504’s 2012 in review

i want to say thank you to all the readers and supporter’s of the site. i appreciate you stopping by, and appreciate even more when you drop a comment and participate. i wish all the best to you and yours for the new year. this isn’t a huge blog, but you guys make me feel like it is.

thought i’d share my stats for the year, i mean…..why the hell not; i share everything else.

tonight i will be drinking heavily and partying with my neighbors. i have SO MUCH booze that it’s silly. a co-worker and his wife are joining me, and i’m waiting for girl to come through after she does her family crap. my street gets pretty crazy on new years and i’m expecting a major hangover tomorrow.

yup. all set. 2013.....here i come.

yup. all set. 2013…..here i come.




Here’s an excerpt:

About 55,000 tourists visit Liechtenstein every year. This blog was viewed about 230,000 times in 2012. If it were Liechtenstein, it would take about 4 years for that many people to see it. Your blog had more visits than a small country in Europe!

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Hitting on a Porn Star

i actually hit on a porn star in san deezy. she was cool, but she turned me down. her name is cherokee (tiffany). she’s a TINY brunette chick and was VERY cool to me.  she def let me down softly. but at the same time, she was totally flirty and playful. i got a pic with me squeezing her bewbies and a kiss on the lips. to me………..that’s major validation. she was hanging with friends and my dumb ass approached her. i asked if i could talk to her in private for a second and she agreed, got up and away from her table. i asked if she were in movies, and she told me she was adult actress. i asked if she were cherokee and laughed and nodded. i told her-

“i already know the answer, but would you sleep with me? banging a porn star if DEF on my bucket list.” She just laughed and said she can certainly understand, but her bf might not approve. coulda been a line, coulda been true.

hey……i tried. i LOVE her high-pitched girly voice. that’s what did me in for her. so i HAD to try. oh, this went down at hooter’s in mission valley.

she's TINY, and cool.

she’s TINY, and cool.

petite, brunette....SO my type.

petite, brunette….SO my type.

'nuff said. yeah, i got shot down, but at least i played my hand.

’nuff said. yeah, i got shot down, but at least i played my hand.


me and the boys watching my Saints lose. hooters, mission valley- san diego.

trust me, she did this under complete duress.

trust me, she did this under complete duress.

Beginning my Red Pill Journey

I began my red-pill journey around 2002-3. I used to listen to Opie and Anthony a lot starting in 1999. Whenever Patrice O’neal would come on  it would ALWAYS turn to relationships. I learned from his insight and applied what he said. What I learned-

VALUE YOURSELF. You come first. Period. If you aren’t in a situation that is optimal to YOUR happiness- walk.

Never defer to a woman’s beauty. EVER. He said the best way to get into a woman’s head is to let her express an opinion and ask her, “Really, why?” You see when most guys interact with women, especially a beautiful woman, when she expresses an opinion most guys agree and try to relate to build common ground and win her approval.

Big mistake.

Patrice often said most women just aren’t interesting because they don’t HAVE to be. Blue pill men have placed such an emphasis on pussy that many women think that by virtue of having a vagina, they’re of high worth. Sad but true. So if you’re talking to a good looking woman, don’t be like most guys and agree with whatever she says (and trust me, I see it happen ALL THE TIME), be different and ask her WHY she thinks like she does. Then, listen…..and call her out on her opinion if you disagree. I’m not saying be a dick, but have an actual conversation. Trust me, I’ve asked beautiful women why they believe the opinion they state and most of them look like a deer in head lights. NO ONE ASKS HER WHY!!!! Most men usually nod and agree and take her at her word. Trust me, if you ask her “why”, you’ll stand out. It simply shows non-supplication.

Be nice, but be honest. I’m never a dick to a woman unless she brings it upon herself. I’m ALWAYS nice. You can ask any women I’ve ever had a conversation with. I’m a charming bastard. WHY? Because I HAVE to be interesting. Do you think a dull, boring guy makes a woman tingle? But, I had to LEARN to maximize what I’ve been given. I’m not tall dark and handsome, but it just doesn’t matter. Patrice taught me that. He was a fat fuck, and he admitted as often as he could that he could not fuck an ugly woman. He just couldn’t; I understood this perfectly, because I’m the exact same way.

