ITLR- More Gayness

It’s amazing how simple our conversations take a WICKED turn into adolescent debauchery. We decided to order subs at work yesterday. We were hitting up “Jersey Mike’s” (we have a lot of Yanks in my Dept), and when we order we tend to get excited. EVERYONE in the Dept knows I can’t eat much at a single sitting. Well, I ended up ordering a Rueben, a small Reuben.

OH, I forgot, NONE of girls were in the back. It was an Xray sausage fest. I believe I’ve mentioned how Alpha my co-workers are….yeah. Pretty sure that’s been discussed. Lol.

So as the orders are being taken I walked into a mine field with this little comment-

“You can’t go wrong with a small Rueben.” OH.FUCK. I wasn’t thinking, and my situational awareness was lowered at the thought of a great sammich. I was POUNCED on.

“Is that what yer calling it now Danny?” laughter erupted. That’s all it took, we were officially going into the Gay-Zone. I looked over at my boy Mark and said, “Gimme a cheerio so I can fuck it without breaking it.” Then I was asked if I wanted Mike’s “hot and creamy special sauce” on my sammich.

At this point, the only way to avoid critical mass is too agree and amplify. I responded with a hearty “HELL YEAH!!!!” and made a face of sheer ecstasy as I jerked off an imaginary cock into my mouth, and licked my lips and around my mouth.

By this point you could audibly hear us laughing. I looked over at my friend Rich, “Let go of my ears cowboy, I got’s dis. BLURKA BLURKA BLURKA.” And then, magically, one of the girls showed up and commented, “I hear too much laughter to be fooled into thinking ya’ll AIN’T acting up. What the hell’s so damn funny.” I looked at her, grinned and said-

“Cock jokes, you in….?”

Her eyes rolled, and she walked away. I mentioned that I could call her husband to get a rundown on her technique and she flipped me off as she walked away while saying, “Ya’ll so DAMN SIMPLE.” She was smart enough to realize what she walked into, and retreat. What I found interesting though is this-

It’s funny how women can sense when the men folk are goofing off and being fucking silly as shit and they HAVE to find out what we’re doing. I don’t know if it’s a motherly like thing, or just general curiosity on male behavior. And the girls that work with me ALL get flirty, sexual, banter from me. ALL.of them.

The same women mentioned above, asked one of my co-workers to hand her her pre-natal vitamins. Said co-worker asked shockingly, “You’re pregnant??!! When the hell did that happen?” I jumped RIGHT IN.

“We’re about 7-8 weeks.” I rounded the corner where her desk is. She GLARED at me. You figure I’d leave it alone….but no. It’s me you’re talking about. “Yeah man, I gave it to her GOOD!!!!” and made the motion of pushing my fist back and forth and made a mean face. Trust me, NO ONE would run this on this girl.

Danny does. Lol.

Game is a VERY powerful social tool for guys. To me it’s about being the type of guy that PEOPLE want to be around. It’s not about getting laid and getting numbers, it’s about being a better man. The seduction part comes once you get the “likeablity” factor up. Yes, I flirt with the women I work with. No, I have no attraction to them. But  most women LOVE a charismatic, charming man (and they’ll admit to it too). They will WILLINGLY give signal of attraction and as you get more experienced, you become a better hunter. lol. So follow Yohami’s advice and “game everyone”.

Stay up.

9 Comments on “ITLR- More Gayness”

  1. Vicomte says:

    It’s always a moment when you realize you’ve inadvertently chummed the waters, and the sharks smell blood.

    During a conversation about roadkill, talk turned from possums to beavers (animal, dam-building beavers) and I then had the immense stupidity to reply ‘You know, I’ve never seen a beaver…’

    The wolves descended.

  2. Chrysalis says:

    agree and amplify in any situation where you get teased.This should be taught in kindergarten. Everybody would get along a lot better and childhoods would be a lot less painful.

    Awesome insight.

  3. Rojo says:

    “Cock jokes, you in…?”


  4. Rojo says:

    I’ll just post my favorite dick joke of all time,

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