look. i KNOW my wimminz. i KNOW them.

sent a text to a “friend” back in NO to let her know i’ll be home feb and am looking forward to meeting up. then told her to kiss her daughter for me (single mom game tactic, her daughter LOVES me).

i got a response-


oh boy, i KNEW something was amiss. i simply repeated my text in a more genteel manner. about 2 hours later, she called me. she NEVER calls me. hmmmmmmmmmmm.

come to find out, baby daddy saw the text and HE sent the “?” text hoping i would get nasty. i am a NINJA when it comes to my dirt. during our talk, i told her; first and foremost, my concern was NOT bringing excess drama to her life. i like this girl, known her since high school….even dated her briefly. we NEVER talk outside of vagary.

“Danny, if you get a text from me about ‘your throbbing cock’, that’s not me.”

i laughed. i know this girl too well. i told her, “baby, if i ever got a text like that from you i’d think you were either drunk or the ex hijacked your phone. she laughed and  told me she just wanted to make sure i understood. then i brought up the obvious.

“baby, he ain’t gonna do SHIT to me. he’s a pussy and i’ll eat his food. what i DON’T WANT is him giving you a hard time. so i’ll back off. just be aware, i’ll be home in feb, and i wanna see you. we’ll have “lunch”. she giggled and said she was looking forward to it. she actually told me her daughter responds better to me than to her dad. :/?

and just to make it clear: dad is about 6″ and has about 90 lbs on me. but trust me, he.will.not.confront.me. which is ok. but what i don’t want is to bring drama to her life. which is why she and i are so secretive.

15 Comments on “Drama….”

  1. Vicomte says:

    I once received a text from my best friend asking me if I would fuck his ex-girlfriend for him.

    Followed by numerous iterations of ‘Why not?’

    When he got his phone back, we both agreed it was pretty funny but also kind of fucked.

    Also of note was the time a girl I know told me not to text her late at night.

    After asking him what his name was, her boyfriend then called me and the next morning the counter on my phone revealed we had a SEVEN MINUTE CONVERSATION.

    To this day, I have absolutely no idea what we talked about. Judging by how drunk I was, it was probably pretty funny, as well.


  2. Rojo says:

    I just happen to be on the ending side of a little skid with a single mom. She’s looking for a partner, and when I got into it, I knew that I wasn’t going to be committing to her. She said “you are perfectly happy being alone, but I want someone to support me and give me attention.” yeah, bailing the fuck outta that one.

    My exes that have kids always try to play the kid card when trying to get me to go back. I think it’s terrible. The first relationship I had with a mom and her kid, the only reason I was fucked up over the breakup was because of the kid. She texted me a while later asking “would you still be interested in me?” I said “are you asking if I am still down to hit it?” Of course that didn’t go over well because she wanted a provider. None the less, I am at a loss when it comes to dealing with moms and kids.

    I’m good with children, but I am so apprehensive about feelers that I come across as an unfeeling asshole, which is fine. I just want to be able to game them better and not be so blatant about my anti breeding stentiments.

  3. K-Stan says:

    I just had an issue like this recently. I took a girl out who was my waitress one time. What she didn’t tell me was she was separated (I don’t see it being a big deal, but others do) and that she and the husband now ex were still talking at the time. We went to a local bar, had a few drinks and was having a great time. When we got into the car she had somewhere around 10 missed calls. She just did the typical “ugh this guy…blah blah blah BS” While we driving home (DD everyone has to have one….lol) he called again and she answered apologizing saying she would be home soon and not to worry…this threw a red flag up instantly. She dropped me off (right before I deployed so my car was back home) and I went on my way because she was in a rush to get home…she did what needed to be done though. Next day I text her and asked if everything was ok with the “guy.” No text back but a call, it was the guy…who I found out then was back living in the home while they finalized the divorce papers and wanted to make it clear he was still married to her and was going to find me…needless to say I wasn’t worried because I left for Afghanistan 2 days later. Unfortunately he had my cell and would send me a friendly reminder not to come around his girl. I finally responded just saying don’t worry, youll have nine months before I will come around her and by then im sure you would have signed your divorce papers. Never heard from him again.

    • driversuz says:

      Oh Sweetie, tapping that is playing with fire. When she no longer has the ex around, she’ll still be playing one man against another, and she won’t care what either of their names are. She’s ONS material, on the road no less. Don’t bring that home with you.

  4. Newly Aloof says:

    Could be wrong, but I’d say that gal is more trouble than necessary. If the dude is her baby daddy and she has no other strings attached than that, she should not be putting herself in a situation where her phone is freely available to this dude to roam through. Also, speaking as a dad to a daughter, that dude’s mind probably raced to crazy-level when the thought of another man getting daddy-friendly with his daughter flashed in front of his spying eyes. Still, you did nothing wrong so that dude needs to accept the consequences of divorce, and she needs to lock her phone.

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      they were never married. he got her pregnant, and she dropped him for being an asshole.

      • Newly Aloof says:

        Girls love assholes – stay up!

      • dannyfrom504 says:

        assholes are good at getting girls, but bad at keeping him. she very much regrets having his kid cuz now she HAS to deal with his ass for the next 15 years. and trust me, i called her on it.

        assholes GET a girl, alphas KEEP one, she makes every excuse on the planet to explain her spending time with me. i just sit back and let her do what she thinks is best for her.

        even mom and dad cover for us. lol.

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