Making her tingle with one Shot

With the long holiday being gone and my hang-over subsiding, it’s time to get back to bidness. Fare thee well to FFY and Gmac. It’s been a pretty slow November and I’ve been VERY focused on important issues like finishing the Boston Tea Party mission on AC3 (did it….AWESOME), the “game” shit is going to be kind of slow. Been AMPED lately with getting my shit together to get ready to retire. I have a TON of leave to burn off, and been a total homebody lately.

With 2 site’s going down, it seems like new sites keep popping up. I was VERY fortunate to have been given a lot of support when I started blogging and so I feel obliged to try and link and support the new up and coming sites. Reader support (via comments and emails) ensure that I’m not closing shop anytime soon, despite feeling like I’ve said everything I care to. At the absolute worst, the blog will stay up but I cease posting.

Posting can be cathartic, I’ve already posted that. But the nature of this blog pretty much revolves around the daily musings of a 38 yo Sailor douche-bag and my misadventures.

Went to the shooting range to rock the AR and 9 this past weekend. Very stress relieving. I’ve always suggesting men take women they’re with shooting. I’ve never had a girl NOT get turned on after shooting. They’ll practically start in on you the second you get into the car. You’ll basically get the same reaction from a woman if you take them sky-diving, or on a roller-coaster. I was in Japan and had an earthquake hit and right after it the gf was horny as all hell. She’d never been in an earthquake before. It scared the poopie out of her. I spent a good 5 minutes calming her down, then she spent about 10 min…..who the hell am I kidding, this girl was a pro. She spent a good 4 minutes making Danny happy and making a mess of my nether regions.  

Well, one of the girls in the ER is a friend and she just bought a shotgun. She hasn’t fired one in a long time and I gladly told her I’d be more than willing to take her cute Mexican ass to the range so she can re-familiarize herself with the weapon. Oh wait….

Relax, she’s married. That and given my rank, and our age difference (though that’s never really stopped a girl from playing kissy face with Danny), it’s not even fathomable to THINK anything beyond her being a cool female friend.

Now, if you have a woman, and you take her to a range, you DON’T even have to own a gun. Most ranges will rent you a gun to use. Just call ahead to verify. Some ranges only allow for firing pistols. So again, call and plan ahead. Also, if YOU’RE rusty with shooting, go to the range a few times so you don’t look foolish handling a live weapon that….well, you know, can kill someone. Besides, shooting is SO FUN!!!!!  And let’s face it chicks dig dudes that work with fire and knives, and skillfully use things that go BOOM!!! Lol.


Stay up.

Repost of me teaching mommy how to shoot. Look how big that damn thing is compared to what I ended up buying her. lol.

14 Comments on “Making her tingle with one Shot”

  1. deti says:

    well, yeah, you are kind of a douchebag. lol

  2. Spacetraveller says:

    Best not mess with Danny’s MUM! She has a gun and she knows how to use it!!

    Danny, I see what you mean about taking a girl with you shooting. But…(other than your Mum, lol!) how would you get a girl to go shooting with you in the first place?

    Most girls I know wouldn’t go anywhere near a shooting range…
    Is this an American thing?

    The Swiss are allowed to have guns in their homes, and in fact, in rural areas, it is actively encouraged.

    But I haven’t yet seen one. In fact, I’ve never seen a gun in real life! (At least not up close).
    How would you get past this obstacle in a woman with similar fears? How would you ‘game’ a girl into going shooting with you? Is there a ‘technigue’ for this?

    Is there a ‘Gun Game’??

    • dannyfrom504 says:


      1. let her know i have guns.
      2. offer to teach her to shoot if she wants to.
      3. bring her to the range and work it. make her WATCH first to get an idea about the “bang”

      “gun game”? lol. no, but if she’s never shot before i’m always worried she’ll freak and drop the gun once she shoots. no bueno. so, i alleviate this standing behind her and holding her hands as she shoots until she says she feels comfortable shooting solo. she needs to get a feel for the recoil and the noise it makes.

      can you see what i did there? lol.

      here in the southern US most girls have NO problem shooting a gun. i’ve NEVER had a girl decline my offer to shoot.

      • Spacetraveller says:

        I see what you did there, Maestro!

        It is very much a cultural thing then, isn’t it?
        I can see now that if shooting is a way of life in your area, then of course it is going to be a great social/dating pastime too…

        Would you take Mum AND a girl shooting at the same time?
        (There’s a good reason I ask this: can you guess? Can anyone?)

  3. FL says:

    Your thoughts on AC3 so far?

  4. […] like Danny from New Orleans, although we’ve had beef; he has credibility! And that’s mainly because he isn’t […]

  5. Rojo says:

    Funny how I’m always here to comment on the gun-related posts.

    Anyway, this post reminds me of a particular “Yelp” review I once read while looking up shooting ranges in the region.

    I managed to find it, here you go:

    😉 I knew it all along! Since shooting is a big part of my life, I gotta work that.

    Danny, a few weeks after you, I picked this doll up. Thus far, she’s gotten compliments from a handful of females to whom I’ve showed it to. They get all excited when I tell them it doesn’t have any recoil (beauty of the AR gas system).

    Sadly, I haven’t shot it much. I just popped off a few shots @ 200yds when I had the chance. I just wanted to made sure it worked OK since it’s brand new and I put the lower receiver together myself. Just gotta fine tune the sights and it’ll be ready for panty-wetting trips etc.

  6. K-Stan says:

    Granted Im not in country right now, but I was talking a girl back home and when she asked what I was up to I told her was cleaning my SAW…I could have simply said weapon/gun but when I mention SAW, they ask questions. Simply said, Im cleaning my machine gun. That got her all giddy in its self. She told me she had never held a weapon let alone fired one. I told her when I get back, I would take her shooting. Next thing I know she is super excited and I have pictures flowing into my messages…never had to ask or anything. Amen for weapons

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