Sometimes they knock themselves off the pedestal

i have an interesting tale. i’ve been living out here for almost 3 years. there’s a girl, back then a senior in high school. this girl is a solid 10. back when my boy was living here we stopped off at the taco place she worked at. she was eye-fucking my boy and we were giggling silly as i made fun of her, “uuuuuum, yeah will, you can put it there. OOOOH, hit it harder will.” dude, we were visibly shaking in laughter. and she was watching and loving EVERY second of it.  soon she was off to college at UofF in gainesville. well, i used to go to this place ALL.THE.TIME. i was friends with the manager and she would comp  me occasionally. cool girl. well, once i walked up behind her and  tickled her waist. she reported me to said manager. i never spoke to or interacted with her again.

that was well over a year ago. i went to game stop and walked past said taco place. well well well. she’s working there again.

i stopped in and her attitude was a complete 180. she smiled and bid me hello. i asked her about school and she told me she failed out. long story short, the public school system sent her to the feminized “girl good/boy bad” system and when she scurried off to college she had a latina math prof flunk her for “not knowing she could withdraw” instead of failing. now i kow she gets ZERO sympathy from you readers. so. in summation.

  • she’s back to living with mom and dad
  • she’s back at the shitty taco job
  • she saving money so she can “TRY” to attend CC.

ok. now, she’s still drop dead beautiful so no doubt her SMP value is high. so, i ask you readers: how to you game this young woman? i’ll give you a hint, patrice gives you the answer in the video i posted earlier. i’ll field comments and give my answer tomorrow.

stay up.

20 Comments on “Sometimes they knock themselves off the pedestal”

  1. Vicomte says:

    First, you go to her workplace every day, and make comments about how she ‘Has the best taco in Texas’, then, sneak up behind her and tickle her waist. Make sure you befriend the manager so you don’t get arrested.

    Finally, get diabetes and have a barbecue. Don’t invite Colin Quinn.

  2. Wald says:

    I believe this calls for a hatefuck.

    Do her in the pooper.

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      that’s assuming you can get her nakie. i’m asking how you get her from A to “OOOOOOOOH!!!!!”

      • Wald says:

        What Vicomte said.

        Befriend the Manager. He probably has his eyes on her himself, so any reports she makes against you will count. If you’re his buddy, they count less if not at all (depending on how far he takes the brocode).

        As for her, I’d do the same things you were doing. Certainly don’t treat her like the 10 she used to be, but you already know that.

        Do follow up with the aftermath, good sir.

  3. K-Stan says:

    Ummm with this one…wait til she walks to her car…the BAM!!! Hit her in the head with a rape rock…though itll probably be an owww instead of an ohhhh

  4. K-Stan says:

    In all seriousness though…I have no clue cause I cant load the video!!!!

  5. LifeUniverse42 says:

    Tease her with some neg. Try to keep her a little bit farther. Go to that place with some different female “friend”. Essentially intrigue her enough and don’t chase her; make her wonder why your not trying to hit on her while still making fun of her.

  6. Jim says:

    Walk in with bling. Lot of jewels, a pimp suit, and when you pay for your taco, pull out a huge wad of cash and teach her how to add when you’re flipping out c-notes. Put a gold cap over one of your incisors so when you smile at her, the whole room lights up with the ray of hope for her every desire to be something besides the predicament of being the SUCKER she finds herself as.

  7. Athor Pel says:

    Here’s one of the first conversations.

    You: I hope you learned something from that class you failed.

    Her: You mean, like, actually try to study and do the homework?

    You: No, silly, if the class is difficult be sure to get a teacher that you can charm a better grade out of.

    At this point I have several personal stories to share to illustrate the point.

    Like the Korean lady I got for calculus. I speak some Korean and she’s a she and can therefore be gamed. And I sat in the front row. Winner winner chicken dinner.

  8. Andrew says:

    I go to grad school at UofF… and i have to say that story is way too common. UF constantly ranked in top 5 for hottest co-ed by playboy… but not for nothing, but the public school system in florida is absolutely terrible, and so some undergrads that cruised through high school and got in with some ridiculous high school GPA arent prepared for it (i know of one PS system that had their AP english classes watching Romeo and Juliet instead of reading the book)… ergo half the undergrad co-eds here: it almost doesnt seem worth gaming…. no challenge, under educated, etc. I can’t tell you how many times i have said something to a cute co-ed only to get a blank “I dont get it” stare. the

  9. dannyfrom504 says:

    the proper way to deal with this girl, is-

    DO NOT mention her looks. call her cute at best.

    REMIND HER that she’s 19 and has failed thus far at life. ask her what she has to offer you.

    patrice oneal told ant that the best way to deal with jill was to remind her she’s a weather girl. her job is to point and smile. most men make the mistake of kissing a girls ass because of her looks and they get fixated on trying to get the pussy. but….to get the pussy takes strategy.

    you can’t charge head long into the fray, you need to find her weakness. this girls weakness is total failure at what she assumed was going to be given to her. i’m not saying be a dick and rub her nose in it.

    just empathize that you’d feel awful if you went off to college and failed out, and had to move back in with mom and dad.

    it’s that easy.

  10. SlartiBartFast says:

    I wouldn’t game her. If she was willing to complain to the manager because you tickled her, there’s a good chance she’s a future false rape claim

  11. Athor Pel says:

    When I was going to college I worked with a girl that was the product of the California public education system. Very pretty girl.

    Just about every conversation with her beyond a few sentences ended up with me explaining the meaning of a word that was new to her or explaining some allusion I was making.

    I’m not talking about 5 syllable words that haven’t sailed very far from their latin roots, I’m talking about words you hear on television on a fairly regular basis or read in a newspaper. Newspapers are written at an eighth grade reading level.

    Her not getting some references I can understand. Not everybody pays attention to the kind of trivia I pick up. But the poor vocabulary just got under my skin.

    One particular day I walked up to her and said with a smirk that she was being very diligent that day. She didn’t know what I meant. Diligent, and she had never heard the word before.

    I was stunned. W T F. For close to a full minute I was speechless.

    But I just couldn’t let it go. The nerd in me broke free and proceeded to mock her mercilessly for her failure to learn and the failure of the schools to teach a basic word that should be in every native English speaker’s vocabulary.

  12. whorefinder says:


    [edit-yeah dude, NO. sorry, i’m not letting this one through.

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