Kid Game

Stingray recently posted about spending time with the hubster and how she marveled at her husband’s ability to “play” with and relate to their kids. One commenter beat me to the punch by explaining how men are essentially kids, “they like to play, we like to play.” I chimed in of course and I went through the blog looking for the post, but it buried, so I guess I’ll have to bring it up again.

I have been interacting with women for as long as I can remember.  As I’ve stated before, I’m the neighborhood “single guy”. Everyone on my street knows each other. I was outside chatting with one of the dad’s and his daughter got my attention to show off her ability to ride some odd skateboard like thing. I knew she was flirting so I teased her about it taking her THIS long to finally learn how to ride the board and how, “that think is like, SOOOO 2011.” She giggled, and dad rolled his eyes. Then he mentioned about me being good with women in general. When I told him I “do ok” he pointed out that men good with kids (especially little girls) are typically good with women. Never thought about it but it makes a lot of sense.  

Just like having pictures of yourself as a boy around your house, women see a man good with kids and they immediately think, “MUST MATE, MUST MATE!!!”.

I said on this site and other that the best way for guys to practice “game” is to interact with young girls. It’s a no brainer, you use teasing, negs, agree and amplify, etc. the SAME as you do with that cute waitress you’re digging. Every time I go back to NO we have several family dinners and I ALWAYS mess with my nieces. They LOVE Uncle Danny. Lol. You see, outcome independence is best learned when you’re NOT going for a win, just winning over a little girl’s heart. It’s simple validation. And…you’re NOT going to get shot down. You might even get shit-tested. Hell, I have a 6 year old niece that’s BEAUTIFUL and she shit tests like a CHAMP. And I smash them EVERYTIME. Here….

I was in the guest bedroom using the laptop and BS’ing with my sister’s kid Lauren. Then my niece walked in and I greeted her and asked for “my hug”. She looked at me, said, “No.” and walked over to Lauren.

Oh hell no.

I shrugged my should and said, “FINE, besides I didn’t REALLY want a hug from you anyway, because you just a stupid meany.” And went back to my lap top. My niece, God bless her, got up walked over to me and held out her arms. I picked her up hugged her and asked for my kiss. She kissed my cheek and I put her down and told her to go play. Off she scurried. Game, set, match.

Do you see what I did there?

In my quest to understand the female of the species I learned something VERY interesting. Females, from the time they are born are programmed to understand, evaluate, and process human facial expression and voice inflection. They are masters of social interaction, and always will be.

This explains why I ALWAYS make clear facial expressions and gestures that let her know I’m teasing her playfully. Case in point. About 15 minutes ago I had to go to labor and delivery to do a chest xray on a baby.  There’s a very cute girl that works there and whenever I see her I tell her, “get a job slacker.” She just smiles and makes a comment about me not working. As I was finishing my exam, there she was, arms folded, grinning and she said, “Looks like SOMEONE’S finally working.” I grinned and told her, “That’s why I make the big bucks girl.” Then she commented on me seeing how hard she works and I told her that I can always tell when a woman’s lying. Her coworker bit and said, “oh yeah how can you tell?” this coworker is also female. I replied-

“Her lips are moving.” And I winked, and walked away.

Both girls were grinning ear to ear. For me, game isn’t about getting laid, it’s about understanding how to interact with women in a manner that women find irresistible. So get out there, and run kid game. Because what works with on an 8 year old works on a 24 year old. Class dismissed.

Stay up.

17 Comments on “Kid Game”

  1. Stingray says:


    Yep. You’d think it’s in our wiring or something. 😉

    I’m teasing her playfully

    I would say this is like catnip but it’s more like heroin.

    Great post!

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      true story. i told this one in a post a while ago.

      i was at church, and there was a family with a 2-3 year old daughter. i was playing peek-a-boo with her. i was in 7-8th grade at the time. we made eye contact and out of no where she lifter her dress up. embarrassed the crap out me. my mom giggled and her mom just lowered the dress. i apologized and mom told me it was ok.

      5 minutes later, she did it again. this time dad reached over and puller her towards him. and mom giggled. the mother told my mom, “he’s gonna be quite the ladies man.” my mom responded that she knew and told the mom, “you’re going to have to keep a close eye on her.
      dad, not even looking at us said, “oh…..i know.”


  2. Wald says:

    This is why I like it when my niece and nephew come over.

    Fun to mess with and good practice too.

  3. luckylothario says:

    Ha, it can get fantastically awkward when little girls start acting up to show off though! This summer I was in the park with a friend of mine messing around on the swings when a girl, around 7 or 8, jumped on the swing between us. They were sort of facing towards each other so you could touch feet if you swung high enough. Everytime she’d get close I’d pull my legs away at the last second and stick my tongue out.

    Both her and the girl I was with thought it was hilarious. But the mother had to drag her away when this little kid started going hyper and shouting about her ‘pee pee hole’. Hilarious but even I went a little red.

  4. Athor Pel says:

    I was at a neighbor’s house. Their son was my age and we hung out some. At the time we were about 14 years old and his little sister was maybe 8.

    I don’t remember what we were talking about or what we had been doing. All I remember is me and her brother standing in the living room while the little sister did a modified headstand on the couch.

    Anyway, the highest part of her body was her butt and she did it on the part of the couch right by me. She must have said something or made some kind of sound to get my attention because the next thing I know I’m looking down at her in a sort of horrified wonder, having no idea what to make of it all.

    Her brother took the opportunity to intimate that I was a perv for he said the following words, “You just love that, don’t you?”

    No more wonder, all horror. I immediately left and never went back.

  5. Ha, nice post title 🙂 Yes, women are SUCKERS for a man who kids seem to like.

  6. Spacetraveller says:

    This is so accurate, Danny!

    Another side effect to having such a good relationship with your nieces is that any woman in your life would… erm, bizarrely enough, feel some sort of playful ‘rivalry’ with your nieces if they (the nieces) clearly love you. It’s at the same time ridiculous and strange but I think this is a good thing, and weirdly reassuring for said woman to know that you have women in your own family who ‘dig’ you.
    It’s a weird combination of ‘preselection’ for you as well as female intrasexual competition in its purest form.
    I have been both the ‘niece’ and ‘the adult woman’. Fascinating to see this phenomenon at work from both sides, I tell you!

    Oh how we women are complicated…lol.
    We just can’t do simple, can we?

  7. Chewie says:

    “I said on this site and other that the best way for guys to practice “game” is to interact with young girls. It’s a no brainer, you use teasing, negs, agree and amplify, etc. the SAME as you do with that cute waitress you’re digging”

    Know what else is good for practicing? Teaching young kids.
    I teach in a coed high school and a girls middle school and I do all of the above–neg, tease, agree/amplify EVERY day and the kids eat it up. For example, a while back, the middle school had a festival. One of the girls who was performing in it came up to me and said, “Teacher, me pretty girl!” I paused, looked her in the eye, and deadpan-smirked, “no,” to which she immediately started going “Why? Why? me pretty!” with the characteristic Korean aegyo.

    Another one: I teach with cute married lady who’s forever doubting her speaking ability. She always says p, “My English is not so good,” and I usually jokingly agree say something like, “Yeah, it’s pretty horrible.” It never fails to make her smile and giggle like a schoolgirl.

    Teaching and the ‘sphere…good combo.

  8. K-Stan says:

    Guess its safe to say girls start out young and don’t even realize it…

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