Ok, this one has been sitting in the drafts for a minute. But it came up again watching a Patrice O’neal special and having it brought up with a female friend. I asked her if her and her dude “went raw” and she admitted they did (she’s on birth control). I already know that that’s something pretty special for a woman. It’s not something she let’s many guys do. My last 3 girlfriends went to the “I hate condoms” route pretty quick. After the tests and assurance of BC, we went at it. Honestly, I HATE condoms, when I ONS or have sex outside commitment, I bag up. PERIOD.

I finally asked about what she liked about me firing a round off inside her and the best explanation I got was, “it’s just so warm.”


Apparently intimacy can be replaced by putting on a snuggie and having a cup of hot tea. Thanks baby-cakes, I REALLY feel special now. Look, I get the biology: semen contains high levels of testosterone which is absorbed by the woman and releases a pleasurable, calming sensation. I get it. And I realize it’s a very powerful bonding sensation for a couple. It’s intimacy at its highest level. But I’m not a woman. There’s just something about it that feels good, but there isn’t the same connection to it that I know women have. Whether I blast inside her or make a mess on her stomach/back is irrelevant to me.

I realize you ladies may be blushing but I’m serious about this. I’m assuming the women to chime in will most likely be the married ladies as they have a deep connection to their partners. But I’ve ALWAYS wondered about it from a female perspective. I do notice a gf get’s very relaxed and seem to hae this “aaaaaah” wash over them for the next few hours. “what, you’re going out for a bit to have a few beers with john…”

So ladies, care to share? WHAT exactly about this is so special to you? Don’t be shy.      

21 Comments on “INCOMING!!!!!!”

  1. Vicomte says:

    Smooth, Danny.

    You set this shit up two days in advance.

  2. sosweet2362 says:

    Aww Danny, you like hearing from us girls don’t you? You’re right about that “Ahhhh” feeling; and it lasts a long time. But there’s more to it. It’s like receiving a go

  3. sosweet2362 says:

    Oops, hit submit by accident too soon 🙂
    It’s like getting a good spanking that you’re going to feel for a few days after. It’s a tangible reminder that you have a connection with a man. And because of the health risks involved, it is a connection based on mutual trust.

    Btw, there is something about that feeling afterward or the pheromones that attracts you men. I’ve never been hit on so many times in a shift at the hospital as when I have a lovely last minute send off before work. Any other ladies experience this?

    • Athol Kay says:

      That be the aroma of pussy juice in a giant cloud around you. Men like.

    • MissMarie says:

      I almost forgot, it’s been a long time since I’ve done the deed, but I work with a LARGE pool of men every day and they definitely could tell when I had sex the night before/morning of. There must be a look to it as well as smell because they don’t get closer than three feet from me. Always a lot more compliments/flirting on those days.

      • andrewmichaelmedina says:

        When Athol says cloud, he means it.

        Trust me, any guy that is good with women can pick that stuff up from like 10 feet away. I really can’t describe the smell but it is a smell (pheromones maybe?).

  4. MissMarie says:

    Hmmm, I can’t really relate to this one. Only happened a couple times because the pill didn’t agree with me at all…

  5. deti says:

    Every woman I’ve ever been with told me she wanted me to cum inside her.

    “It gets all in the crevices and it feels great!”
    “I like that warm feeling when it goes in.”
    “It feels so hot when it comes out.”

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      hmmmm….i’ve only been told about the “warm” feeling. the 3 gf’s in question seemed embarrassed to discuss it. the single mom i was popping DID NOT want more kids and had her tubes tied. she TOLD me to blast inside her. she actually gave me shit once for pulling out.

      i saved up, took a shitload of tribulus over 3-4 days, ate tons of bananas and pineapple and peter north’d her. lol. her response-

      “dammit Danny….what a waste.” lol.

      • MissMarie says:

        Peter North?

        • dannyfrom504 says:

          google peter north money shot. lol.


          he’s a porn star known for his MASSIVE ejaculations. he’s gone into detail as to how he does it. and me doing what i do for a living, i have men frequently asking me how they can increase their sperm count. i simply parry PN’s advice as to what he does.

          On Thu, Dec 6, 2012 at 12:35 PM, dannyfrom504

      • deti says:

        She told you to come, but you were already there.

  6. kleyau says:

    It used to be if you’re not sleeping with a girl, she’s not yours. Now, it’s if you don’t cum inside her, she’s not yours, you’re just a placeholder.

  7. Rojo says:

    Interesting…bananas and pineapple, huh? Sounds like they could work in some kind of smoothie.

  8. ASF says:

    danny we need your massive man gunk recipe. It will definitely be a top post.

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