I was going through a dry spell and one of my friends said I should hit one of clubs on bourbon and pick up a 4-5. “Uh, yeah….I can’t fuck anything beneath a 7. If she’s a 6 she better have GREAT personality and some money.” He replied with, “Damn, that fucking sucks dude.” Well, since most women are going to make work to get it, I’ve learned game. Yes, it did take time. But my blog exists as a testament that if my dumb ass can do it, so can you.

Stingray is having an interesting discussion on her site. Deti’s comments alone make it worth reading.

Sorry for the Delay

sorry, i was busy last night.

i LOVE my local skrip club. it’s like mutual of omaha’s wild kingdom of the SMP. look, 98% of my time there is me nursing a beer and watching the girls work the guys. and most of the guys there have ZERO game. besides watching it unfold, the girls readily admit it to me when i bring up. you see, they laugh and  tell me  how clueless most of the guys are. look-

i never get VIP’s, i tip SOME of the girls, and i stick to my own affairs. i NEVER bother the girls while they are working the guys. EVER.

most of the girls, when i first talk to them, ask me why i always sit by myself. you see- when i DO sit for a girl and tip her, i have a little trick. i knife my hand over my mule and the girl ALWAYS grinds into it. you see, no one can see what we’re doing, and the girls always smile at me as she grinds into my hand. look, these girls are sharks. but, i work them like it’s cool. you see, as i’ve stated before, being 38- i really don’t care about getting laid. to me, knowing i can work these women the way i do is good enough. i number close CONSTANTLY, but do i call- RARELY. but the attention i get is more than enough for my old ass. case in point.

last night, i spent my night at the strip club (the local was PACKED for trivia night) sitting at a table with a petite brunette in my lap. i was massaging her shoulders and feeling her up. now look, 1- she’s married, 2- she working there as a “bucket list” thing. she won’t be working there long. it makes the interactions perfect. see- i don’t fuck with married women. so there’s no pressure to “close” her. but considering she’s in an “open” marriage i have ZERO problem with messing with her. she’s had her tit’s done and most girls that get them done LOVE to show them off. so she was sitting her in my lap, i was rubbing her shoulders and watching a cute, petite brunette work a guy. i KNEW she was gonna VIP him.

eventually, we switched it up and the girl was rubbing MY shoulders. i got about 3 songs out of her before she asked me if i wanted a “table dance”. that was it. i knew our time was done. no harm no foul, she’s there to make money after all. i told her i was going to go talk to the DJ to give us a polite reason to end the interaction. i walked to the DJ booth, then immediately walked back to the table. girl ended up table dancing for an older dude. and i laughed as i saw the other brunette cop her VIP.

when she came out the VIP, the guy went to the bathroom. i made me move. OH wait……

i sat down for this same girl earlier. she mentioned as she sat in my lap that i never talk to anyone. she’d been working there for about a month (from what she told me) and i can tell you she’s a solid 7. 4’11, brunette, small breasted, GREAT ass. i always use the same line on girls. i ask them, “do you have any idea what i want to do to you.” they ALWAYS want to know, and i reply, “i’m not really sure, but i do know it ends in a 9 month gestation period.” it ALWAYS gets a smile/laugh. use it please, i’ve never had it fail. now out here in jax, the “strip clubs” are actually “bikini bars”- meaning the girls dance in TINY bikini’s. i’ve NEVER had a girl not show me her tit’s, even though they aren’t supposed to. i also told her as she was grinding on me facing me, ” do you realize i have a drop of clear stuff the size of a grape right now?” she flung her head back and laughed. look, i’ve learned what works for me, but i run this on ALL women. and they love it. it’s not a line if it works. lol.

