Women can do ANYTHING men can do

Except make it in the Infantry apparently.

WOW. NEVER saw this coming. So, the Military is stepping up the “gender equality” card and is now offering women the opportunity to volunteer for IOC (Infantry Officer Course). Well 2 women stepped up. Read the article, and notice the comment I quoted. I knew this was going on and had been EAGERLY awaiting the results, well, now…the USMC has reported it’s findings.

I’m linking the article for reference purposes but this to me was the big take away- of 80 canidates that were eligible, only 2….TWO women volunteered. One washed out THE FIRST DAY, and the other was booted for medical purposes a month later. The USMC has been testing female strength and endurance by having them lift a heavy machine gun above their heads while wearing a 71-pound rucksack, marching 12 miles in less than five hours carrying a 71-pound rucksack.

Read more: Few female Marines step forward for infantry – Washington Times

women’s performance in IOC

This comment got my attention-

“As a former Marine officer who got out earlier this year, I can say that the problem is quite simply almost every woman simply CANNOT TAKE the physical strain of being in the infantry. (I probably wouldn’t have made it myself, had I chosen infantry). Of all the women that served under me, with me, or over me in my 5 years on active duty, I know precisely ONE that I would have no doubts about her ability to be an infantry Marine. A few others talked big, but if you don’t have a minimum 280 PFT, you’ve got no chance at IOC.

One of the major physical events at the IOC (infantry officer course) that this article did NOT tell you about: O-E-O-E-O:

Carrying a rifle and about 30 pounds of gear, the O is the obstacle course (you can probably youtube it pretty easily – Marine Corps Obstacle Course), the E is the Endurance Course – 5 miles through wooded, hilly terrain with various obstacles in the last 2.5 miles. When doing just the O-E (Obstacle course immediately leading into the Endurance course), which every TBS Lieutenant has to do, average time is about 65-70 minutes. They have to do it twice, with the obstacle course in the middle and on the ends, meaning running about 10 miles over 2.5 hours with 30 pounds of gear and a rifle. I would say 98% of women I know simply could not complete this event alone.

Women already have vastly lowered standards for physical performance. *In the Marine Corps Physical Fitness Test (PFT), currently for males under 27, for a 3 mile run, requires 18 minutes for maximum points, and an absolute minimum of 28 minutes (anything higher is an automatic failure). For females, maximum score is just a 21 minutes 3 miles, and the minimum is 31 minutes. A MASSIVE difference – and yet males have a HIGHER average score than females, despite the lowered standard!”

Color me shocked. I often argued the “lower standard” women have on the PFT. And the body fat ratio allowed for women is WAY higher than it is for men. It’s pretty moot to argue at this point in my career. But you’ll hear women BRAG about how few push ups or sit ups the have to do.

But don’t take my word for it. Curl up= sit-up. In order to pass you have to get above a “good” score.

Navy male PRT standards

Navy female PRT standards

2 things really piss me off in the military- fatties and people that can’t pass their PFT (physical fitness test).Before we went to Kuwait, we had to do 2 weeks of training at Camp Pendelton were we were issued gear- Flak and our Alice pack.The flak weighed 45 pounds. Then we got yoked up and had to complete TCCC

He’s wearing a mask because they fire sim-rounds at you. I took this EXACT same course in Rota Spain (my last duty station, I was an instructor too.) before I went to Kuwait and had to do it again in flak at Pendleton (and had sim rounds fired at me btw…and those fuckers HURT when they pop you). Well when we did the course in Pendleton in flak, guess who struggled? We had three women, THREE, that did well.

Now, please note, we had 16 woman in Fox company. When they needed an HM to go with the FAST company at Beuhring because they were going into Iraq, I volunteered. The Squad Leader (SSGT Benson) asked me if I knew how to fire and he went over a few things needed to keep in mind while in an MRAP. I got yoked up (you ARE NOT allowed to take photos) and was issued my rifle, gear and 3 grenades. I can honestly can tell I was sporting about 120 pounds of shit. But Danny’s smart- I divvied up most of my medical gear among the squad. I gave all of them tourniquets and quick clot (speeds up coagulation). I set IV stations in all the vehicles and set up each vehicle how I liked it to make me more efficient. I fit in PERFECTLY with the squad. When their HM went on leave, guess who they asked for again? lol.

this is an MRAP

In summation, the WP article didn’t surprise me.

