let’s face it. girls dig scars. my neighbors son has a scar under his eye. and this kid is a future lady killer. i have 4 visible scars. i have a prosthetic front tooth, i have a deep scar on my wrist, i have a scar on my forehead and a scar on the palm of my right hand. let’s discuss.

my forehead- when i was a toddler i was running and popped my grape on the corner of a coffee table. my mom freaked and MADE my dad take me to the ER. i took one stitch.

my wrist- i worked at a carwash when i was going to college. i washing under a louvre of a truck and sliced it open. i bandaged it and got back to work. what do i tell women? “knife fight, you should see the other guy, it was during a prison riot.” lol. eventually, i’ll give in and tell the truth.

my hand- i was hopping a fence to grab a football that went over. my jeans got caught on the little y shaped spikes on most metal fences (i was in 8th grade) and when i went to brace myself i ripped my hand open. took 7 stitches. can’t make up an “agree and amplify” story so i tell girls the truth.

my tooth- when women ask about it i tell them i was in fight and it got knocked out. truth- playing football, i ran into a metal post trying to make a catch and chipped my tooth back when i was 13. i bled like a stuck pig. if you look closely you can tell it’s a fake tooth.

NOW. let’s break down a fundamental difference in men ad women. regarding the tooth- women reading this site will “aaaaaaw” and sympathize with a boy hurting himself as a child. BUT….

ALL they guys reading are thinking, “dude, did you make the catch?” lol. yes, yes i did. scars on men show adventurousness and makes women weak in the knees. so embrace your scars. my neighbors sons scar on his face WILL NOT hinder his ability to attract women. his dad is a good friend and UBER alpha. mom is a submissive feminine woman. both of them nodded when i told them how girls are gonna gush over his facial scar. lol.

stay up.

6 Comments on “Scars”

  1. Athor Pel says:

    I hit my head on a corner of a coffee table as well when I was a toddler, except I was dancing on top of the coffee table rather than running into it. I was a big show off when I was three. Can’t see the scar now, it’s in my hair somewhere, I don’t remember the exact number of stitches.

    The pencil leads in the palm of my hand. It’s completely stupid how they got there. I got them both within days of one another.

    A television fell and smashed my pinky finger joint which set crooked because I fell on the splint a few days later. The joint doesn’t bend anymore either. After I borked the splint the doctor put a full cast on me, all the way up to my elbow.

    The neat little scar above my left knee with four little pinhole scars around it, from the stitches, that got there because I was running with a Buck hunting knife.

    My favorite is a very visible scar on my left hand. It got there as a result of a scratch from a piece of sharp metal on a chair. It didn’t hurt when it happened, it didn’t bleed but blood did ooze a little from the scratched area and made a scab within minutes. The scab turned into this really great looking scar. I’ve gotten hurt much worse for much less scar.

  2. Stingray says:

    Tis true that “chicks dig scars”. We get to coo over them, which is really just an added bonus. The best part is when y’all let us touch them.

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