Happy Veterans Day

to all my brothers serving, to those who HAVE served, to those who have been injured, and to those that made the ultimate sacrifice. may God bless and keep you.

Stay the fuck up Warriors. there will ALWAYS be a place, meat, beer, and a woman for you beside my fire.

me qualing on my “boom stick”.

fortunately, from this angle, you can’t see my erection.

somewhere out in the Pacific, being an ass.

BBQ’ing in Kuwait. i will ALWAYS find a way to cook. lol.

about to head off post to Beuhring.

copping some z’s between training maneuvers. protecting your freedom, one nap at a time. lol.

24 Comments on “Happy Veterans Day”

  1. Dannyfrom504 says:

    Fuck off. And never come back.

  2. Matt says:

    Dude, didn’t they teach you how to use a sling to stabilize your rifle? Learning that tightened up my groups a lot.

    I really need to find a 48 star flag to display in honor of my father, that was the flag he served under.

  3. Altimanix says:

    Happy Remembrance Sunday

  4. ASF says:

    Big ups to all the forces out there, past and present.

  5. Love seeing pics of you on the job. Thanks for your service to our country.

  6. Great videos, especially Saving Private Ryan. We Were Soldiers is probably my favourite war movie:

    • K-Stan says:

      That unit is down the road from me. Theyre not air cavalry any more. Proud to where that 1CD patch on my shoulder though!

  7. MissMarie says:

    Thank you (and all your brethren) for keeping us safe, Danny 🙂

  8. Spacetraveller says:

    Happy Remembrance Sunday, Danny!
    I was surprised to see that this day is not celebrated in Switzerland…but then again, it was ‘neutral’ during the war.

    You and your comrades are a brave bunch. May God continue to bless you and keep you all.

  9. deti says:

    Happy Veterans’ day. And thanks Danny, for your service and for keeping this site up.

    Civilian deti

  10. The Fucking Writer says:

    Thank you for your service.

  11. K-Stan says:

    With that M-16 you can almost touch the target with the muzzle! Love you! Glad to finally be able to share the day with you and all our other family, friends and brothers/sisters in arms.

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