The Klonapin Kroniclez: Halloween Fun at Danny’s House

This is a direct Rip off from Dave’s blog. But timely considering it’s Halloween. I plan on handing out some tasty yummy, nommy, nom nommers goodies. and since i posted it last night and had it saved in the draft box, it does count as a KK.
Face it, kids suck. Who likes kids anyway? They’re filthy little runts. We should be waging war against them, not for them. What’s all this “they’re our future” horseshit, anyway? What about the present? What about me? Has everyone forgotten that adults, back in the day, also had the misfortune of falling out of some lame cunt’s cunt? It wasn’t that hard. It was so easy that I don’t even remember doing it. Yet every child who performs this pitiful stunt of bungee jumping out of a vagina is awarded Rock Star status.“Isn’t it cuuuute?” No, it looks like a fucking worm with arms. I hate kids. They’ve ruined everything: albums come with stupid warnings, car windows only go down halfway, drugs and liquor are heavily regulated, you need a ladder at the bookstore to get to the pornography, and TV and movies are boring. If it weren’t for kids and their fragile little brains, you’d probably be looking at a nice pair of tits right now, but no, we can’t show tits because of kids. Fuck kids! Let’s kill ’em.In an effort to rid the world of kids so that the rest of us can grow and prosper, I have created some deadly desserts that will, at the very least, injure the little fuckers. Kids love sweets. They fall for them every time. Just as men think with their dicks around women, so do children, in the company of candy, think with their tongues. 
The ol’ razor blade in the apple—a classic!
Ingredients: Apple, razor blade, duct tape, glue, and a kid.
This one is a favorite around Halloween, but works during any season. Any ole apple will do, but if you can find one that fell in a pile of e. coli-infested shit you can inflict more damage. Cut the apple in half and then glue a razor blade to one of the halves. Align the halves as if nothing happened and then tape them together. Do this to a bunch of apples until you have an entire sack. Then, go to your local grammar school and hand them to the kids as they get on the bus.

The exploding candy bar
Ingredients: Candy, plastic canister of lighter fluid, a bottle rocket, sealing wax, a cigarette, a match, some tape, and a kid.
First, build the bomb. The diagram is self-explanatory, but remember, the more lighter fluid in the canister, the more the kid dies. Next, buy some candy and tape it all around the bomb. Make sure you choose popular candy. Then, when you find a kid that you want to blow up, light the cigarette (which acts as a time delay fuse for the bottle rocket on top) and give him/her the “candy.” Run away. Helpful hint: if you have time to stake out a location, build a foxhole nearby. 


The cobra in the yogurt
Ingredients: One Yoplait Yogurt, one cobra, and one kid.
Kids love yogurt. Replace the yogurt in the container with a ferocious, hungry cobra. Go to your local park and offer any one of the young, rosy-cheeked whelps your “cobragurt.” When they go to open it, they’ll think that they’re about to enjoy a healthy snack, but—surprise! Cobra attack to the face! Works every time.

Poisoned candy—a classic!
Ingredients: Candy bar, Vanish toilet bowl cleaner, a turkey baster, and a kid.
An issue that I have yet to address in this article is the “don’t–take–candy–from–strangers” dilemma. Don’t worry about it. Kids are stupid sugar magnets. Their mother (the cunt) could be standing right beside them telling them, “Remember, don’t take candy from a stranger,” and they’ll still eagerly snatch whatever sweets you have to offer. I can imagine, however, some snot–nosed goody–goody actually refusing your gift. My first inclination would be to strike the little beast, but that wouldn’t do either of us any good. So, I would explain that I was a friend and he can accept candy from a friend—works every time. But make sure you poison the candy. I fill a turkey baster with Vanish Toilet Bowl cleaner and ram it into the candy. Vanish does to kids just what the name implies.

Bear trap in the ice cream cake
Ingredients: An ice cream cake, a bear trap, a birthday, and a kid.
Order an ice cream cake at the cake store and request that they replace the ice cream with a bear trap. Most won’t do that, so take the cake home and hollow out the bottom. Since you aren’t going to be putting the hole back in, you can eat it. Yum! Spread the trap’s jaws wide and secure the spring mechanism. It’s a good idea to put the candles on the cake before you place it over the trap. Now, find a kid’s birthday party, but be careful, because adults in attendance will like ice cream cake too. You don’t want to mangle the hands of an accomplished adult, so warn the adults that there is a bear trap in the cake by spelling it out loud—don’t worry, kids can’t spell. Just say, “T-H-E-R-E-I-S-A-B-E-A-R-T-R-A-P-I-N-T-H-E-C-A-K-E,” then, anyone that is an adult will stay the fuck away from that cake. After birthday boy blows out the candles, say, “Okay, everyone dive in!” (Honorable mention: Mouse trap in the cupcake.)

yeah, i know. i’m going to hell. Happy Halloween.

4 Comments on “The Klonapin Kroniclez: Halloween Fun at Danny’s House”

  1. K-Stan says:

    And this is why ill never take candy from you

  2. MissMarie says:

    Where did you get those pictures?!

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      from Dave’s blog. his site is listed on my blog roll, “food on drunk”. he used to write for Big Brother skate mag, and is one of the guy’s who founded “Jackass”.

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