we’ve all heard it before. well, if you’re honest you have. i’ve even been successful at turning LJBF into, “fuck me harder Danny.” how did i do it? glad you asked.

you got her number, flirted, got IOI’s, negged, teased, even took her out. then…..the moment of truth, you go in for a kiss, and you get a cheek.

“i had a really great time, but i just don’t think i feel that way about you. LJBF.”

you’re perplexed, maybe even angry. NOT HER TYPE. w.t.f? my friend, i won’t even go into any type of analysis of WHY she’d tell you that. to be honest, it doesn’t matter. all that matters is YOUR handling it. my go to reply is this.

“sorry, but i have enough friends. we’re obviously looking for totally different things. i’m looking for a romantic partner, and you’re looking for a “friend” to use for free lunches. THANKS , but no thanks. enjoy the rest of evening/day.”

this response is basically an alpha hail Mary. on TWO occasions, as i walked away, i was told to wait. i didn’t.  when i got home i had a voice mail informing me we should have another date. i simply played like i wasn’t interested. EVENTUALLY, i accepted a date SHE had to pay for. now, i will say there was a complete 180 in the girls behavior. SHE would initiate PDA. when it was kissy face time she didn’t hesitate. i close closed a week later. i used this tactic on another woman. remember, the hamster wants what it can’t have.

another good one, is David DeAngelo’s line. “cool, we’re gonna be BEST friends, and you’re going to introduce me to all your single friends.”

but honestly. i have/want very few friends. i’m cool with a few VERY attractive women and we’re all aware of WHY. lol. so i would typically rather go with the first tactic. i mean the way i see it.

if i’m getting shot down, i’m going kamikaze on the ship. lol.

stay up.

as an aside, is it bad that i’m watching “red dawn” and now i wanna tear up some British ass in AC3? lol

8 Comments on “ITLR- LJBF”

  1. A.B. Dada says:

    I don’t usually get LJBF’d because I think my mannerisms are pretty suggestive that I don’t have female friends. I don’t think it works.

    It did sort of happen to me once, and I told her “I have never had a woman friend and I sure am not going to start with that now.” Not 4 hours passed before she re-initiated, and I blew her off 3 times over 2 weeks before sealing the deal on my terms. You have to bail, you have no choice.

    Back in 2006 or 2007, I went out with a gal who I dug. She accepted the kiss but not even 30 seconds into it she said “I’m not looking for a boyfriend, I really just want to be friends.”

    So I immediately did the “Sure, friends sounds good!” Then, every time she invited me out, I brought a gal I was seeing with. It drove this chick mad, but she never dropped her frame to say she was wrong.

    Until…about a year later…

    my response (truthful, too): “Sorry, doll, but you gained 10# and I can’t really be seen with that.”

  2. deti says:

    yeah. I wish I had done this with the LJBFs I had gotten. What you’re saying is the way to deal with this is to expose the hamsterwheeling directly.

    “I have enough friends. I want a romantic attachment; you want a “friend” you can use for free meals. No thanks.”

    “No you don’t want to be my friend; you’re just looking for an easy way out of this that doesn’t make you look like a bitch. OK, that’s cool. I still think you’re a bit of a bitch, though.”

    “Cut the crap. We’re not going to be friends. This is just you deciding you’re not comfortable with fucking me right now.”

  3. Phoenix says:

    There’s one girl I’m currently LJBFed with. Her name’s Meghan. She’s a mix of Sicilian/Irish/Polish.

    In other words, she’s normally more masculine natured than feminine. At first I acted like a wuss and just dealt with it. Fast forward to now, I respond to her maculine nature by upping my manhood by verbal use of authority. She’s toned herself down.

    Texting goes as follows:
    Her (407pm): Hey sorry I was at Tyler house n was passed out (idk who he is, never met him)
    Me (518pm): I figured
    Her (521pm): What u doing tonight
    Me (700pm): bullshitting
    Her (821pm): ??????
    Her (851pm): well wanna come over
    Me (936pm): maybe
    Her (936pm): you working
    Me (941pm): busy now – get to the punchline
    Her (943pm): watch a movie
    Me (950pm): what movie
    Her (951pm): have to see whats on demand
    Me (1025pm): maybe
    Her (1045pm): you can choose, are you coming or not?
    Me (1112pm): in a bit
    Her (1113pm): whens that in 2 hrs lol
    Me (1140pm): omw
    Her (1140pm): ok!

    I’ll get back to this later…

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      Well played. Very good.

      • Phoenix says:

        Eh, I don’t know if my game was good or bad. In all honesty I didn’t give a shit about talking to her or even hanging out. Due to the fact that we’ve known each other for a long while and when I try escalating, she rebuffs and puts up defense.

        Anyway, I’d better post this up before I forget it all.

        Got to her place by midnight – I was dreading the fact that she’d be girly and want to watch a romantic comedy of some sort. (if that were the case I’d make an early exit)
        Instead, we watched Expendables 2. I was totally up for it.

        At the start of the movie, Meghan rolled her right sleeve up and revealed some bruises on her arm. A black-and-blue mark on her right wrist, and another one close to her elbow. I asked her what the heck happened … and she told me that she didn’t know. She bruises easily and she had no idea how they got there.

        Thoughts plague my mind — she probably received them from Tyler when he held her down and slammed her good. (I FB stalked Tyler – he’s a bigger buffer redneck type of guy with tattos on his arm, go figure right?)

        Then she starts chatting me about her 5-year promotion at work, to which I ignored her and focused on the movie. There were a couple more times where she opened her mouth, to which my attention was barely there, answering ‘yeah’ or ‘cool’. I cut her off by drawing her attention back to the movie. “Oh look – Jet Li!” “Jean Claude! Shit this is awesome”

        She fed me food and drink.

        She brought up how ugly the guys have become. I shot her comments down by truthfully stating that they don’t look bad for their ages. The rest of the movie was met with some laughter off and on, with my occasional “I must break you” when Dolph said something. And the Chuck Norris jokes.

        But nothing happened like usual. I stayed aloof the whole time and didn’t give a shit about her. Flirted with a girl on my phone to which Meghan asked what I was doing and tried glancing over my shoulder.

        She told me the last time we hung out — she’s had about 10 sexual partners for the last 10 years. So in all honesty, I wouldn’t settle for a relationship with her. Just the notch.

        But with things going the way they are, I’m not anywhere close to getting it. She had her period on the 8th, and we watched this movie on the 20th. Was probably ovulating, but had no interest in getting down.

        I’m not giving up hope about it – but I want to change this around to a FWB deal.

      • Phoenix says:

        Any advice welcomed, my ears are open.

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