THIS is how you advertise to men.

[edit- and to the troll that posted about me due to my “service”- THANK you for the extra traffic. it’s been kinda slow around here lately. knowing i piss you off enough to ACTUALLY post about me is x1000 more pussy than you paint me out to be. so, thanks princess. posting anonymously  is SOOOOOOOOO hardcore.

and i KNOW you’re lurking. lol.]

32 Comments on “Best.Commercial.EVAAAAAR!!!!”

  1. Spacetraveller says:


    Where on Earth did you find this, Danny?

  2. Ryu says:

    I’m right here, GI Joe. We’ll see if you ban me or not – I know you “protect our freedoms” like freedom of speech, except of course on your own site.

    What a lying, hypocrite you are. Tell us how alpha and strong you are at 131 lbs. You look like a faggot with that baby smooth head and those hipster glasses.

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      there you go. i’ll allow this through.

      and i’m a sailor, a corpsman to be exact.

      “What a lying, hypocrite you are. Tell us how alpha and strong you are at 131 lbs. You look like a faggot with that baby smooth head and those hipster glasses.”

      lol. whatever you say sweetie. keep reading the site though……i appreciate it. how about you post a picture of yourself. hell, email it to me. i’ll even keep the photo anonymous. i promise that to ALL the women that post here and send me a pic.

      why should you be any different?

      stay up.

      • Ryu says:

        I know about all your worshippers and fanboys here. They certainly enjoy kissing your ass.

        Do you really think I would ever be intimidated by your military full of niggers, faggots, dykes, trannies and spics? You guys were kicked out of Afghanistan by a bunch of sheep herders.

        No – you’re not a sailor. You’re a whore who sold his ass for benefits. Then you hide yourself behind the flag talking about “service” which is a complete and total lie.

        Hey, tell us about protecting our freedoms, I really love that part. I bet the suckers actually believe that crap. Why not be alpha for once and just say you did it for money?

        • dannyfrom504 says:


          My readers don’t kiss my ass. And it’s a well known fact that muji’s avoid marines but go after the army.

          So tell me, what makes a racist like you so special? What do you contribute to society?

          And money….BWAHAHAHA. I live just above the poverty level. I get it, yer angry MAAAAHN.

          As racist and bigoted as you are, I have nothing against you. Agree to disagree. Period. You and FP have fun talking shit on your site about me.

          Now that I’ve addressed your comments (which I will keep posted), NOW you’re banned. Oh, and I noticed you glossed over posting a pic of yourself. I do believe I’ve commented on how I get laid DESPITE my looks- you tool. Lol. But now, you get no more attention from me. You’re like a woman scorned. If you can’t get positive attention you’ll settle for negative attention. All further posts from you will be dealt with as I did your “veteran’s day” post.

          Thanks for stopping by, and for sending me traffic.

          Stay up cookie.

          Sent from my iPhone

      • redpillwifey says:

        Wow, what a racist asshole. Even if you had a point, you invalided it by being a bigoted dickbag.

    • Ryu,

      Talk about someone cowardly hiding behind something. That would be you, hiding behind your computer monitor.

      You wouldn’t say the nasty things you’ve said about Danny and our military to any of them in real life, face-to-face.

      So, who’s the hypocrite? You are.

  3. ASF says:

    Ryu how can you call yourself a man when a school girl can beat you.

  4. Altimanix says:

    So what are you saying Danny?

    Your mangoes (size, not colour) are so big that you’ve been suffering your whole life? 😮

    What a coincidence, me too, thanks for sharing the solution to my biggest problem…whataguy

    stay up

  5. Vicomte says:

    I know about all your worshippers and fanboys here. They certainly enjoy kissing your ass.

    That’s just how his face looks, bro.

  6. Athor Pel says:

    You know Chuck Norris sold jeans of the same design way back when.

  7. Stingray says:

    This is absolutely hysterical. I just bought my husband a pair of Duluth Firehouse pants for his birthday. He was singing their praises to my brother who replied, “Yep, I love them. The ballroom is aweome”. I couldn’t figure out why he was talking about dancing . . . Then I nearly cried I was laughing so hard.

  8. driversuz says:

    Great commercial! And bonus points for picking up a professional troll.

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      i’ve never understood people who completely disagree with you wanting your attention. when i read site’s that i don’y like, i just go somewhere else. but i figured, what the hell- let him have his time to make his point.

      done and done. now let’s get back to bidness and have some fun. for God’s sake, it’s just a fucking blog. lol.

  9. Spacetraveller says:


    And THIS is how you advertise to WOMEN!

    Dear Lord, we really have entered the Twilight zone already, haven’t we?

    This product will actually sell well.
    Which bothers me…

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