Girls are too funny

I went down to the ER talk to one of my buddies, an FMF kid. As we talked one of the new girls (cute girl btw) kept trying to work her way into our conversation. Aaaaaaw, how cute. Of course I did exactly what I was supposed to when she’d interject-

Ignored her.

Well, of course this made her try and join our conversation even more. I was walking with kid to radiology and asked him, “She always that chatty?” He then told me she had been silent up until I showed up.

Ah. Of course.

Guys, a girl will usually give pretty obvious signs she’s vying for yer attenshinz. I was walking outside to check my phone (I have to walk through the ER) and she made a comment about me always looking at my phone. I stopped stared at her for a second and told her, “Are really paying THAT much attention to me?” She grinned mentioned me going outside a lot to check my phone. I mention to her that I’m checking my sites stats (talk about classic set up) and she asked about the site. When I told her what it was about she asked me to show it to her. I didn’t. lol.

I went back to the ER later on and me and 2 of the guys were just being silly and making gay jokes (gay jokes are ALWAYS appropriate) about being with Marines in the field, which led to erection jokes, which led me to my classic “blue vein throbber like a Chihuahua with Parkinson’s” as I held up my forearm and made my arm shake. The guys laughed and the girl (who was VERY touchy feely with her co-workers) covered her mouth and snorted.

Do you guys notice what I’m doing here. I NEVER spoke directly to the girl, I only interacted with the guys. BUT I DO understand how to work and group and the most attention she got from me was looking at her briefly. I’m pretty sure it’s common knowledge by now that girls are attracted to male silliness and goofiness just as men are attracted to femininity.

All I was doing was earning pre-selection by only interacting with tha boiz. And we all know what happens to a woman who wants your attention and doesn’t get it. Tingle tingle tingle. I wasn’t a dick to her, I just made the interaction about me and they guys. And let her see me be cocky and funny. I’ve made my impression, so let’s see how she reacts next time I see her.

Stay up.

6 Comments on “Girls are too funny”

  1. MissMarie says:

    This always works, it’s a challenge and it makes us want to prove ourselves so much more. I catch myself in this loop rather frequently…

  2. aneroidocean says:

    Haha, the shaking got me. The shaking got me good.

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