Kid Game

Stingray recently posted about spending time with the hubster and how she marveled at her husband’s ability to “play” with and relate to their kids. One commenter beat me to the punch by explaining how men are essentially kids, “they like to play, we like to play.” I chimed in of course and I went through the blog looking for the post, but it buried, so I guess I’ll have to bring it up again.

I have been interacting with women for as long as I can remember.  As I’ve stated before, I’m the neighborhood “single guy”. Everyone on my street knows each other. I was outside chatting with one of the dad’s and his daughter got my attention to show off her ability to ride some odd skateboard like thing. I knew she was flirting so I teased her about it taking her THIS long to finally learn how to ride the board and how, “that think is like, SOOOO 2011.” She giggled, and dad rolled his eyes. Then he mentioned about me being good with women in general. When I told him I “do ok” he pointed out that men good with kids (especially little girls) are typically good with women. Never thought about it but it makes a lot of sense.  

Just like having pictures of yourself as a boy around your house, women see a man good with kids and they immediately think, “MUST MATE, MUST MATE!!!”.

I said on this site and other that the best way for guys to practice “game” is to interact with young girls. It’s a no brainer, you use teasing, negs, agree and amplify, etc. the SAME as you do with that cute waitress you’re digging. Every time I go back to NO we have several family dinners and I ALWAYS mess with my nieces. They LOVE Uncle Danny. Lol. You see, outcome independence is best learned when you’re NOT going for a win, just winning over a little girl’s heart. It’s simple validation. And…you’re NOT going to get shot down. You might even get shit-tested. Hell, I have a 6 year old niece that’s BEAUTIFUL and she shit tests like a CHAMP. And I smash them EVERYTIME. Here….

I was in the guest bedroom using the laptop and BS’ing with my sister’s kid Lauren. Then my niece walked in and I greeted her and asked for “my hug”. She looked at me, said, “No.” and walked over to Lauren.

Oh hell no.

I shrugged my should and said, “FINE, besides I didn’t REALLY want a hug from you anyway, because you just a stupid meany.” And went back to my lap top. My niece, God bless her, got up walked over to me and held out her arms. I picked her up hugged her and asked for my kiss. She kissed my cheek and I put her down and told her to go play. Off she scurried. Game, set, match.

Do you see what I did there?

In my quest to understand the female of the species I learned something VERY interesting. Females, from the time they are born are programmed to understand, evaluate, and process human facial expression and voice inflection. They are masters of social interaction, and always will be.

This explains why I ALWAYS make clear facial expressions and gestures that let her know I’m teasing her playfully. Case in point. About 15 minutes ago I had to go to labor and delivery to do a chest xray on a baby.  There’s a very cute girl that works there and whenever I see her I tell her, “get a job slacker.” She just smiles and makes a comment about me not working. As I was finishing my exam, there she was, arms folded, grinning and she said, “Looks like SOMEONE’S finally working.” I grinned and told her, “That’s why I make the big bucks girl.” Then she commented on me seeing how hard she works and I told her that I can always tell when a woman’s lying. Her coworker bit and said, “oh yeah how can you tell?” this coworker is also female. I replied-

“Her lips are moving.” And I winked, and walked away.

Both girls were grinning ear to ear. For me, game isn’t about getting laid, it’s about understanding how to interact with women in a manner that women find irresistible. So get out there, and run kid game. Because what works with on an 8 year old works on a 24 year old. Class dismissed.

Stay up.


let’s face it. girls dig scars. my neighbors son has a scar under his eye. and this kid is a future lady killer. i have 4 visible scars. i have a prosthetic front tooth, i have a deep scar on my wrist, i have a scar on my forehead and a scar on the palm of my right hand. let’s discuss.

my forehead- when i was a toddler i was running and popped my grape on the corner of a coffee table. my mom freaked and MADE my dad take me to the ER. i took one stitch.

my wrist- i worked at a carwash when i was going to college. i washing under a louvre of a truck and sliced it open. i bandaged it and got back to work. what do i tell women? “knife fight, you should see the other guy, it was during a prison riot.” lol. eventually, i’ll give in and tell the truth.

my hand- i was hopping a fence to grab a football that went over. my jeans got caught on the little y shaped spikes on most metal fences (i was in 8th grade) and when i went to brace myself i ripped my hand open. took 7 stitches. can’t make up an “agree and amplify” story so i tell girls the truth.

my tooth- when women ask about it i tell them i was in fight and it got knocked out. truth- playing football, i ran into a metal post trying to make a catch and chipped my tooth back when i was 13. i bled like a stuck pig. if you look closely you can tell it’s a fake tooth.

