Repost: What I love about Women

……pretty much everything. lol. it’s been no secret here that i’ve ALWAYS been crazy about the opposite sex. i thought about some of the things about you ladies that make my man-hamster (i wonder if that exists) go crazy. so, here’s my list of the things about you women that drive me crazy (in a good way. lol):

  • wearing my saints/LSU stuff- MAJOR points here. girl +15 if she get’s “girly” saints gear. but her in undies and wearing one of my long sleeved saints t’s while reading her book. WINSAUCE!!!
  • baby T and boy shorts-  that’s it. i’m DONE. i see her in these and i’m literally reduced to a blubbering idiot with the annunciation skills of a stroke victim.
  • “pleeeeeeease” followed by the “eyes”-  AAAAAAAWWWWWW GAWDAMMIT!!!!!!! and you ladies KNOW the “eyes” i’m talking about. DIRTY POOL. VERY dirty pool. you deploy this and i’m filing it under: “i’ll bring this one up when i wanna ******** and she gives me shit about it.” lol.
  • cooks for me-   never experienced this one before so it’s more a “wish list” addition.
  • victoria’s secretions-  i LOVE going to Vicky’s with the gf. “huh, oh…YEAH….of course we can go, why….why…..why are we still here? LET’S GO.” is typically my reply to being asked if i mind if we “stop in.” and i KNOW you ladies love bringing us in there as much as we love going there.
  • BEWBIES- does this REALLY need an explanation? i’ve been asked if i were an ass or breast man and i have to say…..BOTH, are you kidding me. the last gf had GREAT breasts, but no ass….and guess what: i DIDN’T CARE. i’ve dated women with a GREAT ass but small breasts and you know what: her breast size DID NOT register. i think women by and large regard their breasts the way guys regard their penis size and can be VERY self-conscious of they’re having small breasts. if you fall into this camp, please listen to me carefully. DON’T!!!! your A/B cups are PERFECT. seriously. i adore the whole package, not just a couple of specific parts.
  • when she mentions “cookies” in the company of others- you know what i’m talking about here. lol. when she does this we’ll have a little conversation about what type of cookies i/she want and she’ll let me know where the “cookies” will most likely be eaten. aaaaaaaaah. INTIMACY FTW.
  • wake up sex move- ok. this needs some explanation. we’re all adults and well aware of a man’s “condition” in the morning. when i wake up she’s usually on her side of the bed not facing me. i’ll usually move toward her and…..well, you know. well women have this little “move” where they arch their ass upward to make it easier for me to… know. lol. I LOVE THAT ARCH!!!!!! it’s sooooooo damn sexy. and i’ve NEVER had a gf that didn’t do the “move” or mention it to a female friend that didn’t smirk when i bring it up. GOD BLESS you ladies. seriously. i can tell most of you ladies are smiling as you read this. lol.
  • sexy emails or texts- oooooooh. this is another one that is just mean. don’t get me wrong…i love it, but i have an INSANELY high libido. for a woman to do this is just…..torture. a sexy text can honestly derail my thought process for 10-15 minutes.
  • “touchies”- touchies are how a women lightly brushes her hand across any part of your body while doing any menial daily task (usually watching tv). her hand is BARELY touching you and she does it. this will honestly put me to sleep if done on my back or head. SERIOUSLY. if you’re a woman, DO THIS. lol.
  • long hair- i’ve posted about how most guys don’t pay enough attention to a woman’s hair. BIG MISTAKE. you work great magic by simply brushing/playing with her hair or massaging her scalp. trust me on this one.
  • overt girliness- slays me. EVERYTIME. i love feminine women, so ladies… girl. we like that. lol. i was sitting at my mom’s with the gf and my step-father walked in from the back yard (he’s VERY much a handy man) and was carrying some duct tape and a hammer. the gf saw him walk in sat up straight smiled and said, “duct tape and a hammer, i’ll be be good i promise” and started batting her eyes. i couldn’t help but to laugh at her. she was VERY submissive. i will also point out that she works in one of the “power” careers where she has to order people around. i’ve ALWAYS said lawyers, professors, bartenders, stripper, etc are the EASIEST to run game on. these women order dudes around ALL DAY, so in most of the personal lives, they DO NOT WANT TO BE IN CHARGE.

thank you ladies for embracing your feminimity.

33 Comments on “Repost: What I love about Women”

  1. Spacetraveller says:

    We love you back, Your Maj!

    Honestly, I can’t say this enough.
    Most women don’t like pain (at least the mentally healthy ones).
    As a group, we are (unlike men) very risk-averse.
    Any hint of ‘woman-hate’ and we are out of there.
    In this, I am ‘most women’.

    So it is rather nice to encounter a man like you, Danny, where it is clear that you like women in general. (If you don’t like specific women, eg. feminists, that is cool. We get that. We don’t like them either. But the fact that you like women in general is what is attractive).

    I feel it, and I am sure your other female readers do too.

    (I think it somehow adds to your masculinity too, which is nice for ‘The One’ to sense).

    The eyes? The eyes?
    What on Earth are you talking about…?

