ITLR: Deti wants to have a Word with you Guys.

Top Ten Rules Men Need To Know
1.    If you get nothing else from reading in the manosphere, get these things:  a)  Your frame, first, last, always.  The man always sets the frame.   b)    Hypergamy exists, it is real, and you need to understand it if you are to have any hope of navigating this SMP.
2.   Women are not the enemy.  Feminism is.
3.   Feminism is EVERYWHERE.  It has completely infiltrated our political, economic, religious, educational, social, business, military, and industrial institutions.   Nearly everyone holds some feminist views, and they don’t even know it.
4.    Feminism is not about economic, social and political equality between the genders.   Feminism is about female supremacy, female sexual license, abortion on demand, and female economic advancement at the expense of men.
5.    There is a difference between attractive male traits and desirable male traits.  Do not confuse them.    Attractive male traits are alpha and bring the tingle.   Desirable male traits are beta and bring the comfort.   You must first cultivate attraction, then display desirability.    Attractive traits are confidence, dominance and displays of authority.    Desirable traits are honor, honesty, integrity, kindness, dignity, sense of humor, industriousness, and responsibility.    Women are NOT attracted to beta comfort traits.
6.    There is no such woman as “the One” or your “soulmate”.   She does not exist.   She never has and she never will.
7.    So long as you are putting yourself in situations to meet people, there will always be another woman.
8.     Get a life plan.  Live your life for you, not for a woman.  Look out for your interests first.
9.     Your default position on marriage should be “I am not getting married”.  It is for the woman to establish that she is worthy of marriage.   Let her make the case for marriage, and then you decide if it — and she — is right for you.
10.     Be ready to walk away from a situation, friendship, or relationship that no longer serves your interests.
Dude Manrod wanted me to share this with you.
OH, you don’t know who Dude Manrod is- next to Deti, just the best fucking manly advice giver ever.
where the hell are my crayons? GAAAAAAH!!!!
stay up.

13 Comments on “ITLR: Deti wants to have a Word with you Guys.”

  1. redpillwifey says:

    I miss Dude Manrod. G4 sucks now.

    Great set of rules.

  2. […] Danny from 504: ITLR: Deti wants to have a Word with you Guys. […]

  3. Markus says:

    Duly noted & saved.

  4. Stingray says:

    I had never heard of Dude Manrod. Those are hysterical!

  5. I agree with all of them but I feel 10 can be taken to bad levels with a lot of guys. but then again if they take it too a negative extreme they’re probably fucking up elsewhere

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