More Patrice Genius

patrice broke down ant’s relationship with jill nicolini (NY news station weather girl and playboy model). NOW, most of you don’t get the backstory. anthony spent 20 years in blue pill zombie-dom. now….he’s a millionaire radio God, but after his divorce, he ended up in another relationship (with a girl i sort of knew) for 8 years. then he ended up dating a series of what patrice called “refrigerator repairman daughters and suicide girls” and told him he needed to upgrade. anthony didn’t think he could date jill, and patrice INSISTED that he could. ant broke up with her after she caught him cheating. he cheated because he saw himself slipping into more beta silliness. he was letting her plan his entire life.




so girls, the first 14 minutes is a locker room mash-up of a bunch of alphas acting like we do when no women are around. we’re BRUTAL.

guys, start listening at 14:30 seconds and stay on for as long as you want. patrice is fucking GOLD. remember, i found patrice around 1999 and i always paid attention when he gave relationship advice. patrice TELLS ant that he needs to work on his confidence and can do better. trust me, this shit is perfect.

remember, anthony was a blue collar, tin knocker nothing until her got into radio. listen to ant’s story and learn from his mistakes.

4 Comments on “More Patrice Genius”

  1. You got me hooked on Patrice a few months ago Danny. 3 whole hours – this should be good. P.s. I used your ‘You’re going to get pregnant’ line recently – you might like the setting, it is described in my latest post.

  2. Athor Pel says:

    Ms. Jill Nicolini should spend some time in jail.
    Stealing thousands of dollars worth of stuff out of his apartment and burning clothes in his backyard are not things that responsible adults do.

    Ain’t no tail worth that kind of crap.

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