ITLR- What’s In a Name?

Last night while at work it occurred to me that over the years I’ve had an interesting habit that I think would be benficial to share with you guys. Every woman I see on a frequent basis, be it work, the local, back in NO, etc. get a nick-name.

Now I know this sounds silly and innocuous, but I’m here to tell you this can have a VERY powerul effect on a bond with a woman. Let’s take the girls I work with: ALL of them have a nick name. And since they all know I blog I don’t think they’ll mind me sharing. Working in Radiography, we get assigned markers with our initials on them. The markers are used to determine the left or righr side of the anatomy. One of the girls I work with has the initials BNY. I call her bunny. Now, EVERYONE calls her bunny. And I don’t just refer to her as bunny, I have a little jingle that I say when I see her (in a hushed voice)

Buuuuuunnee. Bunny bon bo bonator….

She giggles everytime. You’ve already heard about So-So, there’s Judy booty, and C-ro. When I was on the ship in japan there was Cher-bear, DD (she made that on up), mahal (tagalog for sweetheart..girl’s philipino), barbie, and NeNe. The gf was named Nacy, but she was called schmoops, trick-nugget, ho-cake, and various plays on schmoops: schmoop-sicle, schmoopaloopalopagus, you get the picture.

Giving a woman a nickname plays into the flirty and playful banter with men that women eat up. The name must be feminine, playful, and most importly…unique to her. What most guys don’t get is that the nick name creaates a subtle yet powerful bond in which you stand out from all other men in her life. Don’t go pervy unless you haveit with a girl like that. Hell, there’s one girl I work with that I refer to as “cuntessa”, and she LOVES it. One of my female friends is named “cunty-mcgee”, even her bf doesn’t talk to her like that. My ER girls have nick names: Ra-Ree, grenas, and Jay-Jay.

The interesting thing about the girls I work with now, is that EVERYONE at work refers to these women by the nickname I gave them. That’s some pretty serious validation, you have to admit. But mostly…

It’s fun.

So your homework this weekend guys is to come up with some nicknames for the women you work with. Keep it light, keep it playful, and keep it NON-SEXUAL. Lol. You have to be a Jedi Master to pull off the sexual crap. Don’t go there….you’re probably not ready for that. But I can tell you, I get away with some of the perviest comments and behavior with the girls I know IRL: married, single, the one’s with bf’s….ALL of them. Most of the guys would NEVER try the shit I pull off. One girl was at the front desk with me, she got up and when she come back, I acted like I was sniffing her chair and dry heaving. Lol. She let out a loud, “DANNY!!!!!” and slapped me on the back. There’s only TWO girls I work with that I leave alone: one’s my boss, the other hates everyone in general. Lol. And she’ll admit to that.

Since this is an ITLR post, I know the nosy as fuck women-folk are reading and giggling. I have no doubt they’ll be chiming in on this. What I find even funnier is that in this bizarro world community, most of my female readers and blog-ho’s….gave me their REAL names. Lol. They’re the few women I DON’T refer to by a nick name.


Stay Up

Oh, on a side note- I’ll be meeting up with a girl I recently met for a drink when I get off work. And YES, she knows about the blog and told me she WILL be check to see if I spill any deets. So sorry, this will be some secret squirrrel  shit. I’m only mentioning it because ei know she checks the blog sometimes and she’ll read this and I can give her shit. I’ll get to your comments from today when I get….if I get home. Lol.

And keep THIS in mind….

8 Comments on “ITLR- What’s In a Name?”

  1. aneroidocean says:

    I totally agree. I’ve got multiple nicknames for both of the girls in my mini-harem right now and they totally eat it up. Pretty much, if you can keep a girl on her toes, she will eat it up. One of the girls it’s a two-word nickname where the first word changes for each nickname, she’s even taken to incorporating variations of the nickname into jokes. The other girl occasionally mimics the animal that I’ve nicknamed her for in a cutesy fashion.

    The best thing is that “I” gave her this nickname and then “I” make her laugh by calling her a furry and her squealing in protest (no pun intended, and no, that’s not the nickname).

    I’ve got another girl that either I or my good friend nicknamed right after we met her. EVERYONE calls her this nickname. Some people don’t even know her real name. When I bring up her name in conversation around people that don’t know her, they always want to know why we call her that.

    PEOPLE eat up nicknames in general, but girls absolutely LOVE being nicknamed. It makes them feel like a special girl.

    Fun fact, I’ve lost count of all the nicknames that my one friend has given me. It started with something fairly simple and has produced well into double-digit nicknames like a really entertaining game of telephone.

    Amateur Tip: If you can think of acronyms that only you and the girl know the meaning to, this also works very well (at least it did with me and acronyms for nicknames).

  2. Vicomte says:

    I do the exact opposite.

    I rarely use names. When I use a girl’s name, she feels all special-like.

    I won’t use cutesy nicks, but I will occasionally use a different variation of the girl’s ”usual’ nickname. If a girl is Brittany, and everyone calls her Britt, I might call her Britts. I like the ‘S’ variation because it unique and very rarely used by the rest of the people she knows.

  3. Athor Pel says:

    This is off topic but I think you’ll like this link.

  4. luckylothario says:

    Agree with the video Danny. You may not be blessed with good looks, a fully functioning brain or athletic ability but you’re an inspiration.

    Jokes aside, spot on with nicknames. I like the idea of expanding to be completely different to their name, I usually just go for some close but funny bastardisations. As long as it’s not what everyone else has called them for all their life, you’re golden.

  5. Wald says:

    I’ve noticed this and done it without thinking only to look back on it and see how effective it is.

    It’s also a good way to keep track of people (you forget their name). Now I will do it more with purpose!

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