Meet the new Angie Varona

i posted about Angie some time ago. post got some pretty decent traffic. but, much like manosphere sites where one drops off and another pops up; so reigns true of the hyper-sexualized attention starved girl on teh intarwebz. her name is paris roxanne  and she’s based out of orange county. don’t worry, the pics are SFW and she’s 22.

again, this is why i can’t have kids. they’ll all be THIS girl. thank you feminists, girls like this are suckers for game and bedding them down is usually fairly easy. like i’ve always said, all i need is a woman with low self esteem, daddy issues, and chemical dependence. i wonder how long she’ll be on the carousel? oh, if you have any intarwebz savvy, find her tumblr for “better” pics.

stay up.

also, Stingray dropped a great post that let’s us men into the “shower room” as women discuss relationships. she really is a good egg.

17 Comments on “Meet the new Angie Varona”

  1. Vicomte says:

    Don’t you see I used to be the new kid?

    I am sorry to say

    You’ll get carried away

    You will be replaced

    You will be replaced

    I’ll tell you again

    Don’t get too settled in…

  2. M3 says:

    “this is why i can’t have kids”


    i’d hate to be called a poor father because i’d be an asshole if i punished her by controlling her sexuality to try and get her to value it for more than just the stares from the boys.. and to also be called a poor father for disowning her if she went ahead and pulled this kind of attention whoring anyways against my expressed wishes.

    because if i let her feel it was ok to reduce her self worth to being eye candy and becoming dependent on external validation of worth based only on her looks… then i’d really be a poor father.

    thankfully, only in the realm of the hypothetical. whew!

    • deti says:

      I have a daughter. If I’m an asshole or a poor father for controlling her sexuality, I can live with that. I wouldn’t disown my daughter for being a slut, but I would make her walk out the consequences.

    • themrs says:


      Female reader of you and Danny. Certainly not trying to push the whole fatherhood issue, but have to say that you guys sell yourselves short at times I think.

      Smartest thing my Dad ever did was keep me tucked under his arm. He coached my sports teams, passed on work ethic by teaching me his trade , and talked to me about everything. I knew even then that he spent his off time investing in his kids. Teaching me to work grew me an appreciation for the hard work the average man goes through daily (I was capable of hanging with the men in construction when I was a young adult. My boss was a taskmaster, think 6’5″, 300 lb stressed-out screamer, but he liked my work ethic and product). Talking to me gave my Dad the heads up where my brain was.

      Payoff for all his hard work: Married off an able 24 year old girl to the right guy for her. My N=1. Nearly a decade and a few grandbabies later, he stops by for visits and enjoys our peaceful

      One thing is for sure about girls like those on the link: they didn’t have dads that gave a flying leap about them. I didn’t need that kind of attention, so I didn’t seek it. You guys would do just fine raising daughters because you understand what women need and would fall into fatherhood seamlessly. My mom is still very feminist, but I saw through that stuff early on because of the way my Dad behaved. I wanted to make him happy and proud of me because I was proud of him.

      Dad didn’t do everything right, his marriage is a mess and and he doesn’t get along with my brothers, but he had raising a daughter figured out.

      • dannyfrom504 says:

        well, i did raise my sister. my dad wanted nothing to do with her. so she tagged along everywhere i went. so i can most certainly understand a woman needing male validation.

        and i tell you what, she listened to me like God himself was speaking to her. i’m sure it makes sense to women that had a strong bond to their fathers.

        my baby sis, the day she got home from the hospital she was mine. i fed, changed, played, and looked over her. to say we were close is an understatement. and again….my step-father wasn’t good at parenting.

  3. K-Stan says:

    I don’t want a girl when I have kids…I wouldn’t having a Paris Roxanne though…not as my child of course

  4. Stingray says:

    Thanks for the linkage, Danny. I really appreciate it.

  5. ASF says:

    This girl is stupid hot. deti good to know you have a daughter too. For various reasons mine will not be as influenced by this stuff as the girls here…and so far she has had a relatively normal childhood for a little girl (i.e. no obsessing over boy bands etc.)

    • I’m sure she won’t be like that.


      Why link to a girl who you feel is an attention whore? Isn’t that counter productive?

      • Stingray says:

        I’m sure she won’t be like that.

        You don’t have children so this might not be readily apparent to you, but you are referring to someones small daughter growing into a slut. Please try to be mindful of how awful that sounds.

        Why link to a girl who you feel is an attention whore? Isn’t that counter productive?

        No, it’s not counter productive. Danny loves women. He doesn’t want to really see women grow into what this girl has become or is becoming. Yes, men look at her and she likes the attention. But beyond using her for her looks, what does she have? Her looks will fade as will the attention. What will she be left with then? If other girls come here and see what she is doing to herself and how men really feel about girls who present themselves this way, maybe, just maybe, they won’t do it. It is a very productive exercise.

        • As long as men reward good looks to women, and preach that women should look feminine and sexy… they will respond. They will use it…but it might sometimes piss you off as well as turn you on. I don’t see this changing anytime soon.

          • dannyfrom504 says:

            It doesn’t piss us off. We’re visual. You Ash are quite attractive tbh.

            I was commenting on the hypersexualized female of today. The “look at me!!! Look at me!!! mentality of most of today’s women.

            I asked Stingray to reply to you because I thought a female voice would help you understand better.

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