Apocalypse Man

Rudy Reyes was a Recon Marine during the first Iraq war. he was “Fruity Rudy” in generation kill. well, since the SHTF moment may be just around the corner, i thought i’d post this. i’m all about self-reliance, and all my FMF pals loved this documentary. i think i know a blogger who’ll watch it wide-eyed as well. lol.

ladies, i’d like you to take notice and ask yourself, “who/what will protect you if the state can’t?” now realize, most men today are neutered.

stay up.

[edit- don’t forget to watch fox and friends tomorrow at 6:00am to hear the manosphere going public. i’ll be DVR’ing it.]

8 Comments on “Apocalypse Man”

  1. K-Stan says:

    haha “most men are neutered” Love it!!

  2. The Rigorist says:

    Wow … Apocalypse Man is an … idiot, and he watches way too much television.

    I live in Biloxi MS. Katrina was my ninth hurricane. I remember Camille and Betsy before that.

    Civilization didn’t break down. We didn’t have or need the police. We made sure not to need the fire department. We took care of ourselves and each other.

    I didn’t wait for somebody else to clear the trees from the street. I didn’t need to be told to stop at every intersection when driving. I never forgot that every residence had firearms, just like mine, and looters are shot. I know all my neighbors – for two blocks in every direction.

    I picked up hitchhikers, I took some to hospitals, some to friends a family. Half of population was homeless and without food. I took in homeless people, and fed them. I charged them an hour of work per day.

    I don’t need a computer to run my business. I don’t need a calculator to make change. I don’t even need electricity.

    My wife works a Wal-Mart. the second day after the storm, she went to work, and they didn’t need electricity there either, or the police, or the fire department.

    I was normal, common. I was just like everybody else and everybody else was just like me.

    It’s who we are, here.

    Rudy Reyes belonged in New Orleans. He’d have gotten himself killed in Biloxi.

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      well, i’m glad your family did well.

      i have family in bay st. louis. my uncle lost his entire house. some of my relatives their lost their homes.

      my mom, back in NO, had a foot of water damage in one of the rooms in her house, and lost all the downstairs electronics. they evacuated and my stepdad couldn’t get back to his house until late october.

      i had friends in bywater patrolling the neighborhood to stop looters.

      • The Rigorist says:

        My 70 year old parents abandoned my great grandfather’s house mid-storm, as it was coming apart around them. They waded up the block to mine. It was two years until they could put a house back on that property.

        As we lost no one, we lost nothing. That’s the lesson of a storm. Life matters, the rest is just … stuff.

  3. Hussein says:


    P.S. Stumbled upon your blog yesterday and you’ve made me laugh so hard people are wondering if I am insane. no joke lol

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      Burn the elite?

      Sent from my iPhone

      • hussein says:

        Power is an ever shifting force my friend. You can hold it for so long (rome) but eventually no matter what you do you will lose grip on it and once you do the results are disastrous. When the elite are finally overtaken some will be killed maybe including my father.

        stay up

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