Because We’re Stupid and Don’t Think Things Through

back in sicily me and 2 buddies got a wild hair up our ass and decided to climb mount etna. we had just finished lunch and just up and decided to climb mount etna. oh….mt etna is an active volcano in sicily. it takes about 5-6 hours to get to the crater. well around 10:30 we decided we were gonna take it on. i had my backpack with water and a few power bars, knife and basic first aid crap.

the climb took roughly 5 hours. we were pushing hard, but since i wasn’t in NEARLY as good of shape as my 2 just failed out of SEAL training corades, i was slowing us down. billy took the backpack and we pushed forward. there was some pretty dense forest and i could se animal tracks at various points indicting that people don’t really come through here.

lo and behold we reach the crater. and we’re quite proud of ourselves. now, i had been in country for over 2 years and knew the basic rules of etna. number 1 being- NEVER peer into the crater. it emits a noxious gas that renders you unconscious and you could fall into the crater. since dumb and dangerous is a man’s mantra we figured out a way around this. billy went first; he laid down and had mike grab his legs. if billy yelled “pull” mike had to pull billy back away from the crater. billy almost passed out and had a BAD head ache afterwards. same with mike. i wanted no part of this action. mike actually WANTED to pass out. i had to inform him that i had no idea as to the chemicals in the fumes and if i passes out i couldn’t ensure that i could keep him alive. i had no 02, not 02 sat monitor, no supplemental oxygen- if he went down, he MIGHT die. wisely, he didn’t risk it.

once we were ready to head back reality set in. we had 2 hours of daylight left.


there was no choice but to camp overnight. i had billy and mike gather firewood and i decided to look for food. it was early fall so i wasn’t too worried about hypothermia, but we NEEDED a fire. billy assured me he could get one going. i headed into the forest and decided to hunt rabbits. i scored 2. i got back to the camp just around dusk and billy had the fire going. we had some water, but really didn’t need to much. the rabbit was fucking EXCELLENT!!!!!!!! we sat up telling stories, talking shit, and being goofy guys. but it was clear we were all in our element. since etna spits out bursts of lava intermittently, i suggested each of us take a watch and head down at sun up.

it was one of the best nights of my life. i felt alive. i thought back to all the things my houma indian grandfather taught me about surviving in the woods. my 2 friends were amazed that i caught 2 rabbits. all i ate was a hindquarter of one and let the other 2 guys split-up the other 2. wasn’t a ton of food, but it was enough.

interestingly enough; i was the smallest of the 3, but ate a large portion of the meat. my 2 friends made no petition. can anyone tell me WHY?

back at work my div-o scolded me and billy for being so reckless. then responded, “*sigh* i guess boys will be boys.” lol. oh, and sonia ate my food for that little excursion. lol. but as she listened to me explain how the trip went, she looked pleasantly turned on. she asked me if at any point i was scared/worried all i could say was-

“about what?” she shook her head and walked away.

stay up.

yeah, we took the long slope to the right. lol.

7 Comments on “Because We’re Stupid and Don’t Think Things Through”

  1. Infantry says:

    ‘interestingly enough; i was the smallest of the 3, but ate a large portion of the meat. my 2 friends made no petition. can anyone tell me WHY?’

    You caught the food. You get first pick.

    This is basic tribal man-law. Its cool to see it in action with nothing being said. Being the one to catch the food also gives you massive status. Awesome.

  2. Spacetraveller says:

    Good on you Danny.

    Nice memory to have. I think it’s really great for men to do ‘manly’ things. And of course I completely ‘get it’ that Sonia liked that about you. I totally get it.

    In related news, I found this article on another blog.,1507/?ref=auto

    And so I can see whay you men insist on your masculinity. If you don’t, a woman WILL make you pay, as this woman did.
    I am glad I know this about womanhood in general. I don’t suppose I would be an exception to the rule when it comes to this.
    Stay masculine, gentlemen.

    And in return, we ladies promise to stay feminine 😀

  3. AndyW says:

    Been there, done that lol. Mine was while in college at Pitt sitting at the bar at closing and deciding to go spelunking. This happened more than once actualy. So we head home gather our hardhats and lights and such and head out. One of our favorites holes was about a mile hike off the road. I say hole because literally that is all it was, a 3′ diameter hole in the ground. You belly crawl in and a whole nuther world opens up to you. I used to watch fragel rock growing up and the best way to describe it. Rooms and passege ways all underground. We would spend hours just climbing and exploring and come out well into the daytime. Im not so adventurous anymore but I have recently startee getting back into the woods hiking, I recently did a 27 mile megatransect wich was invigorating. Im not not a hearty ourdoorsman by any means but I thoroughly enjoy adventures like these.

  4. K-Stan says:

    man story of total epicness

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