ITLR- Pink Month

it’s been discussed on the other blogs, but i decided to take a different approach. but first- before ANYONE talks shit…

my aunt passed over 10 years ago from breast cancer, and my mother’s sister was recently diagnosed with breast cancer, had a double mastectomy, and is now going through chemo. so i don’t need any reminders to make me “aware” of breast cancer. we clear? good. since i KNOW you ladies can’t resist the ITLR tag, i KNOW you’re reading this.

since i have to have my lovely NFL, and MLB, and NBA invaded to make me “aware” of BC (though you don’t see it on WNBA), i think it’s time you ladies stepped up to the plate and REALLY help the cause. i’m asking my female readers to send me a picture of themselves (or a friend) in a “hand bra”. you can have a friend, bf, hubby….WHOEVER doing the bra and you can even hold a sign up about “save the boobies”, you can even rock an “arm bra”. i will not post again until i get 10 pics.

now. here’s the thing. DO NOT INCLUDE YOUR FACE!!!!! i mean, duh. email me the pic at the contact email. and i will post the pic and your posting handle will NOT be included.

there you have it. you ladies now control the future of this site.

side note- farewell to the University of Man. You will be missed Mentu and Ashur.

11 Comments on “ITLR- Pink Month”

  1. Rojo says:

    Regarding the very last line about UMan….

    Just went back to check. Awwww fuck, it’s gone. Damn. That was a good blog.

  2. MissMarie says:

    Arm bra? As in I could do it myself? Hmmm…

    And I’m getting sick of my office water jugs showing up with pink tops on them, too.

  3. Benji says:

    Is this your way of saying you’ll never post again? Lol. It’s a bit absurd to ask to that don’t ya think?

  4. TexasSAHM says:

    Your request reminded me of this. holding own boobs magazine

    Love your blog but no pics from me.

  5. ASF says:

    Danny you should know better than to give women control. 🙂

  6. I bet you have ten already.

  7. Olive says:

    Sorry Danny, love my mommy (today’s her birthday! And a week ago was the first anniversary of her mastectomy). But, I think she would find such a pic a very odd way of supporting the fight against breast cancer. Interesting idea though, hope you get 10.

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