NOW. let’s break down a fundamental difference in men ad women. regarding the tooth- women reading this site will “aaaaaaw” and sympathize with a boy hurting himself as a child. BUT….

ALL they guys reading are thinking, “dude, did you make the catch?” lol. yes, yes i did. scars on men show adventurousness and makes women weak in the knees. so embrace your scars. my neighbors sons scar on his face WILL NOT hinder his ability to attract women. his dad is a good friend and UBER alpha. mom is a submissive feminine woman. both of them nodded when i told them how girls are gonna gush over his facial scar. lol.

stay up.

Boudin Stuffed Turkey Breast

I haven’t given you any food porn lately and I saw this recipe while I was looking at a New Orleans site. I realize boudin is regional nd some of you might not have access to it, well….you can substitute the boudin with some left-over stuffing. and most supermarket’s carry turkey  breast, ask the butcher to remove the bones for you if you like. enjoy.

This is a recipe from Donald Link from the famous NO restaurant Cochon. I ran across it and decided I was gonna rock this since, you know….I gots boudin.

1 4–5-lb. whole skin-on boneless
turkey breast, trimmed
Kosher salt and freshly ground black
pepper, to taste
1 lb. pork boudin sausage, casings
3 tbsp. canola oil
2 tbsp. minced fresh sage
2 tbsp. minced fresh thyme
3 cloves garlic, thinly sliced
1 lemon, thinly sliced
8 tbsp. unsalted butter, melted

1. Arrange turkey skin side down on a cutting board. Remove tenders and reserve for another use. Make a lengthwise cut about 3⁄4″ deep down middle of each breast. Cover turkey with plastic wrap. Using the smooth side of a meat mallet, pound breast evenly to a 1 1⁄2″ thickness. Season turkey with salt and pepper. Smear boudin over breast, leaving a 1″ border around edges.

2. Beginning with one long side of the turkey breast, roll turkey into a cylinder so that the skin faces outward; set aside. Tie turkey crosswise at 1″ intervals with eight 15″ lengths of kitchen twine, then tie one 24″ length of twine around length of breast to secure it. Trim excess twine with scissors. Place stuffed turkey on a plastic–wrapped baking sheet. Season turkey with salt and pepper; rub with oil, sage, and thyme and arrange garlic and lemon slices over turkey. Wrap with plastic wrap; chill overnight.

3. Heat oven to 350°. Unwrap turkey; remove garlic and lemon. Line a rimmed baking sheet with aluminum
foil and set a rack inside baking sheet. Transfer turkey to rack and bake, basting with butter and turning turkey
every 20 minutes, until an instant-read thermometer inserted into thickest part of the turkey reads 145°,  1–1 1⁄2 hours. Increase oven heat to 500° and continue cooking, turning once, until turkey is deep golden brown and an instant-read thermometer reads 150°, about 10 minutes more. Transfer turkey to a serving platter and let rest for 20 minutes. Remove kitchen twine. To serve, slice turkey crosswise into 1″ pieces.


c’est ce bon

Apocalypse Man

Rudy Reyes was a Recon Marine during the first Iraq war. he was “Fruity Rudy” in generation kill. well, since the SHTF moment may be just around the corner, i thought i’d post this. i’m all about self-reliance, and all my FMF pals loved this documentary. i think i know a blogger who’ll watch it wide-eyed as well. lol.

ladies, i’d like you to take notice and ask yourself, “who/what will protect you if the state can’t?” now realize, most men today are neutered.

stay up.

[edit- don’t forget to watch fox and friends tomorrow at 6:00am to hear the manosphere going public. i’ll be DVR’ing it.]

Women can do ANYTHING men can do

Except make it in the Infantry apparently.

WOW. NEVER saw this coming. So, the Military is stepping up the “gender equality” card and is now offering women the opportunity to volunteer for IOC (Infantry Officer Course). Well 2 women stepped up. Read the article, and notice the comment I quoted. I knew this was going on and had been EAGERLY awaiting the results, well, now…the USMC has reported it’s findings.