so, girl is working dude and i’m watching, waiting. FINALLY she VIP closes him. when they came back, i waited for my moment to approach. see…..i can’t/won’t bother her while she’s talking to someone. i mean….i could, i have before; but i let the girls work and rarely bother them. well, when dude left to go to the bathroom, i approached. i grabber her ass and she spun around and smiled, “HEY YOU!!!!!” and she threw her arms around me. i congratulated her on the VIP and she told me how she planned on getting another out of him. i handed her my phone and told her we needed to “hang out” sometime. she happily punched her number in and i texted her. she pulled out her phone and as my number came up it read “kenner, La.” she asked me if i were from LA, i laughed and told her i was from new orleans.

now…..will we ever hang out? who knows. now i texted her earlier, and she replied back. good sign. so…..we’ll see.

the purpose of this post is to show that if my short, pale, OK looking ass can do this……ANYONE can. looks don’t matter, social status HELPS- but can be side-stepped. game makes up for EVERYTHING if you know how to use it. i realize younger guys reading are mostly about getting laid, and that’s cool. but for me, game is about being able to talk to damn near any woman and being able to gauge her receptiveness. if she’s not giving IOI’s, i move on. most women (ok, red-pill and younger ones) admit that game works on them. PrivateMan calls it “charisma” but you can call it charm, game, whatever.

i post openly as a testament to red-pill philosophy and game. i post for the guys that don’t think they are capable of doing well with women. does it take work and time, YES. but, in the end, having game will make you a better man in general. so it’s well worth the time to invest in learning it. you can go dark- i did in my 20’s. you can go “au natural” as i do now. i, now an “older man” i prefer to be honest. as the great sage Patrice O’neal said, “as i get older i’m still horny, but God turned my horniness into creepiness.” he states that he can just enjoy watching a pretty girl.

i get that. now- at 38….it makes sense. i DO NOT CARE if i get laid or not. girls can sense a “pussy agenda” a mile away, and when they do…..they toy with you. with game….they still KNOW you wanna fuck them, but they become more receptive of being around you. you’ve gotten past her initial “bitch shield”, and she’s validated you. outcome independence CANNOT be faked. damone puts it best.

now, i admit- damone was a “fake it if you can’t make it guy.” but his advice is SOLID. his advice is simply outcome independence, and outcome independence is key. ES LLAVE. lol.

the hard 9 that works at my local taco place flunked out of UofF (i mentioned that before). well, i try and stop in once in a while to mess with the girls. my girl Tara used to manage there, but she got a better gig. i honestly haven’t been in the taco place for a LOOOOOOONG time. as i paid for my order, Amber- now a manager commented, “WOW, haven’t seen you in forever.” i ALWAYS flirted with her. NEVER number closed, never took it part light, flirty behavior.

and even after almost a year……she remembered me. GAME EVERYONE. oh, hard 9 walked past me, smiled and said hello and called me by my name. she’s 20. IF i close it’ll take some time and work. we’ll see what happens. i’ll have a good time reeling her in and seeing if i can close or not. game is fun, do the math and add it up.

stay up.


Don’t feel like posting tonight. But they say a picture is worth 1,000 words. So here- enjoy




Sorry, but I’m busy riding the apocalypse ATM. Leave a message at the beep. Lol.

Stay up.

Training for when TSHTF

since the world is gonna end soon i figured it’s my job to help you guys. now he rolls the rem 870, i prefer the mossburg 500 because of where the safety rests (up by the thumb). i recommend handling both and making your own call. however the go to defense shotgun is either the remington 870 or mossburg 500-HANDS DOWN; you make the call. as for 7.62, i agree. i’ve taken the AK to louisiana and plinked full paint cans and they popped 4-5 feet in the air. like he says, it’s not the most accurate, but it is 100% pure stopping power at medium range. you get hit with an AK in the leg, and the lower half of your leg will be gone. i actually prefer my semi-auto to an full-on auto since i can compensate to reset my targeting. watch the video as he opens it up- notice how he has to constantly readjust. i don’t like that. i prefer taking a shot, retargeting, and shooting again. rinse repeat. and like he said, this gun DOES NOT JAM. it WILL fire every time. to me, that’s a huge plus for non military types. and trust me, it’s a VERY SIMPLE design, ANYONE can learn to use it in less than 5 minutes. as for the rem 700, i don’t like bolt action, but i have fired that gun and it is VERY reliable and accurate, and it’s not like i’m the best shooter out there.


