The Passing Of University of Man

Last week the ManoSphere was rocked with the news of University of Man’s closing shop. I received many emails and texts asking as to the reasons UofM shut down. I happen to be friends with Mentu- seriously. So I was not surprised that he closed shop. I received a text from him that alluded to the site going down. Since he really can’t get pissed at me I’ll tell you about the text he sent me. The way I see it, he bailed on the scene- so FUCK.HIM. Fuck him in his fucking ass.

“Dude, I was driving to work the other day and I saw this really bright light. Next thing I know, I’m on a fucking space-ship. Apparently there is a unisex alien race that has gotten over feminized and they found our internet (they said ‘it’s so cute’) and the Sphere and decided I was the best option for their dying race to repopulate. Apparently, “manliness” is vital for the survival of even an alien species. Fuck the Earth, I’m driving a Space ship and banging things with 3 tits. Plus they can produce my orgasm via telepathy. IT’S AWESOME And since they know I like Mexican chicks, they take on the form of a busty, 3 titted, bronze skinned beauties!!! ”

WOW. Whodathunkit?

Ok. Ok. Just fucking around. Here’s what REALLY happened.

He basically grew tired of Feminist Western culture and decided to shave his head, move to Yemen, and enjoy a culture where he could legally throw rocks at wimminz and have 5-6 wives, while he sits around and scratches his balls all day. “Weather here sucks though. It’s hot as fuck. But I have wife number 3 scratching my bag for me, and wife number 6 wipes my ass after I drop a deuce. IT.RULES.”

No? not buying it. Shit. You guys are good.

Mentu has fucked so many women, that he now has full blown AIDS. He’s currently is contact isolation since he’s more germed up that the fucking monkey on ”Outbreak”. His penis has been declared a National Emergency site by Fema. Supposedly, they tried AZT, and the AIDS giggled.

Did I make my point? Is it clear-

Mentu’s dead, and never coming back. Time to move on.

13 Comments on “The Passing Of University of Man”

  1. You and Bronan should probably have talked about your respective posts for the day.

  2. hell yeah good post. it sucks everything’s deleted tho. besides everyone knows it was social Kenny and his wrath!!!!

  3. Vicomte says:

    I am the Bat Man.

  4. Spacetraveller says:

    Did someone say Spaceship?

  5. Rojo says:

    RIP. I enjoyed reading his page. I will miss “100 words of hate” on Wednesdays.

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