Jerk Ribeye

jerk is primarily reserved for pork and chicken. i like my jerk on a nice slice slab of beef. let’s proceed.

this shit right here.

this shit right here.

pierce the steak with a fork so the marinade will penetrate (i usually don’t do this when i cook steaks, but i want the marinade to permeate the meat for this dish). now, a Jamaican tought me how to jerk when i was in cuba back in ’97. you MUST press the jerk into the meat, i’m talking massage the steak to an extent. i like to let it sit for 48 hours. since it’s steak you cook it in usual fashion. chicken or pork is best done low and slow. but steak, i do 3-4 minutes on the first side then 3 minutes after i flip it. then remove from heat.

LET IT SIT UNTOUCHED for 10 minutes. i like to drizzle with lime juice. now, WW marinade is SPICY!!!!! use sparingly until you figure out where your palate is at. WW can typically be found at most international food stores or on Amazon. a jar lasts me just under a year.



then…..carve and gorge yourself. it WILL be spicy. but that’s jerk baby. lol. pairs well with a red stripe and a sweet potato. follow the same prep for chicken and pork. cook pork like you’d normally do a pork chop, chicken i cook at 225 for 3-4 hours or until internal temp is about 160. let it sit for 10-15 minutes so the temp will rise slightly. guy’s i CANNOT stress how being decent in the kitchen is pussy crack. yes, ladies, you read that right. i used the “P” word. ladies, tell me i’m lying. guys, she’s sitting at my bar, watching me cook, the smells, the showing expertise, the wine, watching a man in jeans cook, the wine, lol. you get the picture. she’s powerless. Brody’s sitting by her feet licking her leg and c’mon, a woman isn’t a sucker for a doggy showing her love. the deck is so stacked against her (which she doesn’t mind either) that if you DON’T get ass, it’s because she found a severed head in your freezer. in which case….she rightfully bailed. lol.

c’est si bon. stay up.




5 Comments on “Jerk Ribeye”

  1. zorroprimo says:

    guy’s i CANNOT stress how being decent in the kitchen is pussy crack.

    I am no Chef in Jeans, but I am damned handy in the kitchen. I will second that assertion. Men who are useless in the kitchen turn off women. They scream “I need a new Mommy!” and that is not sexy. Not at all.

    Cooking is not tough, it’s fun and when you can make a decent Bailey’s Irish crème brûlee, you’ll know what it feels like to get a Bill Clinton at the dinner table.

  2. Jim says:

    Next time cook it in a cast iron skillet. The hot skillet sears the outside and locks in the juices. Invest in cast iron if you don’t have any. They are versatile. Use mine to cook everything from meat to cornbread. Also recommend a Presto multi-cooker. Use it from everything to a a slow cooker to a deep fryer. I can take a frozen boneless chicken breast, add a marinade of some kind which can be a simple store bought vinaigrette and have it come out juicy, flavorful, and tender.

  3. Wilf says:

    Pussy crack! LOL Yeah, it sure is. I’m hoping to teach my boys cooking. The younger one in particular. He is not tall and handsome and aloof like his older brother, so he is going to need some skills in the kitchen. In addition to the confidence and amused mastery it shows the ladies, it’s probably quite novel in itself. I find it shocking in my circles how many women can’t cook, hate cooking, avoid cooking. In itself I think it may increasingly just have a wow factor as the art of cooking declines ever further in North America.

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