The Scarf

i didn’t plan on posting for another day or so, but had an interesting run-in at a convenience store.

i went to the local to have a pint with a friend and it’s recently gotten cold out here. which mean’s it was in the 50’s. lol. now what you may not understand about jacksonville is that it’s pretty red-neck. now, i have a relatively decent sense of style and like to dress nicely; especially during the fall/winter. i rolled my cricket sweater, nice jeans, and pair of camel colored desert boots. oh, desert boots, they look like this-

for whatever reason i decided to wear a scarf. i like scarves, don’t know why, but i do. see, i can dress nice when i want.

sorry, but i NEVER smile in pics.

well, after i left the local, i stopped to grab some beer. as i walked in there was a decent looking brunette walking behind me. i held the door for her as i walked in and she smiled and thanked me. no biggie, it is the south after all. but i noticed she held her stare a second or 2 longer than she needed. wasn’t feeling it. i walked to get my beer. i was in line and brunette and a blonde friend ended up behind me. i was waiting my turn when i felt a tug on my scarf. i turned around and brunette was smiling and said, “i like your scarf.”

well holy shit.

i smiled and asked her what exactly she liked about it. she looked away and smiled even more. she mentioned she liked the blue. shit test. i told her, well, there are 2 other colors and “the blue” was pretty lame, i told her she could do better. her blonde friend was TRYING not to look and was REALLY trying not to smile. i know the expression all too well. this was gonna be fun.

look, there was NO REASON for her to open me. most guys fuck up by jumping all over it and trying to engage her with positive ass kissing conversation. wrong move. if you REALLY wanna fuck with a girl in a flirty/alpha manner just ask her one question-

“why do you think that?”

most girls, especially ATTRACTIVE girls RARELY hear a man asking them why they think the way they do, or questioning their opinions. most guys will just, “oh yeah, i….blah blah blah.” in fact they should calling the woman on her decision. i’m not saying to disagree or be a dick, but stand out and call her on her shit. if you simply agree and try to relate, you’ll just be another face in a long line of men that have chatted her up and didn’t make her tingle.

again, get in the habit of doing this with ANY woman you talk to- friend or relative; whether you’re attracted to her or not. this needs to be internalized, i can’t stress that enough.

on a side note, finally had a chance to talk to with M3, cool guy. then had a call from ThePrivateMan that was pretty informative. we were talking blogging and red-pill and i mentioned the post about about approach anxiety and my technique and he had more than one, “that’s brilliant.” moments. lol. it really surprises me how so many guys don’t get it. and thats why this blog exists. i won’t talk SMP philosophy, i’ll tell you what worked and what HASN’T worked for me. i just hope it resonates.

stay up.

21 Comments on “The Scarf”

  1. Vicomte says:

    Scarves are great for the ‘Here, try it on’ bit.

    If you do it right you can be close and just barely touch her when you throw the end over her shoulder. Plus eye contact/smile, ’tis chick crack.

    Make sure the fucker smells good.

  2. MattDamon says:

    What are the results of the encounter?

  3. Altimanix says:

    Well, it certainly beats your bunny suit look…so there’s that.

  4. K-Stan says:

    Ive actually picked a girl up wearing shoes 3 sizes to big…really strange. And I got myself an Afghani scarf, curious to see how itll work when I get back.

  5. agamemnon057 says:

    Those glasses make you look like Professor Bunsen Honeydew from the Muppet Show.

  6. Michael of Charlotte says:

    I’ve done this a few times in my life. I’ve always gotten what I considered a strange reaction. I’ve never made the connection that it increased attraction.


  7. […] to get some emotional reaction. If you get no reaction, no tingle. Whether it’s a watch or just a scarf, you want to show girls you have something that can light their emotional fire. Maybe you’ll […]

  8. Matt says:

    I hate to say it, but that scarf makes you look really gay. You’ve hit the epitome of “gay chic”.

    Really, I’m not trying to insult you, but that’s what you look like.

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      ok. you’re most certainly entitled to you opinion.

      but guess what…I dig it. i’ve long since quit trying to please other people and simply do what i please. that most certainly includes how i dress. secondly, a girl liked it enough to open me.

      and trust me, no offense taken. in NE florida my style of dressing is considered “gay”, i don’t care. back in NO, it’s normal and fashionable.

  9. Stingray says:

    sorry, but i NEVER smile in pics

    Why is this? Maritus is the same way and I have to really tease or mess with him to get him to smile in pictures. Now don’t get me wrong, I love to get him to laugh for the picture, but I don’t get the not smiling thing. Is it because it’s simply not natural?

  10. ChesterPoe says:

    “now what you may not understand about jacksonville is that it’s pretty red-neck.”

    Tell me about it… The rednecks are dreadful and repugnant in this region. Try St. Augustine, they are even worse here.

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