Female Partner Count

There’s an interesting discussion going on on  M3’s…. Oh, before I begin….

Ladies- You are ALL in time out. You are not allowed to read my blog for a week. I gave you a simple assignment, and NO ONE participated. I’m not angry at you, just VERY disappointed. I will have to take some time to consider if I need to dole out spankings, but I think some of you may enjoy that too much. You naughty, naughty girls.

But I shan’t punish the guys for your transgressions. The site’s about them after all.

Anyway, there’s an interesting conversation going on at M3’s site where a young Lady asks about the relevance of a woman’s partner count. M3’s post covers the relationship between a father and daughter and how it’s vital to the emotional growth of a young girl. Deti, as per usual, offers a TON of wisdom. The post should be read simply based on the merit of Deti’s wisdom.  Sorry M3. Lol.

Deti replies to Ashley’s comment-

“there is no *proof* that women suffer emotionally from higher sex partners.”

Whether women have emotional pain from having a higher number of sex partners has not been studied. I think this is for a couple of reasons:
1. Women have notoriously poor insight into the causes of their emotions. IOW, they feel a certain way, but they don’t know why and cannot articulate why. Thus, anything you might ask women about this simply isn’t very reliable.
2. I don’t think researchers would ilke the results.

What we do know is that one study has found a direct relationship between the number of a woman’s sex partners and incidence of first marriage divorce. IOW, the more men she sexed, the greater her risk of divorce.

We also hear story after story after story of women saying they had a number of sex partners in their past, married, then

1. reporting a lack of attraction to their husbands
2. divorcing their husbands for “unhappiness” or incompatibility or other superficial reasons
3. reporting they felt bonded to previous partners, but not feeling bonded to later partners or current partner

All this suggests that as a woman’s partner count increases, her ability to bond to a long term sex partner decreases. Women are built to bond to their husbands. What we see is that marriages

I disagree that women don’t suffer emotionally from a higher number of sex partners. I like women. I don’t want to see them suffer. Too many of them are suffering already. They are suffering because they had sex with too many different men in their younger days and now are unable to be attracted to the men willing to marry them.

What typically happens to these women is finding themselves in a catch-22 over and over again: They are intensely attracted to alphas who bring the tingle in spades. But those alphas won’t marry them. There are betas willing to marry them, but the women aren’t attracted to them. So by failing to select a good, kind, reasonably attractive man as a young woman, commit to him and marry him; she limits herself to the following Hobson’s choice: continue with alpha STRs, membership in alpha soft harems, or alpha pump and dumps; or marriage to a beta who she finds sexually repulsive. This Hobson’s choice is the prime reason for the ever-growing choruses of:

1. “I’m not haaaaaappy! I want a divorce!”
2. “My husband is a good and kind and decent man. I’m just not attracted to him sexually, I never have been, and I feel terrible about it.”
3. “I wish my husband would cheat, so I can divorce him. I have never been attracted to him.
4. “I’m 39, I’m single, I’ve never been married, and any hope I have of ever finding someone to marry dwindles with each passing day, and I know it.”

I’ve posted before that the ex was a slut. I broke up with her after suspecting she was cheating. And i was right. Now she mentioned on SEVERAL occasions during the brief relationship that she would LOVE to be a SAHM; which was fine with me. But I also noticed she did NOTHING to help out around the house. At any rate- it doesn’t matter. It’s over, she’s got a kid, I’m assuming she’s Disney now.

I’ve heard about the correlation between a women sexual past and her propensity to cheating in marriage. I won’t argue, I have no real experience to back it up, but it sounds plausible. Personally, I won’t hold what a girl’s sexual past against her. It’s not my business. And yes, I’ve had girls flip on me when they learn how many girls I’ve slept with. My response, “Honestly, I couldn’t give you an exact number. A lot. Is that good enough?” Most girls are smart enough to let it at that. lol. And trust me guys, women KNOW when they’re dealing with a guy who’s been with a lot of women.

Ultimately guys, it’s up to you. I can’t/won’t dictate how to react when you learn your girls “been around”. But I for one believe when Deti says there are a great deal of women who leave the carousel and truly give it up. But I’m not so foolish as to not realize a woman that’s put out to a bunch of alpha’s is NOT as likely to cheat on your “nice” ass if you begin to bore her.

which reminds me of a great joke….

