The Science of Sex

ran across another interesting documentary and thought i’d post it. i want the young cats in particular to pay attention. especially the “orgasm gap” portion. and yes…..i HAVE faked an orgasm. it’s not that hard. i actually…..dear God i’m gonna get drilled. i had her in doggy, and i went into theatrics and…..well, built up a good amount of saliva in my mouth and quietly spit on her lower back and rested my mule on her ass. then i wiped it into her (cover your tracks dammit).

sad, i know. but i’m old….sometimes, i’m just not going to get there and i simply want to please her. but HOLY FUCK if a man doesn’t cum a woman loses her shit. she thinks she’s defective, the pussy must be broke.

ladies…..i’m here to tell you: NO. you are just fine. just like you, sometimes we just aren’t going to get there. the worst thing you can do is pressure him about it. just cuddle, rest your head on his chest and reassure him how he rocked your world. now…..let’s get our learn on.

personally, i’m a HUGE fan of doggy. it’s complete submission on her end and i like placing my hand on the back of her neck and pinning her down (never had a complaint btw). now, you need to realize, i’ve dated some VERY alpha-ish women. but they all end up subs in the bedroom. once we enter the sex zone, they surrender. oh sure, occasionally she takes control, but that’s usually her acting out a fantasy. i’m down.

but in the grand scheme of things, i’m all about throwing her over my shoulder, slapping her ass, and taking her from behind on the sofa. ladies- what’s you preference? do you dare chime in? lol.

35 Comments on “The Science of Sex”

  1. MissMarie says:

    I’ll be brave and bite… My preference is actually missionary, usually with one leg up. Still feel submissive, but I like the closeness. Doggy style is weird for me, it’s hard for me not to see my partner, it takes a high trust level for me to be comfortable. BUT, it gives me raging vaginal orgasms. I like being on top because that’s the easiest configuration for an orgasm for me but I’d still rather be on the bottom, honestly. Helpful?

  2. M3 says:

    yes i know i’m not a lady, but i will chime in nonetheless πŸ˜›

    1. i hate doggy style. guess that’s my broken blue pill brain, but i’ve always been an eye to eye contact guy in some form. i actually went limp in doggy once. it’s just so detached.. now spooning on the other hand.. is just awesome.

    2. on faking o’s. i did it on a few occasions. i was outlasting the woman and like danny said.. you can sense they’ll lose their shit if you don’t (more in a sec) so i just went through the speed up motions/grunt/groan/collapse thing. ones of the joys of aging. learning stamina and control to outlast.

    3. there were a few times with the ex where i genuinely was spent from the night before or my head just wasnt into it, and virtually nothing on gods green earth could get me to go off, so like danny, i just do my civic duty and please her just because i like to please. when the time came for me to pop and it wasn’t forthcoming she would be distraught that OMG it’s her isn’t it. shes ugly, shes not good, shes X, shes Y, etc… and no amount of reassurance could fix it. tho at some point i stopped faking with her, sat her down and explicitly told her there would be days where it would just be ‘all about her’ and to abuse those days to the fullest. i never faked another one from that point on.

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      blue pill mind set keeps you from being honest.

      i just flat out tell a woman, “look, i’m old….sometimes i just ain’t gonna cum. your pussy is PERFECT, it’s great (but let’s be honest ALL pussy is EXACTLY the same). when you know you aren’t gonna pop, go down on her and make her squirt…i have a page dedicated to how to do that. lol.

  3. redpillwifey says:

    Yeah, doggy or some variation of it is my favorite. Better access for spankings, lol. Can’t quite get there from that position though, but it’s still really nice.

  4. Stingray says:

    You know, it depends. Sometimes missionary is best, when you want to just seriously make out and scratch his back. Other times, doggy for all the reasons stated above. Seriously blushing now, so that’s all I got. πŸ˜‰

  5. Doc says:

    Heck, for me it all depends on my mood and the situation – up against the wall, over a chair arm, sitting in a chair, doggy, or having her ankles over my shoulder – of them all I tend to like the ankles over the shoulder since it “tightens” her up and bending her double after you’re in and shortens the distance to allow for greater depth – I’ve found that position and doggy tend to be the most popular among the ladies.

    Also the over the shoulder makes choking her easier when she’s getting close to intensify things for her.

    As to faking it – yeah did that fairly recently, I was seeing another girl later that night and had spent the day with the first girl and did her in the morning. So the choice was to spread the seed around or plant it all in one place so I opted for spreading it around. Yeah – it was predictable but she didn’t seem to notice since he had already cum several times.

  6. Phedre says:

    Yeah, doggy is awesome for the above-stated reasons, and I especially love the anticipatory moments beforehand, when you’re in position…
    That’s for the days when you just want to be fucked. Otherwise, spooning and missionary.

  7. Phedre says:

    That’s right, the combination of comfort/relaxation and submission when you do it in that position is insanely arousing. You can just melt into the sensations in a way you can’t in any other position, imo.

  8. lifeuniverse42 says:

    Guy here but a position I like to take my girls and they seem to love it: They lay flat on their belly, maybe a pillow under the hip, and you take them from behind while laying on top of them. The guy leg on the outside. For more effect hold her hands above the head. Tight, very submissive pose and the contact between each person is awesome.

  9. sosweet2362 says:

    Oh my, is there a position I don’t like? I really can’t think of any. I like them all AND switching it up. I agree with Doc’s assessment – “up against the wall, over a chair arm, sitting in a chair, doggy, or ankles over the shoulders.” He left off over the dining room table however, and that is a personal favorite so i guess I’ll go with doggy – in all it’s variations and configurations. Danny, you and MissMarie have got the right idea about mornings – there is no better way to wake up!

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