I’m linking the article for reference purposes but this to me was the big take away- of 80 canidates that were eligible, only 2….TWO women volunteered. One washed out THE FIRST DAY, and the other was booted for medical purposes a month later. The USMC has been testing female strength and endurance by having them lift a heavy machine gun above their heads while wearing a 71-pound rucksack, marching 12 miles in less than five hours carrying a 71-pound rucksack.

Read more: Few female Marines step forward for infantry – Washington Times

women’s performance in IOC

This comment got my attention-

“As a former Marine officer who got out earlier this year, I can say that the problem is quite simply almost every woman simply CANNOT TAKE the physical strain of being in the infantry. (I probably wouldn’t have made it myself, had I chosen infantry). Of all the women that served under me, with me, or over me in my 5 years on active duty, I know precisely ONE that I would have no doubts about her ability to be an infantry Marine. A few others talked big, but if you don’t have a minimum 280 PFT, you’ve got no chance at IOC.

One of the major physical events at the IOC (infantry officer course) that this article did NOT tell you about: O-E-O-E-O:

Carrying a rifle and about 30 pounds of gear, the O is the obstacle course (you can probably youtube it pretty easily – Marine Corps Obstacle Course), the E is the Endurance Course – 5 miles through wooded, hilly terrain with various obstacles in the last 2.5 miles. When doing just the O-E (Obstacle course immediately leading into the Endurance course), which every TBS Lieutenant has to do, average time is about 65-70 minutes. They have to do it twice, with the obstacle course in the middle and on the ends, meaning running about 10 miles over 2.5 hours with 30 pounds of gear and a rifle. I would say 98% of women I know simply could not complete this event alone.

Women already have vastly lowered standards for physical performance. *In the Marine Corps Physical Fitness Test (PFT), currently for males under 27, for a 3 mile run, requires 18 minutes for maximum points, and an absolute minimum of 28 minutes (anything higher is an automatic failure). For females, maximum score is just a 21 minutes 3 miles, and the minimum is 31 minutes. A MASSIVE difference – and yet males have a HIGHER average score than females, despite the lowered standard!”

Color me shocked. I often argued the “lower standard” women have on the PFT. And the body fat ratio allowed for women is WAY higher than it is for men. It’s pretty moot to argue at this point in my career. But you’ll hear women BRAG about how few push ups or sit ups the have to do.

But don’t take my word for it. Curl up= sit-up. In order to pass you have to get above a “good” score.

Navy male PRT standards

Navy female PRT standards

2 things really piss me off in the military- fatties and people that can’t pass their PFT (physical fitness test).Before we went to Kuwait, we had to do 2 weeks of training at Camp Pendelton were we were issued gear- Flak and our Alice pack.The flak weighed 45 pounds. Then we got yoked up and had to complete TCCC

He’s wearing a mask because they fire sim-rounds at you. I took this EXACT same course in Rota Spain (my last duty station, I was an instructor too.) before I went to Kuwait and had to do it again in flak at Pendleton (and had sim rounds fired at me btw…and those fuckers HURT when they pop you). Well when we did the course in Pendleton in flak, guess who struggled? We had three women, THREE, that did well.

Now, please note, we had 16 woman in Fox company. When they needed an HM to go with the FAST company at Beuhring because they were going into Iraq, I volunteered. The Squad Leader (SSGT Benson) asked me if I knew how to fire and he went over a few things needed to keep in mind while in an MRAP. I got yoked up (you ARE NOT allowed to take photos) and was issued my rifle, gear and 3 grenades. I can honestly can tell I was sporting about 120 pounds of shit. But Danny’s smart- I divvied up most of my medical gear among the squad. I gave all of them tourniquets and quick clot (speeds up coagulation). I set IV stations in all the vehicles and set up each vehicle how I liked it to make me more efficient. I fit in PERFECTLY with the squad. When their HM went on leave, guess who they asked for again? lol.

this is an MRAP

In summation, the WP article didn’t surprise me.

