Stingray Kills it

look, i’m not married, never been married, have no plans on getting married. but i really take a lot away from the married blogger’s and their perspective’s. i get enough question’s from women on how to be a better partner for a man, and well……since i have a dick, i can only offer my perspective via my personal experiences. Stingray has a GREAT series on how to be a quality wife AND husband. the husband post makes sense to me as it’s something i can relate to via my families teaching, so i stand behind her advice to men 100%.

but to me, it’s not just about being a husband. she spells out what a woman is looking for in a QUALITY man. be that guy.

oh, and remember what i said about NY yesterday. again, my prayers go out to those in NY, but I called it.

stay up. be Blessed.


oh, and i JUST found this post and since i have such a large female audience, i thought i needed to post this. ladies, read it., then read it again.

3 Comments on “Stingray Kills it”

  1. Stingray says:

    Thank you for the link love, Danny. I am very glad you liked the posts as well.

    Even more so, thanks for this: so i stand behind her advice to men 100%.

    That means a lot.

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