was watching a movie and the boys were heading off to war. what i noted were the few scenes where women came onto the men about to be sent into combat. i have some experience with this with deployments and women seeming “into me” because of it. Right after 9-11, i was out in the quarter with friends and all my boys were winging for me by asking “when was i heading to iraq?” i always answered, “dude, i can’t say, you know that. but i have my sea bag ready and my living will is done.” the girls of course would ask what i did in the military and when i explained the role of a HM, they got goggly eyed and would reply, “OMG, like, you might not come back.” i got more ass the months following 9-11 than i can remember.

i want to to ask the women-

what is the turn on for a man approaching combat? i’m a man; the fight is primal to me, i live for it. i know my role in combat, and i’m GOOD at it. i can keep your ass alive for at least 2-3 days if you’re shot. ladies…..

can you help me out?

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  1. redpillwifey says:

    War is ultimately a testosterone fueled masculinity fest. When you say you’re going and you’re acting confident about it, women hear “I’m willing to die for my country (which, by definition, includes you)”, if that makes sense. Plus, after 9/11, everyone was incredibly emotionally volatile.

    Confidence and bravery are sexy as hell.

  2. Athol Kay says:

    The evo-pysch answer is that mating with the sort of guy that goes into combat might mean they beget an impulsive sexy son that passes on their genes into the next generation.

    And what greater confidence display is there in going into a combat situation. Chicks dig confidence.

  3. K-Stan says:

    Im pretty interested in this too. I went home for leave since im about to head out and holy crap! I was honestly surprised at how the girls acted about it, especially when i said i was infantry.

  4. M3 says:

    I’m just gonna throw this one out there.. PLEASE don’t take offense to it because it’s not a slug at you, it’s just i don’t have another way to describe it at the moment.

    Pity fuck.

    Except not pity as in ‘poor bastard, least i can do is lay him before i break up with him’ or ‘someone needs to break his 40 year old virgin ass in’.. no not in that context.

    Rather ‘this man is single, and he’s going off to die (hopefully not) for me, my parents, my town, yada yada.. if he’s going to die for me, at the very least he should at least get the screw of his f*cking life!’

    That’s my .02. Just enjoy the hell out of them 🙂

  5. stormy says:

    I don’t get it. I have a friend who’s going to be deployed soon. A couple months before he gets deployed he proposes to me. No, seriously, he does. He asks me to marry him. He’s asked me to marry him and have his babies at least five times in the past few years. He’s also asked other women. And he doesn’t have a problem getting laid. I wonder if that’s part of his routine….

  6. Spacetraveller says:


    Yes, at the basic level, I think this is a very primal reaction from women. One could say it’s a combination of the ‘scarcity principle’ and Dread: If he is going to disappear, and much worse, actually DIE soon (and the hamster equates going to war with dying lol, even if this is not necessarily the case), I can collect his genetic material to preserve his lineage, the poor baby 😛

    This of course did have a useful purpose in ancient times when life for young men was indeed precarious.
    And this applies to the small group of military men today too, although perhaps the basic evolutionary motives of women may have been superseded by other more contemporary, less altruistic reasoning 😀

    Out if interest, how do these women react to you when you actually DO come back from war?
    Are you welcomed back with wide open arms, or are you shunned?
    That would be interesting to know…

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      Before I went to Cuba, yes….the gf was all over me. Before I went to Kuwait, no. But I started seeing someone soon after. And after 9-11 I had MANY women (strangers) come on to me.

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  7. Rojo says:

    What is an HM?

  8. MissMarie says:

    Yes, VERY masculine, and very no-strings. Win/Win

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      girls like no strings, huh?

      naughty girls

      • MissMarie says:

        I think if you asked we wouldn’t give a straight answer on that, but any girl that’s up to sleep with some stranger that’s about to deploy is probably, at least subconsciously, looking for no strings. She gets to feel like she’s done a good thing, gets off on the fact that he’s a manly warrior, and most likely will never hear from him again. Another plus, her peer group probably won’t find out, so she can deny it ever happened, at least in her head.

  9. aneroidocean says:

    Super dangerous job to protect the entire country (not just her), chosen from amongst men (let’s face it, the military CAN be pretty selective, and men who’ve served are held up amongst other men), and the nail (heh) in the pussy coffin of having no strings attached. It’s a trifecta, Not many women who want to get laid can deny the allure.

    If I was going to be negative, I’d say that there’s also the additional draw that if the female gets pregnant, she WILL be supported by the guy/the government’s teat. Sad to say, but there IS a lot of this.

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