Neighborhood Fun and a “What the hell” Moment.

Was talking to one of the neighborhood wives the other night. She just moved to the neighborhood. I was introduced as “the guy to keep your kids from”. Lol. It’s kind of the joke of the street. She asked confusedly if I were some kind of sex offender. One of the dad’s joked, “Boy I’ll say, that kids so good with women it should be a crime.” Then they mentioned the fact that I have guns, and it’s probably not safe to have kids around my house.

Then she asked if I had ever been married or if I had kids. When I informed her that I hadn’t she looked at me like I had 3 heads. “Don’t you plan on ever getting married?” she asked. Oh, this woman is 30 btw and has been married for 6-7 years. She has a 2 year old daughter. Cute kid too. So I started on my red pill ideology on how marriage just isn’t a good option for men these days unless they KNOW that want to be a father. And since I really didn’t plan on having kids, there was no point in getting married. Then she mentioned companionship and I told her I have Brody, my 6 year old English Staffordshire Terrier. She said a dog just can’t compare to the companionship of a woman.

Epic set up, we haez it.

“You’re right, Brody won’t leave me and take half my shit.”

“Danny, you jerk, I’m talking about you know….sex.” That’s when everyone laughed. One of the dad’s chimed in, “Are you kidding, if you have a daughter, and she’s over 18…keep her away from Danny. He’s GREAT with women.” She looked at me puzzled and I raised my eye-brows quickly and said, “Getting laid’s easy. VERY easy.”

Then they mentioned the single mom I was getting booty calls from when I first moved out here. “Seriously, that woman was smoking.” Ok. When I first moved out here I was walking Brody and saw this very cute brunette unloading her kids from her car. We made eye contact and smiled at each other. Then a few weeks later I saw her drive her past me as I was walking Brody and she smiled and waved. In response, I pointed at my eye, pointed at my heart, then pointed at her. I saw her cover her mouth and laugh.

One day, I said….”what the hell?”

As I walked Brody past her house, I walked to the door, rang the bell, and when she answered I said, “Brody said he wanted to meet you, so here he is.” She kneeled down and started petting Brody and commented how adorable he is. Then she asked for my name. We introduced ourselves and I learned she had recently divorced and she was in the process of selling the house (which she won in the divorce). She had been married 5 years and had 2 kids. Joint custody. I told her we should exchange numbers to get together sometime.

Now, I was working nights back then. Every other weekend I was off. One night I texted her what she had planned that evening. She didn’t have kids. I recommended me stopping by to watch a movie. She agreed and I brought over a bottle of wine. I’m pretty sure you can guess where this is going.

Over the next year, I’d get a text around 8-9 asking me to come over “in about an hour.” Either the kids were asleep, or she didn’t have the kids. I was PISSED when she finally sold the house. There was NEVER a single conversation about a relationship. I was just a booty call. Then I told the new neighbor, “I can’t wait to run into the Asian jogger chick.” Lol. ALL the guys on my street know who I’m talking about. My next door neighbor’s wife said, “And Danny is GREAT with kids. My boys love him and my daughter has such a crush on him.” Her hubby nodded, “Oh yeah.” When the new neighbor asked if I ever wanted children I told her I really didn’t think so. But I’m fine not having kids. Then she asked me if I ever wanted to pass on my legacy. I laughed.

“Who the hell am I- King Arthur?” lol.

Later on, one of the guys told me, “You know EVERYTIME you give that diatribe I KNOW my wife’s gonna bring it up when we get home if I believe any of what you say.” lol.    

Stay up.

In honor of  Bronan copping an interview on Cakes and Shake’s site, i present this gift to him.

fucking Dittohead bitches.

16 Comments on “Neighborhood Fun and a “What the hell” Moment.”

  1. hahahahah laughed really hard at that slayer/sesame st vid, well done sir

  2. Badger says:

    Hahaha nuke them hamsters!

    On nuking hamsters:
    1. I don’t know where women get off sticking their noses in a man’s personal business, so I tend to respond to those sorts of invasions with the sort of burning sense of insult and contempt that only the INFJ knows.

    2. I find it’s best to not get mad or really rough, simply calmly explain the rational incentive points like Danny did…”marriage is a bad business deal for men, getting laid is easy, dogs are better companions than girls, a man’s ‘legacy’ is overrated.”

    3. It’s hilarious to watch women’s heads asplode when you calmly elucidate the reasons your worldview doesn’t match theirs. They are shocked to the core to hear a man opting out of the serve-and-supplicate-to-women game, and thanks to solipsism they take it very personally, as if you’ve told them THEY are unworthy of commitment. A lot of them are, but the ones who are are the least likely to believe it.

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      Yup. She’s cool, so I didn’t want to be a dick to her. But women I don’t know or come off like a ass, I go for the throat. Lol.

      Sent from my iPhone

    • Infantry says:

      I did this with a divorcee out at a bar a month or so ago. My wingman was approached by her cougar friend and I was happy to have this sort of conversation with her. It was triggered by the clumsy old ‘Why don’t you guys have girlfriends?’ As if my friend and I are going to disqualify ourselves to her so she doesn’t have to do any screening.

      I went through why marriage is just a general bad deal for men now so I was opting out. She was absolutely shocked. The hamster span at breakneck speed with ‘but but but’s that were easily batted aside. Then she hit on me, but I smiled and excused myself.

      I really don’t think women have ever really questioned what men want, need and is in the men’s interest. They just assume men will always be there for her. The lack of empathy astounds me.

  3. Spacetraveller says:


    Slightly off-topic, but….this is urgent!

    Do you speak Turkish?

    This man is your age, but is clearly in a very different place in his life from where you are.
    PLEASE have your blog translated into Turkish and get him to read it.

    He is not even in the *friend* zone. He is in the *enemy* zone.
    And yet he persists…

    I am not sure who I feel more sorry for, him or the girl.

    Not so much ‘save a ho’ as ‘save a bro’. He is really a ‘bro’ to you as he is also a sailor.

    Could you do it, Danny? Please? Pretty please? With sugar and spice on top?
    I am getting hives just reading the headline…

    If she loved him back it would be the sweetest thing, and I’d be going all gooey inside for them. But she doesn’t, and after this, likely never will.
    Tragic, huh?

    I am all for Game, if it prevents tragedies like this.

  4. Senior Beta says:

    C’mon ST. Danny is a US NAVY sailor. He can’t be responsible for swabbies all over the world.

  5. Well, last year my friend who is a girl and her friend/my “friend” who is a guy were in that “talking” phase. My “friend” really is a nice and intelligent guy but he’s seriously a notorious womanizer in our social circle and can act like an egotistical jerk. Anyway, during that time he had a girlfriend still in middle school behind her back, and he was leading my friend on, and finally he told her of his infidelity and said he wanted two girlfriends, and his plan was to have the other two not know about each other, and he knew my friend really liked him (and he just wanted another girl to satisfy him) but these girls aren’t dumb so he asked my friend if she would cheat on his girlfriend with him willingly… My friend was heartbroken, and eventually the girlfriend did find out and her cousin threatened to beat our womanizer up for it. But they’re now all friends again… If that were me I’d be really pissed off, and it was such a jerky thing of him to do. I tried to tell my friend what I knew but I didn’t know the whole story it was just rumors before he came out and told her the truth…what would you do if you were my friend who was in this situation…? BQ: Have you ever cheated in a relationship or attempted to? Proud to say I never have.

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