander Saffas asseblief comment … roer julle gatte !!!

    Anyway Danny, you really are a bastard I wanna buy a beer for …

  65. Roger Bedford says:

    Yo! Roger from Chicago. 46 and I’ve been a red-pill citizen since college. I learned about these red-pill sites while killing time at work…reading various articles online eventually directed me to VK’s site…then Roosh…and eventually, I made my way over to your site. I need interesting stimuli to keep my brain moving at work and your posts and comments are very relatable in many areas. Anyway, I didn’t want to be ‘a lurker’ so I’m commenting and wishing you continued success with your site and your individual stress concerns.

  66. someguy302004 says:


    Enjoy your honesty and humor here.

    38 year old guy living in DC area- stumbled here from a Chateau Heartiste link a few months ago. (I was sober- honest..)

    Missed the recent Manosphere sausage fest though, but, no matter- solo trips to coffee shops and supermarkets are the only times when I’m charming.

  67. Rojo says:

    Male, 20, SF Bay Area.

    In all honesty, ironically, I should have gotten laid by now. I’ve turned down at least one chick who was HB 5-6.

    I say you comment on either Mentu’s or TPM’s page a while back. Been lurking since May 2012.

    I appreciate the fact that you like guns, fine tobacco and fine spirits and the joie de vivre vibe that you give this blog.

    I just got done assembling my lower receiver for my AR-15 rifle, super stoked about it.

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      Thanks for stopping by.

      But you do comment.

      And yes- LOVE muh’ guns.

      • Rojo says:

        This is like my third post, so I feel like I barely comment compared to how much I read/observe/take in.

        I wish I had more to add, but I’m a student when it comes to game and the application thereof. I’m here to learn.

        Thanks again and thank you for serving.

  68. Bill says:

    Names bill
    From Australia 21 years old mate

  69. Bill says:

    Hey, bill here again. Mate, I didn’t realise every other new commenter had written something substantial. So here’s my piece:
    I had always harbored a suspicion that the sexes were not equal, well not really. My journey into red pill residency began in 2009 when I read David deangelo for the first time, then my parents found my printed copy of his ebook. They said, “bill, this David deangelo character is a real piece of work. What he writes is utter crap, and it’s highly manipulative towards women. Just be yourself.” of course I’m paraphrasing, but basically they majorly shamed me for even reading about game. That was when I knew something was amiss. Since then I read other game stuff, but I truly took the red pill after digesting roissy’s posts. At first I didn’t know what to make of his style, so I bookmarked the site. Long story short, I now read the manosphere regularly and try to implement a blend of Krauser daygame and heartiste female psychology.

    Big fan, by the way.


  70. Jerry says:

    Male, 47, Western Canada
    Keoni Galt, UMan
    Have commented on here before, but wanted to throw my ballot on the dogpile.

    People tell me I have a golden voice and am smart and funny as hell, but I gotta tell ya Danny, I’m jealous of your confidence and sense of humour, especially with the ladies.

    It’s important to keep moving forward, but the many, many missed opportunities I now see clearly in hindsight fall on me like an avalanche some days. I can see why many guys get so bitter and depressed, at least at first. Oh yes, I get it.

    Waking a man (especially any young man) out of a scarcity mentality before he wastes his life in the friendzone and wifing up some Wall-Flower (aka paying full price for used underwear) is an incalculable gift. Am personally very gratified to see the age range of respondents to your “ultimatum”, it suggests I was definitely not alone in my colossal ignorance and that a future cohort of men will rise to set the world aright.

    Great work here, Danny, and thanks for doing it.

  71. […] From 504 – ITLR: The Return Of The Great One, ITLR: Running A Soft Harem,My New Baby, To The Lurkers. . ., What Would Tyler Durden, Karaoke […]

  72. Kieran says:

    Kieran, 20, Kiwi in Austria.

    Came after reading your comment about throwing flour on fat girls at Bronan’s, stayed for the whisky and cigars.

    Zum Wohl!

  73. […] stole this idea from Danny, and after talking to him on the phone, I know I’ve got way more readers than he […]

  74. Esquire says:

    God damn Danny! Bringing everyone out of the wood work! I’ll reintroduce myself, I’m a 21 year old bad ass from the UK. And when I say bad ass I mean I’m white but listen to hip hop.

    Stay up, lol.

  75. Kate says:

    I am a little late and you already have enough comments, but I like your blog quite a bit so I thought I would comment anyway.
    Female, 21, Nebraska
    I can’t remember how I found you. UMan maybe? I have always been an anti-feminist (I got lucky enough to have a really wonderful mother and I belong to a branch of Christianity that has managed to avoid being poisoned by feminism), and since I found the manosphere at 19, I pretty much read anything I can get my hands on that bashes feminism/feminists.
    I will try to comment more often.

  76. Shinzaemon says:

    Started reading your blog months ago. I always got a kick from your comments. As a man with no wit, things are hard out there. What I am saying is I am stealing your shit, that thing about the chick can’t see your bedroom fully clothed? Gold.

  77. Hussein says:

    16 year old brother who is surviving the feminized system. A handsome Somalian brother with a Russian mom (explains my green eyes) Seattle,Washington. Found your blog when I researched why I had all E’s in class, but the highest test scores in state. (rofl) I’ve always thought even though even though i looked good i would only have one girl, but then I saw you and with all respect, your not the most handsome guy but i really do revere you. So i thought to my self if this guy can do it, I am gonna join him in the battlefield and kill as much as he is!

    oNE QUESTION!@@#!@

    Im 6’2 and im done growing height wise (lady doctor, so we will never know… lol) and im wondering is being tall good? Ive been working out and getting fit (im 200lbs, flat chest now finally!) does being tall give you an advantage or disadvantage? (depending on how you carry yourself i assume?)

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