39 Comments on “Women can do ANYTHING men can do”

  1. Stingray says:

    I saw that article a couple of hours ago and wondered if you had seen it. What a mess. How many women actually wish to be in infantry for reasons other than to prove something?

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      most don’t. this is an agenda pushed via feminist minded groups. like i said, the military is a microcosm of the civilian population. “gender equality” is a HUGE issue as i’m sure you know, so it was just a matter of time until it seeped into the military.

      it all started with tail-hook.

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      well, you get hazardous duty pay if you’re in a dangerous place. but there’s no “combat pay”. if i went to a ship, i’d get “sea pay” though. will infantry get a combat pay….doubtful.

  2. Senior Beta says:

    About the time Airborne soldiers or Recon Marines are told to shoulder an extra 20 pounds so the chick in the unit only has to carry her rifle and makeup kit into battle is when we are well are truly done as a country. Keep it from happening HM1.

  3. driversuz says:

    Hmm. Irrefutable facts now in evidence. How will teh Grrls go about denying this particular reality? Resourceful as they are, I’m sure they’ll find a way…

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      “How will teh Grrls go about denying this particular reality?”

      seriously? they don’t fucking care. as long as shit’s made easier for them, they’re A-OK. hey have ZERO complaints about the standards set for them

  4. Vicomte says:

    Three words:

    Flexed Arm Hang.

    Prosecution rests.

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      troof. i used to be able to do 2 minutes. but i’m old now. lol.

      • Vicomte says:

        When I was in the DEP we used to do these pull-up contest thangs at Six Flags, which was fun because we got to help cute girls in bikinis reach the bar.

        Some of them would make cute little sexy noises when they started to get tired up there.

        View was occasionally excellent.

  5. redpillwifey says:

    I could barely hang in Basic, let alone infantry training. I’ll gladly let the men have that one. Like you, I know one chick who would even have a chance, and even then, I doubt she could have handled the load on her small (but very muscular) frame. Women are just built differently. The biggest lie of feminism is that women can do whatever men can, it’s just flat out not true. 5 years in the Army was more than enough to cure me of that notion.

  6. Drama says:

    Problem is that it isn’t the people in the military who will have the final say on the matter.
    All the female Marines, and Soldiers can write letters saying they don’t think it’s a good idea, but the feminists in the government will only need to find one person to support the idea and that will control the entire narrative.

    It doesn’t matter that feminists are more likely to be anti-war, if there’s “progress” to be made they’ll take it. They’ve shown before that practical concerns don’t matter to them as long as they can claim some sort of victory on paper.

  7. Thanatos says:

    “again, they need to meet the standards in order to get infantry training. if the military caves and lower’s the standard for women…..


    Hey,man. I feel for you guys. Reading what feminists are up to makes me wince more than America’s Funniest Home videos during Kick a Dude in the Balls With Football Cleats For No Reason Week.

  8. Faust says:

    I’m probably gonna regret asking, but how much does a heavy machine gun weigh?

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      An M4 fully loaded is about 15lba. An M249 weighs about 25-30.

      Sent from my iPhone

      • K-Stan says:

        16.6 without ammo for the SAW 24 with ammo…240B 24 without 32 with I believe. Doesn’t seem like a lot but carrying that around for a while starts to take a toll cause the sling sits in one spot. Not to mention the lightest load for a 249 is 800 rounds…that in itself is almost 30 lol heavy combat areas its 1200

  9. Fist of Vulkan says:

    Track party in a tank platoon, pulling pack out of an Abrams, changing the gun tube… Ad nauseum. All required as a tank crewman.
    Hell, the first access panel to be removed for basic maintenance was lovingly/ hatefully called the “Bitch Plate”, as it is an unwieldy chunk of armor. The starter alone weighs in at 65 lbs. so needless to say, you never saw many ladyfolk in the motor pool. You damn sure didn’t see em out in the field either.
    Damn… Now I miss all that crap.