  2. Wald says:

    Good list. But…you’ve never had a girl cook for you?

  3. MissMarie says:

    Love doing the butt thing, so easy a thing that gets such a good response. And the eyes are to be used judiciously, the eyes are my specialty 😉 We love you too, Danny!

  4. Phedre says:

    Danny, this is kind of random but that light touching that puts you to sleep, does it give you tingles down the back of your head by any chance?

    Also, you’ve never had a woman cook for you?? Why don’t you train your girlfriends up?

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      Yeah I get tingles. Had a gf put me out in 5 minutes doing that while watching TV.

      Nope never have. And they didn’t want to learn.

      • Phedre says:

        It’s called ASMR. Have you ever heard of it? I just discovered recently that it has a name, and have been hooked on watching dedicated youtube videos 😛

        Are you not into training women to do your bidding for some reason? Not trying to be snarky or anything, I’m just curious.

      • Phedre says:

        Look it up. People gets tingles from all kinds of stuff. There are videos geared toward various ‘triggers’ so not all will apply. It took me a while to find a niche I was into, and you might not care to anyway, but it is kind of cool to know that’s out there.

        Did you see Xsplat’s post on training women a few days ago?

  5. Athor Pel says:

    I must be blessed because I’ve had several girls cook for me. Granted, the only one I liked were the cookies and I married her. Not that I ever got the cookies again nor that the marriage lasted all that long, but still; cookies, that I liked.

    You know it’s probably because you cook so well that any girl that gets with you is intimidated. Considering the deplorable level of domestic skills among young women today it really isn’t all that surprising. My opinion, any girl that really grabs your heart is gonna have to out cook you and she’s gonna have to know she can out cook you.

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      They use that as an excuse to not cool for me. Lyssi could cook, she just never did.

      But I will say every woman I’ve cooked for was very appreciative of it.

      • MissMarie says:

        My new love interest has made it clear he wants me to make coffee and eggs in the morning when it gets to that stage… I assume successful completion of this task will score me mad points 😀

      • Phedre says:

        I didn’t know how to cook when my fiance and I met, and he was a great cook. But men love to be cooked for and it’s one of the biggest ways a woman can show love and dedication. At some point in the relationship her reluctance to learn for you can only be interpreted as lack of appreciation for you and your sacrifices.

        There are various ways one can go about helping a woman start to learn, but if she really loves you she will be open to it.

        And btw, for all my early reluctance to learn ‘because he was so good’, my cooking has now long been far better than his. Excuses are just excuses.

        • dannyfrom504 says:

          Well, I knew the relationships weren’t going anywhere. I taught the gf in Japan to make pasta sauce, she cooked it for family when she went home on leave.

          But I knew I was going to break up with her when I transferred. Lyssi was a lost cause. I knew that was going no where.

          Sent from my iPhone

      • Phedre says:

        Yeah, the effort wouldn’t be worth it if you knew you didn’t want her around long. Although what’s long? Is it worth it if you might be with a girl a couple years but no more? It would improve your quality of life in the meanwhile and leave her with good man-pleasing skills for future relationships. Not a bad trade, if you are willing to put in the effort.

      • dannyfrom504 says:


        it wasn’t worth the investment for me. lol.

  6. rgoltn says:

    All great things!

    I, like you, love bewbies and butts. I particularly enjoy “copping a feel” on my wife whenever I can. Nothing better than in the morning when I am about to leave and she is getting ready in her t-shirt and pajama pants; I come up, put one hand up under her hair and on her neck and bring her in close while my other hand moves under and up the shirt and I grab her breasts. I give her a nice kiss, get in a few good squeezes and tell her “nice tits.” I have it perfected after years of practice. I ALWAYS get a smile and a “thanks!…glad you like them” back from her before she tells me she loves me.

    Depending on the pants, I put the same move on her but with my hand around back and in her pajamas with, of course, saying “nice ass.” Same comment back too. It is funny that after years of doing this, she expects it from me. If I am running late and do not think about it or if our daughter is too close, she will come up to me or call me into the bathroom. She wants it… and I am happy to oblige!

    Keep the great posts coming.

  7. pvw says:

    I cracked up at the cookies reference; I cook a lot for the husband. I’ve always cooked, going back to when we were dating. I bake cookies all the time; real cookies, fresh from my oven, for him to take with him when he goes to work, for him to think about me while he is at work, eating the food I prepare for him with lots of pride and affection. Nowadays I’m into making bar cookies, especially using some Christmas themes….

  8. Templar says:

    I only dated one woman who could cook better than I can. So I married her! (not the only reason, of course). My teenage daughter is learning to cook, though she is fighting it. She will thank me when she get a few years under her belt.

  9. Gabrielle Anwar used to make me wish as a teen that I’d never sprouted boobs. Alas for me I am blessed with bewbs. Still a great movie!

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      blessed is VERY apropos.

      even as i kid, i had no idea what i wanted to do with them, i just knew that i WANTED them. and not in the “i wish a i had a pair ‘o tits on my chest” sense. do you have ANY idea of the amount of jedi-zen concentration it takes to not stare at a woman’s chest? DO YOU??!! lol.

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