Internet Famous….

i posted about my nephew about a week ago and he’s finally gotten around to sending uncle Danny a pic. Ladies and gentlemen; meet my nephew: Kris.

The Little Shaver. His Halloween get-up. yeah…uh, my nephew. making me proud there Kris.



now this is moar like it. MY BOY!!!!!


i have BEATEN into his head that looks account for shit. it’s all attitude and…well, cocky and funny. he told me, “i cannot beleive what i get away with with messing with girls.” yup. they eat that shit up. they LOVE it. and he hasn’t even really been around the blogs. i shall be pointing him the direction of Roissy, Roosh, Krauser, and he’s going to be reading the gent’s on my blogroll. but i do think the PUA guys are better for the younger cats. but i will also point him in the direction of Mr. Price since i think ALL MEN need to be aware of the risks of marriage. i’ve gone to great lengths to make sure my nephew is well armed for the SMP. and i can say this- he’s KILLING it. even he’s amazed at all the gain’s he’s made.

he had his heart torn out by his fiancé, but instead of pining about it, he flipped the script and came out swinging. i know some of you female readers might be a tad uncomfy with what i’m bragging about- but look. he’s 20, about to go to afghanistan, and just got royally fucked over by a woman. this is the time in a man’s life when he just needs to be a slut. i went through it, he’ll go through it, and once his 20’s are gone, he’ll be a good man to possibly father a family.

so don’t be hating. he’s a good kid. besides, he shares nakie pic’s of 20 something yo’s with uncle Danny. GOTTA love that. i mean, love it it if you have a wee. if you have a va-jay-jay- you’re probably rolling your eyes.


OH, before i forget. CONGRATULATIONS TO SPACERAVELLER!!!!!!! she’s now engaged. i wish you nothing but eternal love and happiness Pet. I’m SOOOOOO happy for you. God Bless Love. a little mood music for you. and you might wanna brush up on your Italian. lol.

and since it’s me, i need to take it to perv-land…….sorry Love.

23 Comments on “Internet Famous….”

  1. Chrysalis says:

    Seems like someone to be proud of.

    But this article could use a story of his antics or something. Please, Danny, don’t turn this blog into show and tell about your family. One Facebook is already too much.

  2. Young Hunter says:

    It will be quite some time until my son is the same age your nephew is now, but I’m hoping for a similar result. I’ll be giving him pearls his whole life until he’s ready for the bigger truths and I’ll lay it all out for him.

  3. K-Stan says:

    Im definitely 21 now lol.

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      go ahead and tell us of some recent hook-ups Little Shaver. in the blog world, we call them, “field reports.”

      • K-Stan says:

        There is just so many recently between leave and me deploying. Guess we can go with the easiest i have ever picked a girl up. I was the club with some of my buddies in my unit. On our way back to our “spot” in the club from the bar i see a cute girl with an amazing body standing of to the side of the dance floor with her friend. I simply walk up to her and tell her “when I’m done with my drink you ARE going to dance with me”. She giggled and said “you have about 2 songs to finish it.” I dont proceed to drink my drink however. Dont want to be sloppy. I took my drink (a pathetic bud light), to my friend and have him hold it. I return to the girl no drink in hand and led her out to the dance floor. Within a song and a half i had her upstairs making out with me and did i go home with her? Of course. I am the worst dancer ever so i know it wasnt dancing skills. I got the girl but my beer was since taken by a girl my buddy “bought for her” how she didnt notice it had been drank from already, i will never know. Just one of my little exploits.

      • dannyfrom504 says:

        see guys. all attitude and frame.

        Kris positioned himself to succeed and smashed her “drink” shit test; from that point on….she was his.

        now remember Kris is 6’0″. but he’s not a muscular dude. but check the pics and see what he’s working with. he’s simply running solid game. i taught my nephew well. and he’s making me proud.

  4. Love the ‘tache. Are those some fresh panties on the sink?? LOL, stocking up for guests?

  5. Spacetraveller says:

    Thank you, Your Majesty!

    Um, am I allowed to come out of ‘time out’ yet? I am just poking my head out to see if it’s safe, LOL.

    Yeah, he’s a very romantic one, isn’t he, our Brody?
    How many of you gentlemen can say you whisked your lady out to Rome to pop the question?

    That last video was so outrageous! If you weren’t Brody’s best mate, and therefore likely ‘best man’ at the wedding, you’d be in the doghouse by now, you lovable rogue!

    On a more serious note, thank you sincerely, Danny. I really appreciate the good wishes.

    • Stingray says:

      OK, Spacetraveller. This is not something I do. It is reserved for very special occasions only because there isn’t a whole lot that inspires this from me. Are you ready?

      OH MY GOD!!!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!! I am so happy for you and for your man! Whoo Hoo!!!

  6. M3 says:

    Heheh, who’s he trying to be in the first pic? Pitfall Harry?

    Anyways.. lemme just give out a few quick points here on why i think he’s successful besides obviously tight game.

    And they all boil down to the head so i’m probably gonna stoke his ego a bit but what the hey.

    He has quite a few natural advantages here that are built in to make it easy for women to talk with him.

    1. Perfect teeth. I can see that smile from a dozen miles away. I do not have that luxury at the moment.
    2. A full head of hair. Women love thick hair to run their hands through. Just sayin. Sure, some like the Jason Statham/Picard look, but it’s rarer than a cold blue steak.
    3. Big bushy eyebrows. This appears to go with the tall/dark/handsome theme. (and you said he’s 6’0″ too right?) I’m tempted to pencil in some eyebrows on my head since they’re so light you can barely see them.
    4. Big cheekbones and dimples. Bitches love dimples.
    5. Wide eyes, wide head. I have a very slender face. Great for eating pussy, but a hindrance in the dominant alpha look

    Half of his game is built into his face. All he has to do is smile and 75% of the work is done, all he has to do is not trip up over his words. I have a friend just like him. Except he’s a short guy about 5’7. And Indian, but all the same points and he’s got thousands of pics with hot women. They’re disarming and inviting.

    I’m almost completely opposite to them. I got braces to correct the one issue, but when i smile, i look like a clown. I only look reasonably decent when i’m scowling lol. Perhaps ill put some normal pics of me up one day just to show the difference.

    But in any case, that’s my unqualified review of little shaver. If little shaver looked like Danny Devito, he’d have a harder time trying to get those viking girls to play. I would suggest if he can, to let his chin scruff grow out some 5 oclock (another thing i cannot do, im follicularly challenged bah)

    • Olive says:

      I’m with M3 Danny. Your nephew has a lot to work with, and he’s cute! He looks more skinny than built, but the important part is he’s fit (i.e. not chunky or flabby), and the height does help him out. Looks are definitely part of the picture, though attitude/cocky-funny are part of it as well.

  7. Vicomte says:

    He looks like a Kris.

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