Deti’s advice to Women.

Top Ten Rules Women Need to Know
1.     Your partner count matters.   It is calculated as follows:  total up how many penises you have touched with any part of your body.   That number is your partner count.  Be honest about your partner count.  If you lie about it, you will eventually be discovered.
2.     Your looks and your femininity determine your attractiveness.   Your job, salary, clothes, education, intelligence, friends, wit, life experiences and travel stories add nothing to your attractiveness.
3.     Choices have consequences.     Good choices lead to good consequences.  Poor choices lead to detrimental consequences.
4.     When you are young, your power in the sexual marketplace will be unmatched.   Unless you are completely busted, you’ll be able to get pretty much whatever you want.   Things you need to know about that power are (a) choose wisely; and (b) it will not last forever.
5.     You need to think about your future — six months from now, a year from now, five years from now.   What do you want?  What do you want to do?   Where do you want to live?
6.     When a man hears a young single woman say she “loves to travel”,  he translates this as “she loves to go to exotic locations to bang men she doesn’t know very well and who cannot affect her reputation.”
7.     Male female relationships work best when the man is dominant and the woman is submissive.
8.     Re number 1 above:  A man who has sex with a lot of women is a stud.  A woman who has sex with a lot of men is a slut.   Yes, it’s a different standard.   It’s different because it’s difficult for a man to have sex with a lot of  different women; but it’s very easy for a woman to have sex with a lot of different men.    Sorry.  That’s life.  It has always been so and will always be so.  The fact that you do not like this or that it is unfair will not change that standard one iota.
9.      Sleeping with a lot of men will probably damage your pair bonding ability.   The fact that you do not like this will not change that fact one iota.
10.    Never marry a man unless you are truly head over heels in love with him and you can submit to him.

24 Comments on “Deti’s advice to Women.”

  1. deti says:


    Your dislike of or disagreement with any of these “rules” will not change them one iota.

    Your dislike of or disagreement with any of these “rules” will not render them inapplicable to you.

  2. Matt says:

    I will disagree slightly, intelligence and wit can add a point or so to attractiveness for me. A girl who is plain ( not ugly) but can carry on an interesting conversation is a lot more attractive to me than one who is gorgeous but dumb as a box of rocks.

    Yeah, I’m a Mensa member and a geek.

  3. Chewie says:

    You nailed it about traveling and the travel stories. They only get worse when you live overseas and meet other expats in real life or online. Profile after profile on OkCupid talks about how she “loves to travel” and how she wants to “see the world” to the point where it’s gotten meaningless. Of course you want to see the world. Who doesn’t? Considering that you *took a job overseas,* wanting to “see the world” goes without saying.

    Moreover, a huge difference lies in what makes a person attractive and what makes a person interesting. My collection of 1000+ collection of albums may make women think “Wow, he knows his music!”, but it won’t make women think, “Ohh, he’s hot!” The traveling and the travel stories work the same way.

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      1000 albums? vinyl? if so, i have a chubby.

    • deti says:


      “My collection of 1000+ collection of albums may make women think “Wow, he knows his music!”, but it won’t make women think, “Ohh, he’s hot!” The traveling and the travel stories work the same way.”

      Kind of. Except most men won’t learn a woman is well traveled and think she’s interesting. For attraction purposes her travel experiences are neutral. At worst they set off the red flag of “she travels to bang hot men with the bonus of it not affecting her reputation”.

      What matters for attraction is looks, youth and femininity, In roughly that order, IMO.

      • Altimanix says:

        There’s the other red flag – she’s a golddigger looking for a free ticket, hotel, restaurants etc.

        Your flag is a past behaviour thing, mine’s about current attitudes regarding a walking wallet…both are valid.

  4. Vicomte says:

    ‘Unless you are completely busted…’

    Ha! Did Deti really write that?

  5. yes. too bad 95% won’t take it seriously. too far gone.

  6. MissMarie says:


  7. Spacetraveller says:

    Deti speaks the truth.

    But I have a few queries and concerns about some of these…

    Number 6 for example. A man needs to be careful about forming instant opinions about women based on mundane things like travel, because it may accidentally reveal the kind of company HE keeps.
    In this sense, context is everything. If he is so used to young women indulging in Jamaican-style ‘tourism’, he may unwittingly discount the good girl who went to a foreign country on an Erasmus exchange programme to learn a foreign language, for example. Both are ‘travel’, but with different connotations.

    Snap decisions can be just as dangerous as bad decisions.
    I think this may be something that men need to watch out for. Making quick decisions is very much a masculine trait. I get that. And making bad decisions is unfortunately a woman’s domain, lol. I get that too.