  10. K-Stan says:

    I think if the woman can do it let her. There are plenty outside issues from physical endurance though that I think it would be a bad choice for women in the infantry, I can say this better than most since I am infantry lol.
    1-The infantry, being all male, is a very rough group to get along with. We’re dirty minded, obnoxious, and do a lot of dumb shit. Most women look at us as dumb, simple minded people that are very offensive. The sexual harassment rates would go through the roof, not necessarily intentionally but the things we do and say amongst each other. The infantry would turn into a bunch of prudes.
    2-Most, and really almost all women would bitch and complain about sleeping in the dirt and having to the dirty work. I cant see many women willing to or even having the means to pull the trigger on someone. Not saying there isn’t any who would but I know theyre very emotional, which leads to my third point.
    3- THEY’RE EMOTIONAL!! Especially more once a month. They’ll just annoy and piss a bunch of people off. As a guy, we hate that shit! I know with my guys, we hate when someone complains about anything (Im guilty of complaining about the cold…all the time. Not my fault, I grew up on a beach)

    There are plenty of other reasons I personally think women shouldn’t be in the infantry. Not saying theyre all like that, Im sure there a select few who can do it. As for them going to IOC, I know when/if they make it, most of the guys wont take them seriously. Hell we barely that that O1 seriously lol. We certainly wont take them seriously if they cant keep up. We have some officers that will skip out on PT just cause they don’t want to do that. Now that were in country, theyre sucking when ever we go out. Theyre the first to drop kit and the first to try and get out of doing anything. I think what needs to happen is have a little “test/experiment.” Get a platoon or company sized group of all females led by infantry drill sergeants and make them go through the same training the rest go through with the same PT standards and see what the drop out rate is. Basic is way easier than being in a line company. If most cant make it through basic, then they certainly wont make it on the line. They should take them from already active units and fresh bodies who have never been in and see how it goes. Hell the other day at the range there was a female there who wanted to shoot my 249SAW (fully automatic machine gun for those who don’t know) and when she saw it fire she got scared and changed her mind. If a woman is scared to fire the most casualty producing weapon in an infantry squad, what good is she down range…

    • Todd says:

      As a civilian who likes it that way, I’ll trust your judgment. Still, why not just let the women wash out? If you have standards that are backed up with real world experience, just let them go for it, get their rear end kicked like the men, then they can get in where they fit in. Women and men have different strengths physically. I’m sure we can find other uses for women within the military.

      • K-Stan says:

        Most women in the Army at least are behind a desk, medical or cooks. Very few do any real strenuous physical jobs. I think anyone should have a right to fight for your country but most don’t realize what that involves, physically and emotionally.

    • Infantry says:

      I’ve seen plenty of girls in my country’s army that have been great with our F89 Minimi. But, yes I think there should be another psych screen for getting into Infantry due to the unique challenges in that corp.

      Also, for crying out loud, make the girls reach the same physical requirements as men for Infantry. I’d be happy to be flexible on Infantry school course lengths for women (give them more physical training and cultural education to get them up to snuff), but they need to do the same job as any other Rifleman once they’re qualified.

  11. K-Stan says:

    Also, that MRAP is one of the nicer ones haha. Try riding in a MATV for hours or even a MAXXPRO. SOOOO uncomfortable lol

  12. Infantry says:

    In my country’s army, the physical fitness standards were similar, with the same lowered requirements for women.

    As far as I understand it some of the big issues, which might be impossible to resolve are as follows:
    1) Women’s bone structure can be damaged by long marches (backpacks/hips etc), potentially leading to OH&S claims.

    2) Men going batshit crazy when women get shot, taking unncessary risks via possibly lizard brain hardwired whiteknighting.

    3) Larger chance of men PTSD if witnessing women being injured/killed/captured.

    The rest I think could largely be handled. Other issues men may have:
    1) Infantrymen don’t want to change the culture in their safe space. Infantry have potentially the largest exposure to stress out of all corps. Having to watch their P’s and Q’s would prevent them from relaxing via the hijinx we know and love. Not sure how to fix this one.

    2) Assumptions that women will be weak and won’t pull their weight. This could largely be handled by psych profiling women before they get in to weed out malingerers. Also if the girls can meet the same fitness requirements as the men, let them in.

    3) Assuming women will be all bitchy/emotional. Again, could be handled by psych screening. Weed out girls with personalitiy disorders prone to drama.

  13. Stonelifter says:

    the 504th PIR figured out their paratroopers carried about 150 pounds of gear on patrols in the A- Stan. push ups, sit ups, how fast run counts for jack shit when it comes to patrolling and patrolling is what grunts do.

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