Killing Approach Anxiety

we’ve all been there. women just don’t get how difficult it is to approach. it took me a long time to get over the fear. any guy that tells you he’s never had an issue with approaching is either lying or was a unicorn in a past life. last week i posted how i closed a slamming single mom and became a booty call for over a year. so let’s break down my MO.

1. eye contact. then make eye contact again and stick out your tongue like you’re in grade school, then smile. girl’s eat that shit up.

2. when you do that usually she’ll laugh. if she doesn’t- BAIL. punch out maverick. but if she laughs, point to your eye, point to your heart, then point to her. if she’s down she’ll repeat it and add a “2” by holding up 2 fingers. you respond with pointing at your eye, pointing at your heart, pointing to her, then holding your arms out as wide as you can. indicating “i love you THIS much”. she’ll laugh.

3. get up, walk over and ask her name. remember, NEVER give your name until she asks it. very key. then ask her if she makes a habit of falling in love with random guys at: name whatever location you’re at. sit and look for IOI’s and escalate as soon as you can.

i’ve done this shit SOOOOO many times that its stupid. i’ve rarely had it go awry. and the great thing is it’s VERY easy to gauge if she’s not interested. i mean let’s face it- it’s playful, it’s flirty, it’s validation. it’s everything that girl’s go crazy for in the SMP. will it get you laid- not necessarily, but it will give you experience and thusly more future success and more general confidence talking to women. and trust me, woman can sense when you’re nervous. some find it cute, other’s find it off-putting. however confidence is a tingle generator.

as a matter of fact, i’d recommend doing this to girls you DON’T want to bang. just practice and practice until it becomes second nature.

there’s a reason i like to equate hunting to the SMP. you could be a FANTASTIC hunter, head out into the woods, but come home empty handed. your success is NEVER guaranteed, DESPITE your expertise. but embrace the hunt, because when you make a kill it’s absolutely exhilarating.

so get your ass out there, use what i’ve shared with you, and hunt. and i bet the girls reading this would agree 100% with my technique. cuz let’s be honest; if a guy like me with the muscle tone of christopher reeve’s thighs can pull it off, anyone can.


stay up.


16 Comments on “Killing Approach Anxiety”

  1. Infantry says:

    My personal game is eye contact first. Call me a pussy if you want, but I want to know the girl is open before I approach.

    Once I have the green light I rarely fail. Its all downhill from there.

  2. MissMarie says:

    This will totally work. Hell, I responded to a guy fake ‘reeling me in’ because he was goofy.

  3. Phoenix says:

    Did #2 on one girl, and she quickly BURST INTO FLAMES. I couldn’t believe it.
    Did it again on a 2nd girl – she ate it up.

    After this happened, I was feeling way too good. Naturally flirted with a couple more girls and got a number.
    Couple guys told me I need to go eat something, they thought I was on crack.

  4. M3 says:

    Danny needs to write a book on opening girls.

    I don’t care if it’s a flip book or a popup book or a colour by numbers book.. i just want him to write the book.

  5. Rojo says:

    So I have a related question of sorts…

    Making conversation with strangers [women] out of thin air–how the fuck do you do it?

    It’s easy for me to talk to people [females included] if I have a reason (eg, asking about a due date for an assignment or something like that). Or even more frustrating that happens to me, when I can shoot the shit for a little bit until I run out of things to say and it turns into awkward silence.

    In both cases, I think its a matter of not knowing what to say and not understanding how to connect with a female emotionally–right?

    Have you guys any words of wisdom or practical advice for me?

    I know that if I had a better idea of how to interact, approach anxiety would not be such a big deal.


    • K-Stan says:

      I’ve found that asking them about them helps keep conversation going. Most women want to feel that you actually care, so if you ask about them and not talk about yourself they feel like youre interested in them. Granted they’ll ask about you if its going well and there you have it…conversation. When you hit a topic you can relate on youre good. When a girl mentions her occupation or if she is student, I ask about that. If the woman has a job or studies something you don’t know about, go more in depth with her on that. They’ll enjoy talking about it and hell, youll learn something. That awkward silence kills…There are plenty of other things to talk about of course, these are just examples. As for starting a conversation, that’s the most difficult part when it comes to picking of women. He basically explained it up top…eye contact is the KEY. If you don’t get the eye contact, don’t bail. I have picked a girl up by literally walking up and saying “we’re going to dance”…I ended up dating her for a while after. There are plenty of approached you can use. Just depends on the girl. It’s hard for me to explain how to exactly initiate because most of it for me is natural and on a whim but with it being easy to talk to people it shouldn’t be a problem. Seems like from what you said, the hardest thing is to keep conversation going. Hopefully I could have been some help.

  6. sdhamija316 says:

    I’m confused Danny. Isn’t this so extremely childish? Your experience, success and status in the game is no secret but this feels so silly.

    If I was a girl, I would be attracted to a sober, smooth, relaxed, charming man who displays amused mastery. I don’t know if many attractive girls will end up going home with a guy who is a clown over a sophisticated dominant man. Doesn’t developping masculine polarity do the trick better than trying to be the giggly friend of equal or lower status? When a woman gives me eye contact, I don’t want to let her down by being an immature idiot, I want to be the man that will live upto the standard set by my looks or whatever it is that she senses makes me a possible mate. Also, this pointing to eyes and heart gives a not-so-subtle message of extreme neediness and makes it appear that one is grateful that she even made eye contact in the first place.

    I really doubt that any of us average status men can pull this off effectively and actually be able to sleep with attractive women. I’m no Johnny Depp or Leonardo DiCaprio, being creepy won’t help my cause. She doesn’t know me, she doesn’t know my qualities, my personality all she sees is that one moment where I have will naturally display my capacity to be a prospective mate.

    Now this is not to say that your not a master at what you do and your suggestion should not be taken seriously. Quite the contrary, I hold your game in the highest regard. I want more clarification, Danny. Why would this work? Why would women be attracted to this behavior? How does it show non-neediness? How does not using game leas to success in the game? It breaks all the rules.

    Please explain and help me.

  7. K-Stan says:

    Ive found that when I bring out the “sophisticated” side of me, women tend to think of me as someone who is no fun. Every time I’ve been humorous or cute, it works. Being playful seems to make them more comfortable and allows them act themselves. They can relax more cause if we’re not afraid to act like a goof then they think they can do the same and have more fun. When I talk to a woman I want them to feel comfortable and enjoy themselves. I can act childish but also talk maturely so they know Im not a complete child. The cute innocent things like Danny (uncle lol) mentioned above grabs their attention and is different then other guys so they remember you. Its not the typical “hey whats up” approach I see guys go with so theyre surprised. Just what I have found

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