Stay up.


32 Comments on “Female Partner Count”

  1. M3 says:

    LOL. Such is the life.. Deti cast’s a pretty big shadow, but i’ll thank the both of ya for making people stop by. I’d like to think i made some salient points in the discussion as well. Leap got into the action as well, follow the pingback.

    And that joke is quite amusing. I made the same joke recently when i made my two part post on sluts. Except it went:
    A slut will f*ck anyone; a defective slut will f*ck anyone but you.

    That didn’t go over so well with some.

    In closing… lady fail.. i wanted to see some hand covered boobies on the 504. for shame ladies.. for shame.

  2. Rojo says:

    Son: Dad why would it matter if she’s been with a bunch of guys?

    Father: Well, what would you prefer? A nice fresh pepsi, or one that had seven dicks in it?

    • dannyfrom504 says:


      Were the dicks clean? Wokka Wokka.

      • Vicomte says:


        It is a bit strange when you think that a man wouldn’t want anything to do with something that had another guy’s dick in it, but when it comes to women, allowances are made.

        If I wouldn’t wear a sock you had jerked off into last week and washed, why would I want a girl the same way?

        Reminds me of one time when a known slut whispered something in my ear, and my brain immediately said ‘Dude, her breath smells like dick.’.

        ‘What!? No it doesn’t.’

        ‘Dude, yes. Total dick breath.’

        True story.

      • FFY says:

        Wait you smell dicks?

    • BC says:

      Carlotta’s comment here was gold:

      “I explained this as best I could to my daughters. I showed them some jewelery that I was saving for them to wear on special occasions when they are older. I then told them that they had to wait to wear it, but every single other person I could find would get to wear it, break it, steal a piece and throw it in the mud…but eventually they would get the diamond necklace.

      Neither wanted it.

      “Good, that is how a good man will feel about a women who has let every Tom, Dick and Harry feel up her goods around town.”

      Message received.”

  3. Vicomte says:


    It was all for science.

  4. Natalie says:

    I’m sorry, hun – but as for the non-participation in the breast baring thing goes? Mine are for exclusively for my man. Only he sees them, and they stay covered at all other times. I don’t even wear low cut tops in public. Prudish? Perhaps. But respectful.

  5. Rojo says:

    Always have some protection, and I don’t mean just a .45 on the nightstand.

  6. I did a Best of the Manosphere on sluttery and the emotional impacts it has on women here: http://3rdmilleniummen.wordpress.com/2012/08/26/manosphere-virginity/

    If it’s the Ashley I’m thinking of, she is SO off point on so many issues that it’s ridiculous. She admits that she is too – she throws out ridiculous comments constantly. At least she’s prepared to be pulled up on them.

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      I can appreciate that she owns up to her sentiments and is willing to engage in dialogue.

      Admittedly, I’d make my point and drop it. But Ash will go on on and on and on. Her hamster is Godzillian.

      Sent from my iPhone

  7. Jim says:

    Partner count? More like porn count. These days I wouldn’t be surprised to see any “regular” woman pop up on an amateur porn site for all to see her past exploits. Or hear of her escorting, stripping, or any other form of sex work. Especially while in college.

  8. thegoodgrind18 says:

    How does correlation doesn’t imply causation apply here?

  9. stormy says:

    Seriously Danny, you couldn’t have expected the women to comply with your requests.

  10. Stingray says:

    *Holds out backside* . . . . I dare you, Danny. Just try it. 😉 There will be no boobs forthcoming from this woman. Can’t do it, man. Sorry.

    But I for one believe when Deti says there are a great deal of women who leave the carousel and truly give it up. But I’m not so foolish as to not realize a woman that’s put out to a bunch of alpha’s is NOT as likely to cheat on your “nice” ass if you begin to bore her.

    I think there are a lot of women who give it up as well. But it’s not just that some of these women will cheat, it’s that they often can’t let go of the past. They had these amazing, short term highs that a steady man is just going to have an incredibly difficult time competing with and she will get bored. This is where the “I’m not haaapppyyy” thing comes from. The fewer short term highs a woman has experienced the more exciting she will find a steady man. The highs won’t be like Everest, but they will be fairly constant. Boredom won’t be a problem.

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