oh, my birthday is next month and if you’re keeping score, i’d like THIS for my birthday.

and if you’re REEEEEEALY trying to win me over, you’ll get me one of these-

[EDIT- OK…..FINE. here are my ladies]

AK, turkey/duck gun, deer gun, 22. my 9 is in there as well.

AK, turkey/duck gun, deer gun, 22. my 9 is in there as well.

S&W M&P15. scoped out and layered.

S&W M&P15. scoped out and layered.

home defense mossburg

home defense mossburg

Klonapin Kroniclez- I Haez the Watch

what did danny do for christmas…..sure, i’ll play along.

i woke at 6am, was out the door at 0615 and arrived at the hospital around 0645, and got to the quarterdeck at 0700. one of my guys didn’t show up and my boss was having a fit and it was throwing me off. i FINALLY got a replacement and i had all 4 my guys.

0800 is colors. i ALWAYS do colors during a holiday because we have to fly the HUGE flag. the formation is- the American flag goes in front, then the MIA flag, i was in the rear. when the trumpet sounds the 5 minute mark, i ordered the detail to march forward, and we approached the flagpole and i set up the flags. the 2 others held the flags. when the Star Spangled banner began you quickly raise the flag and the other 2 HM’s saluted. i secured the flag and saluted. when the music ends i reformed the formation and we marched back to the hospital.

at the top of each hours i make rounds. i checked the ER and it was dead. finally 2-3 hours later i check the inpatient areas and only maternal infant unit was really busy. cool. around 1300 i decided to blow off some steam, so i took securities cart for a spin to do “external rounds”. that little fucker gets up to 30 mph. i zipped around the hospital grounds searching for “the bad guys”. i heard the theme music for “mission impossible” was racing in my head.

i report to 2 people and 2 people only. one, i RARELY see. i sit in my little office and let my guys do their thing. basically my job is to put out fires before they get big. i have to know EVERYTHING going on. it was dead until about 2-3 hours before shift change. then a fuck up grenade went off. the code blue pager test had 2 people not respond, and one on the code caesar pager test. don’t ask. i had a red cross message come in, but it wasn’t going to affect my shift. ok. then we did evening colors and i did that too. the flag CANNOT touch the ground and one of my guys in xray wanted to watch it go down. when it was over, i explained morning and evening colors to him.

then radiology got SLAMMED. i left the QD and went over to radiology to help out. then, after they got caught up, i went back to the QD for the last hour.OH…..did i mention i got called to the ER for excessive spiders on the ambulance bay ceiling. yeah. THAT’S the type of odd shit i was dealing with all day. i had my 2nd hand man make sure the log was in order.

by this point my office smelled like a fucking sewer because food had been sitting there all day, and one of the guys at the front desk kept shitting himself and it would filter back to my office. so basically, i spent the last hour running around keeping shit from getting out of hand.

FINALLY 12 hours had passed and my duty crew’s relief showed up. i DO NOT leave until all my guys are done. that’s kind of old school Navy shit. all my guys were finally gone and my boss told me i could go. i walked out the hospital around 1945.

so basically, i spent 0730-1500 yesterday doing my job, then 12 hours today standing chief of the day (COD) watch.

i stopped off for beer and my Christmas tradition of grabbing some chinese food and beer.

merry fucking Christmas. God bless the US Navy. oh, and i feel the need to explain that i ALWAYS stand watch on christmas day.

stay up.

Daddy at work.

Daddy at work.