The Scarf

i didn’t plan on posting for another day or so, but had an interesting run-in at a convenience store.

i went to the local to have a pint with a friend and it’s recently gotten cold out here. which mean’s it was in the 50’s. lol. now what you may not understand about jacksonville is that it’s pretty red-neck. now, i have a relatively decent sense of style and like to dress nicely; especially during the fall/winter. i rolled my cricket sweater, nice jeans, and pair of camel colored desert boots. oh, desert boots, they look like this-

for whatever reason i decided to wear a scarf. i like scarves, don’t know why, but i do. see, i can dress nice when i want.

sorry, but i NEVER smile in pics.

well, after i left the local, i stopped to grab some beer. as i walked in there was a decent looking brunette walking behind me. i held the door for her as i walked in and she smiled and thanked me. no biggie, it is the south after all. but i noticed she held her stare a second or 2 longer than she needed. wasn’t feeling it. i walked to get my beer. i was in line and brunette and a blonde friend ended up behind me. i was waiting my turn when i felt a tug on my scarf. i turned around and brunette was smiling and said, “i like your scarf.”

well holy shit.

i smiled and asked her what exactly she liked about it. she looked away and smiled even more. she mentioned she liked the blue. shit test. i told her, well, there are 2 other colors and “the blue” was pretty lame, i told her she could do better. her blonde friend was TRYING not to look and was REALLY trying not to smile. i know the expression all too well. this was gonna be fun.

look, there was NO REASON for her to open me. most guys fuck up by jumping all over it and trying to engage her with positive ass kissing conversation. wrong move. if you REALLY wanna fuck with a girl in a flirty/alpha manner just ask her one question-

“why do you think that?”

most girls, especially ATTRACTIVE girls RARELY hear a man asking them why they think the way they do, or questioning their opinions. most guys will just, “oh yeah, i….blah blah blah.” in fact they should calling the woman on her decision. i’m not saying to disagree or be a dick, but stand out and call her on her shit. if you simply agree and try to relate, you’ll just be another face in a long line of men that have chatted her up and didn’t make her tingle.

again, get in the habit of doing this with ANY woman you talk to- friend or relative; whether you’re attracted to her or not. this needs to be internalized, i can’t stress that enough.

on a side note, finally had a chance to talk to with M3, cool guy. then had a call from ThePrivateMan that was pretty informative. we were talking blogging and red-pill and i mentioned the post about about approach anxiety and my technique and he had more than one, “that’s brilliant.” moments. lol. it really surprises me how so many guys don’t get it. and thats why this blog exists. i won’t talk SMP philosophy, i’ll tell you what worked and what HASN’T worked for me. i just hope it resonates.

stay up.

Killing Approach Anxiety

we’ve all been there. women just don’t get how difficult it is to approach. it took me a long time to get over the fear. any guy that tells you he’s never had an issue with approaching is either lying or was a unicorn in a past life. last week i posted how i closed a slamming single mom and became a booty call for over a year. so let’s break down my MO.

1. eye contact. then make eye contact again and stick out your tongue like you’re in grade school, then smile. girl’s eat that shit up.

2. when you do that usually she’ll laugh. if she doesn’t- BAIL. punch out maverick. but if she laughs, point to your eye, point to your heart, then point to her. if she’s down she’ll repeat it and add a “2” by holding up 2 fingers. you respond with pointing at your eye, pointing at your heart, pointing to her, then holding your arms out as wide as you can. indicating “i love you THIS much”. she’ll laugh.

3. get up, walk over and ask her name. remember, NEVER give your name until she asks it. very key. then ask her if she makes a habit of falling in love with random guys at: name whatever location you’re at. sit and look for IOI’s and escalate as soon as you can.

i’ve done this shit SOOOOO many times that its stupid. i’ve rarely had it go awry. and the great thing is it’s VERY easy to gauge if she’s not interested. i mean let’s face it- it’s playful, it’s flirty, it’s validation. it’s everything that girl’s go crazy for in the SMP. will it get you laid- not necessarily, but it will give you experience and thusly more future success and more general confidence talking to women. and trust me, woman can sense when you’re nervous. some find it cute, other’s find it off-putting. however confidence is a tingle generator.

as a matter of fact, i’d recommend doing this to girls you DON’T want to bang. just practice and practice until it becomes second nature.

there’s a reason i like to equate hunting to the SMP. you could be a FANTASTIC hunter, head out into the woods, but come home empty handed. your success is NEVER guaranteed, DESPITE your expertise. but embrace the hunt, because when you make a kill it’s absolutely exhilarating.

so get your ass out there, use what i’ve shared with you, and hunt. and i bet the girls reading this would agree 100% with my technique. cuz let’s be honest; if a guy like me with the muscle tone of christopher reeve’s thighs can pull it off, anyone can.


stay up.