    Men need to take their time more, and women need to think more, when making decisions, I think.

    The second sentence of Number 2 may also be problematic for some. I myself actually think it’s true. But I see the point of those who would disagree with Deti and me on this. Afterall, after the initial attraction in which a woman has well and truly passed a man’s ‘boner test’, what next?
    She needs to have enough intelligence and life experiences to sustain a life with him. Otherwise, it just won’t work. This is one reason I will never be against education for women.

    A higher education is not to be used to compete against men. It is to be used to sustain (wherever applicable) a couple or a family where extra hands on deck (from a financial point of view) are required.
    For this reason, many men actually DO want a highly educated woman who could earn a decent salary should this be required, eg. if the man is ill or loses his job…
    But she should not be a b*tch because of her education. This is perhaps where many women go wrong. So now they think men don’t want educated women because of their education.
    No, they don’t want educated women because of their b*tchy attitudes.
    Get the education, but still be pleasant, is the answer, I believe.

    Is this a reasonable compromise?

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      you have the most epic of hamsters ST.

      i don’t even know where to begin with this. lol.

      in it’s simplest terms-

      education and experience are mostly moot to us. are you pretty; are you feminine; are you nurturing and caring? THOSE qualities trump all for us men to be attracted you.

      again- a woman touting, “i have a great education, a ton of world experience, i make great money, i have an awesome job…..why don’t i have a man?”

      because you need to be looking for a girlfriend.

      • Spacetraveller says:

        ST’s hamster IS legenedary, LOL.

        Danny, I agree that a woman should NOT be using her education to get ATTRACTION from a man, because it is like asking a woman to be attracted to a man’s ‘niceness’.

        But I think having an education per se is also important, because after the ‘honeymoon’ phase, one has to live in a real life.
        In which there is an economic crisis.

        I do agree that in the initial stages, looks alone is enough, yes.
        But you men get tired of the looks after a while, no?
        Intelligence becomes part of ‘what does she bring to the table’, no?
        Especially if you plan on having kids…

        You know intelligence is inherited from the mother, right?
        So men should not be aiming for dumb (albeit beautiful) women…
        (But yes, I agree that an education does not equal intelligence, and a lack of education does not equal stupidity).

        So other than education, a man should be looking for other evidence of intelligence in a woman before he commits…
        I am not sure how you can do this accurately…but there must be a way…
        How would you do this, Danny?

        • dannyfrom504 says:

          I don’t gauge a woman’s “intelligence” on a degree. I don’t NEED a woman to be an earner. I’m fully capable of providing.

          To me, a woman should educate herself because she’s passionate about learning. And I’ll do everything I can to help her along that path.

          But her success or lack there of in academia does shit for me in regards to attraction.

          Tbh, I don’t think you’ll ever be able to understand. It just a man thing.

          Sent from my iPhone

  8. Spacetraveller says:

    Ah, but Danny, I do understand…
    But alas, I am not explaining myself well.

    I get it that intelligence or education does not add to *attraction.*

    What I worry about is that female fans of The Manosphere will take your stance to mean that she should not bother with education. That would be a tragedy, in my humble opinion.

    After attraction, a woman needs to show she is capable of doing something else other than elicit erm…responses from a man’s groin.

    Having something to occupy her time is a great way to demonstrate this.
    I think I am agreeing with you, (and Deti) but in addition, I am looking beyond the attraction stage.

    Attraction is good. But as we are all aiming for the long haul, we must also address the ‘beyond the attraction’ phases of a relationship, no?

    It’s wonderful that you don’t need a woman to be an earner, Danny.
    That alone makes you very attractive to women.

    But how would you avoid a potential golddigger?
    Knowing jolly well that you don’t need an earner, you should however approach women as if you did. That way, you are sure she is not with you for your provider skills alone.

    But paradoxically, it IS essential that she sees you as a good provider 🙂

    Oh, I am spinning around in circles…
    I am sure there must be someone here who understands what I am desperately trying to say!

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      I did answer this. Lol.

      I’m not averse to an intelligent woman. Tbh I prefer one. What I said us a woman should seek higher education because it’s important to her. That she’s honestly passionate and hungry for knowledge; not just a degree for a salary.

      Feminism teaches women that these traits are significant.

      Your hamster has high jacked this thread. Lol.

  9. Spacetraveller says:

    Sorry Danny, didn’t mean to take over the thread…

    I see your point clearer now. (See? You have to say everything twice before I get it, lol).

    For what it’s worth, I have no issue with the rest of Det’s advice.
    Pure gold for women.

    This is why I am a fan of The Manosphere. You guys give great advice to women.
    And we thank you for it.

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