Quick Update

Just posting a quickie. Been sick as fuck since Friday. Puking, liquid bung fury, zero appetite, and last night was the first time I slept more 2 hours.

Didn’t even make HoS tonight, fucking exhausted. So sorry, no nice tales from the NO on this trip as most of my time was spent hanging with Paw-Paw or in the can.

Brody sends kisses.

10 Comments on “Quick Update”

  1. deti says:

    I command you to get well.

  2. Phoenix says:

    sucks man. get better

  3. ASF says:

    Can’t win ’em all. Get well soon.

  4. Hank says:

    At the very least I have something to add to my vocabulary – “liquid bung fury”

    Get well Pahdnuh

  5. M3 says:


    Get better soon now ya’hear

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