Oh how attitudes Change as a Woman Ages

the first song is one that i had to endure thanks to my mother. it’s basically about a young woman who get’s gamed by an alpha. mom even has to plead with her to leave the man much to the chagrin of the young woman.

fast forward to the early 90’s. and this same group is now in their late 30’s early 40’s. it seems these 2 woman have a DIFFERENT outlook on relationships. and why men need to be VERY careful. notice how her hamster rationalizes the ENTIRE occurrence. it’s fucking pitiful. but as Mentu was told when he had his vas, “if your wife wants to have kids, she’ll have one. may not be your child, but she will end up pregnant.”

12 Comments on “Oh how attitudes Change as a Woman Ages”

  1. Jim says:

    True. That’s why you get a paternity test done before the kid is born. If she is offended at that notion, too bad. Because that is the ultimate stab in the back as far as I’m concerned and if she doesn’t comprehend that, she’s not one to put any faith into.

    • just visiting says:

      If she is offended at that notion, too bad.

      Jim, I think that men have to be smarter than this. Both of you agree to testing (and put in writing ) before marriage, or at the very least, before pregnancy. And if she doesn’t agree, end it.
      Because, if you wait until she is pregnant, you are entering dark emotional waters. If my husband had pulled what you are suggesting, I would have done it. Resentfully. While losing all respect and attraction. I’d feel stabbed and betrayed if this came out of left field.
      This would probably be intensified by hormones, my outraged girlfriends and family, as well as the divorce lawyer that I would have called in a fit of tears.

      And I’m a fairly rational red pill intj woman. The naturally more emotionally driven type of woman hopped up on pregnancy hormones…….

      Get the agreement BEFORE pregnancy, or at the very least, handle with care and sensitivity.

  2. Spacetraveller says:


    If it’s any consolidation, I too am disgusted by the second video (and as you know, I am indeed of the female persuasion, lol).

    I find it both sad and wrong that a supposedly (?married) older woman picks up a young man ‘for the night’. It is bad enough when a man does it, but as we all know, it is infinitely worse when a woman does it, for reasons we have debated many times on this blog. (The ‘double standard’).

    +1. No man should be marrying a woman he does not trust in the first place.
    And if he must address sensitive issues such as this, pregnancy is NOT the time to do it!

    That’s got to be the worst possible time to ruffle a woman’s feathers. Gentlemen, be warned, LOL.
    Pre-marriage is the best time to address such issues.

    Remember that women are not like men. Cold, hard, logic is not our thing at the best of times. Add a truckload of hormones to the mix and you are asking for trouble, even with a ‘normal’ woman.

    If she is a woman rhyming with ‘rut’, fine, she deserves everything you throw at her.
    But…you wouldn’t marry a woman like that, would you?

    Would ya???

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      it’s commonly know that sluts usually get off the carousel after they decide they want to “settle down”. but said women is more likely to stray if there’s ever a “bump in the road”.

  3. Athor Pel says:

    …but as Mentu was told when he had his vas, “if your wife wants to have kids, she’ll have one. may not be your child, but she will end up pregnant.”

    I can testify to the truth of this.

    I wasn’t willing to get my ex-wife pregnant in the early years of our marriage. I was a college student making not much more than minimum wage, what business did we have making a baby? The other half of the decision concerned her seeming inability to decide whether she actually wanted to have kids or not. The way I saw things at the time, I wasn’t willing to commit to having children if she was ambivalent about it.

    My ex was pregnant before the divorce was final and no it was not mine. Smart girl, smarter than I gave her credit for at the time, in that she went after what she wanted and got it, right then. The guy was making way more money than I was as well. I think that was the plan actually. She was working as a secretary at a university experimental farm, lots of agriculture graduate students destined to and some currently making large amounts of money with agribusiness corporations.

  4. deti says:

    You should go over Billy Joel’s career.

    “You may Be Right” — talks about riding his motorcycle in the rain and walking through Bedford-Stuy alone.

    “My Life” “I don’t care what you say anymore, this is My Life. Go ahead with your own life. Leave me alone.”

    later on it’s

    “Uptown Girl” for Christie Brinkley, then
    “Innocent man” “you can ask me to lay down and die”
    “Tell her about it” all about how a man has to share his feeeeeelings with a girl so she will love him and so she will know him.

    A disappointing end to a storied career. Shows his progression from Piano Man to bad boy rock and roller to introspective, “meaningful” rock elder statesman to married betafied family man to “WTF happened to me” divorced beta dude.

  5. Abelard Lindsey says:

    Really? I liked Heart’s music, especially “Magic Man” and “Barracuda”. I agree “Magic Man” is about the singer being smitten by an alpha male stud. Nonetheless, its still a good song.

    BTW, whenever I hear Heart on the radio, the two Wilson sisters remind me of the two Klingon sisters who appeared occasionally in the Star Trek next generation series. I don’t know why I make this connection, but I do

  6. Karen says:

    That song was written by Mutt Lange, who produced AC/DC’s and Def Leppard’s early records, and then his ex-wife’s Shania Twains career. Literally.
    Ann (the chubby sister) said the band hated that song.

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