apparently FFY and GMac are gone. the new kids need to step up and keep it hot. i’m talking about you:

3rd Millennium and M3 – you’re on the radar. lol.

this old warhorse isn’t going anywhere, but i’m running low on material. lol. plus i’m old.

[edit- you can follow FFY on twitter  @nate_moneyh]

when in doubt, post pics of a dog…and a man’s boyhood blanket. lol.

21 Comments on “DAMMIT!!!!!”

  1. Young Hunter says:

    M3 is struggling a little right now with inspiration so he says, but good stuff happening there. The encouragement will help him him.

  2. Suz says:

    Kiss Brody for me.

  3. redpillwifey says:

    Agreed on your two choices, they’re good stuff.


  4. Faust says:

    Freaking A. I kept FFY’s “The #1 Reason Why You’re Not Getting Girls” post as part of my regular inspirational reading. This is a real loss for all of us. First UMan, then him. I think maybe Bronan is murdering them behind the scenes so he can hog all the manosphere traffic.

  5. luckylothario says:

    FFY’s bro code post was required reading in my circle of friends before I’d wing them. I saved a copy when he said he was shutting down. And Remy (Alpha Persona) gone as well. Those boys were a constant reminder to keep on kicking ass.

    But Danny, I’ve got a question for you. I was out last night and was chatting to what would have been the hottest girl I’ve pulled had I pulled her, and was being fairly direct which was working nicely. When I first spoke to her she said she was a lesbian and introduced her girlfriend, I asked if she ever goes bi if the guy is hot enough and she laughed. The other girl then disappeared since that was a pretty standard shit test passed. She kept complimenting me on my looks and was blushing but told me she was in a 4 year relationship. If I don’t know the guy then that’s not my problem, but despite the sexual tension and the fact her friend kept trying to pull her away and she stayed, I couldn’t close the deal. She said she’d never had a one night stand, and I think I might have gone the wrong way on that as far as making her comfortable enough to just ‘let it happen’, any words of wisdom on overriding her forebrain?


    • dannyfrom504 says:

      it wasn’t gonna happen. bi girls usually can’t be closed until you close one or the other. i didn’t pound jen and dolores until AFTER i knew dolores was down. jen had already been closed. success for you is not a one night deal unless the girls actually pull you.

      especially if one is twot blocking.

      • luckylothario says:

        I think the bi thing was bullshit to see if I’d get all excited, it didn’t come up again after that. Specifically I’m asking whether it’s better to just try and get her aroused enough that she can’t stop herself or to whisk her up into a fantasy world of soul mates and hope of LTRs?

      • dannyfrom504 says:

        “Specifically I’m asking whether it’s better to just try and get her aroused enough that she can’t stop herself or to whisk her up into a fantasy world of soul mates and hope of LTRs?”

        well, that depends on your endgame. are you looking to get laid or have a relationship? i’ve always advocated to NOT be LTR just to get a woman (especially a relationship minded woman) into bed.

        it seems like your biggest fault is outcome independence. girls can sense a “pussy agenda” a mile away. there’s a reason i like comparing hunting to talking to woman. you can be a GREAT hunter, head out into the field often….but your success is never guaranteed.

        just keep hunting.

  6. M3 says:

    Thanks for listing me bro. Pressure is on now. Gulp.


    Oh look. PUPPY!

  7. Awesome, thanks for the confidence Danny!

  8. Phoenix says:

    Seriosuly upset that FFY is gone. Gmac hadn’t written jack shit in a while, but I was looking forward to hearing some stories.

    I have plans to blog myself but my dumbass hasn’t made much progress in life and women in general, so the stories I would post are past failures which I want to forget.

    FML 😦

    • luckylothario says:

      Phoenix, I’m in about the same boat. I’m a fucking muppet as well so get blogging so I can write about my failures and post a link to your blog saying, ‘at least I’m not as bad as this guy’!

      But seriously, Danny’s right about it being therapeutic. I’m yet to think properly before I write and just go stream of consciousness but really enjoy pumping out a few hundred words.

      Start writing. Start kicking ass. Keep chasing tail.

      • dannyfrom504 says:


        i want you 2 to read my first 2 months worth of posts. they’re fucking train wrecks. lol. eventually, you’ll develop a style and voice. it just takes a while.

  9. Mina says:

    pit bull lover.

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