On Fighting

i fight. i’ve always had to. i’m trained to. this scene best encapsulates fighting from a male perspective. notice how it takes a woman to calm the lions. take heed on that ladies.

what you don’t hear is the part after this scene where the narrator (the older brother) tells you how at some point, boy’s need to know their limits. brothers have to fight just to build a foundation of respect. i don’t have brothers. i had to fight neighborhood kids i had “disagreements” with. i fought, and watched boys fight.

but men today have been neutered. i could wipe the floor with most men out there. for me, the outcome of a fight is irrelevant. krav helps, but in the end only mars who will win.

i would beg parents reading this blog to teach their boys to fight. at some point….they might just save you. trust. ask my mom if she’s worried when she’s out with me. ask any gf i’ve dated if she ever felt insecure when out with me. my mom, my gf’s, they know….you’re with danny- he WILL protect you.

stay up.

7 Comments on “On Fighting”

  1. Rowan says:

    I’ve always been a skinny guy, and pretty weak my whole life. The thing is I’ve always had friends who’ve had my back. A problem arose last year when I was taking a lot of shit from my “friends” and I discovered there was nothing I could do.

    I took a break from them, and have been lifting weights since. I also plan to take up boxing as soon as I can afford it.

    I pretty much came to the conclusion that when you become an adult man you don’t necessarily have to fight, but just letting the other guy know that you are willing to throw down (in a subtle way or not) does wonders.

  2. SpoogeReport says:

    […] On Fighting […]

  3. Rojo says:

    Dude, how long have you been doing krav? I started a few months ago and I really enjoy the hell out of it (and it has even led to some fat loss and fitness). Seriously, it’s the best thing that happened to me this year.

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      I want to start formal training but I can’t until I get off nights. I got intro’s to it but it’s so easy to grasp that the basics took that quickly and easily.

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      • Rojo says:

        I had never done a fighting related physical activity before I signed up. I enjoy getting in touch with the primal and violent man we all have inside of us. I’m not saying I’ll go around starting shit, but I like knowing that’s there and that’s it is OK to embrace it. That’s one thing I’ve gotten out of the ‘sphere.

        Like you said, many today are just neutered. Being the opposite of that is almost liberating in a way.

  4. Rojo says:

    That didn’t quite come out the way I meant, Danny.

    Don’t get me wrong, personally, I’m very hesitant to fight (because most are over the dumbest shit ever and it’s not even worth it). And not to mention, owning firearms makes me even more restrained for two reasons, 1) I know what they can do [just like we know what krav can do. And 2), I’d hate to get into legal trouble and lose my gun rights.

    I guess what I was trying to say is that learning this art, for someone who has never done anything like it before, is empowering and liberating. Knowing that I can count on myself should the chips be down, you know? (The reason I mentioned “primal” is because this made me think of early man–he was on his own. It was up to him to improvise, adapt, and overcome. And even today, when it comes down to it, we’re all on our own, no?

    I just wanted to rectify what I said. Thanks again for letting me participate on this blog.

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