decided to FINALLY make some gumbo for a department pot-luck. i went with turkey and turkey sausage since some of my friends can’t eat pork. but tbh, i usually use chicken and smoked sausage or andouille. gumbo is pretty easy to make it just takes FOREVER. gumbo is GREAT during the fall/winter season. the ultimate Cajun comfort food. this is the recipe my Cajun Maw-Maw taught me. let’s get to it.


use equal parts flour and oil (i use vegetable oil). heat oil and and add flour. once you add the flour you MUST stir it constantly. i heat the oil on med heat. if you stop stirring for more than 10 seconds, you will scorch it and you must start over. so once you start stirring keep at it. it will change color  slowly.

starting out. this is a blonde roux.

once it’s done, it should have this color (below pic). once it reaches the right color, i add the trinity (chopped  onion, bell pepper and celery)….about 2 cups worth.

doneski. once you add the trinity, you can’t burn the roux.

i put this into a tupperware and will cook the stock the following day. you will need:

1 fryer chicken (but i’m using 4 turkey thighs and 4 wings)

2 links smoked sausage (chopped and quartered)

the roux/trinity mixture

large pot

enough water to cover the chicken/turkey

2 bay leaves

4-5 TBS thyme (more or less to taste. you should be able to smell it without being over powering)

2-3 TBS cayanne pepper (optional, use more or less to taste)

add chicken to pot, cover with water by over one inch. remove chicken and bring water to a boil. add chicken and drop heat to medium. cook for about 30 minutes. remove chicken and set aside. add roux mixture, and remaining ingredients and bring to boil. begin removing meat from the chicken and add to the pot. once it boils, drop heat to low and cover. allow to cook for one hour. this is the “intensification” part of cooking. the flavors blend together and get nommy nom nommers. uncover and bring to a boil. once it boils, drop heat to low and stir every hour for 2-3 hours. it should reduce by about an inch or so in the pot. this is the “reduction” phase. i cook for about 3 hours. LOW and SLOW. when it’s done you MUST remove the bay leaves or it’ll turn bitter. so the minute you’re done cooking it, take out the bay leaves.

ladel over rice. i like to let mine sit over night before eating it. bon apetit’. c’est le bon.

let the cooking begin. after taking this pic, i covered it.

the finished product. 4 hours later.

best damn fall food out there. you KNOW you want this. lol.

Stay up.

7 Comments on “Gumbo”

  1. Altimanix says:


    c’est le plus bon miam-miam.

    (en France miam-miam = num-nums en Angleterre)

  2. Andrew Medina says:

    The food porn tag is very appropriate.

  3. mothersmurfer says:

    Gumbo is amazing! I mentioned it before: when I was stationed at Ft. Polk, LA my boss’ secretary brought in gumbo for me. My taste buds did the happy dance.

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