ITLR- Fighting

i got into a fight last night.

let’s be clear; i HATE fighting. it’s def a last resort to me. but down here, fighting is a reality for men.

i was leaving a store and a guy (about 5’10-6″) walked in my path. i moved to the side to let him by and he drove his shoulder into mine. we were in the parking lot. i stopped, turned and said, “what the fuck dude?” he turned looked at me and said, “what are you gonna do boy?”

game the fuck on.

look, this guy WANTED a confrontation, but thought he was dealing with a “soft target”. look, i get it, i’m short, most guys don’t see me as a threat, so they’ll fuck with me. i stared at him for a few seconds and said, “trust me, you DO NOT want to do this.” to which he replied that he didn’t need to do anything.

i took off my glasses and chain, and pulled off my shirt. and told him, “your move asshole.”

he rushed me (predictably), which i was expecting and he swung on me. he got a glancing blow of the left side on my face. my jaw hurt and my nose was cut from his wedding ring. by this point his wife and kid showed up and he didn’t back down. now look; i fight tactically. this guy was a straight brawler. with my stature i can’t go toe-to-toe with a dude that has 80 pounds on me. as we circled each other, i was waiting for him to rush me. i needed to get close and drop him. he finally came at me, grabbed my shoulders and before he could move on me, i smashed my forehead into his nose.


he let go, and his wife rushed to his side. i told the wife i NEVER wanted to fight. and i apologized for the incident.

my nose owwie.

my nose owwie.

my bruised cheek. like i said, glancing blow.

my bruised jaw. like i said, glancing blow.

look, i’m not celebrating this, but it happened. and  HATE that i had to react. i posted this as an example of a man’s world, and sometimes that includes going into the physical realm. most men DO NOT fight. i was raised to fight. the second wifey got in front of me, i stopped. i honestly left the red and let her tend to her husband.

i apologized to her and told her i NEVER wanted it to come to this. she waved me on and said her husband can be a bit to brash. i told her how to take care of his nose and i left.

my jaw hurts, my nose if cut, and my right shoulder (where he rushed me) is sore.

i hate fighting. but i know it’s a needed skill for a man. i like how girls wince at men fighting, but then again respect the fact we do it.

i really hope the guy recovers quickly and well.

stay up

42 Comments on “ITLR- Fighting”

  1. driversuz says:

    Gotta do what you gotta do.

    Maybe he learned something.

  2. lifeuniverse42 says:

    Act like an ass, make sure your ready to face the consequence. Also never assume what people can and can’t do, you never know.
    The other guy did wrong on both point. Some lesson need to be learn the hard way.
    He got his nose smashed and brought down by someone smaller than him in front of his wife. His ego will be sore tomorrow, but maybe he will think before acting like a dumb bully again

    Take care and try not to eat crayon Danny. 😉

  3. Vicomte says:

    I’ve always heard the headbutt was an incredibly effective and underused maneuver.

    Proper technique for future reference?

  4. ASF says:

    Yer purty.

  5. M3 says:

    You gave him only what he deserved. I love reading stories of bullies getting laid out by ‘the underdog’

    But you’re no underdog. Your WUNDERDAWG!

  6. OffTheCuff says:

    Is it the area you’re in? I *am* a soft target but people never fuck with me like that. I find it crazy he shouldered you while you were getting out of the way!

  7. Infantry says:

    He’s an animal. I hope he takes ages to recover. Going around fronting random people (and picking perceived weaker targets) is a dog act. Eventually someone will pull a knife or a gun on him and he’ll get what’s coming to him.

    I’m past having sympathy for people that will take their own insecurities out on innocents.

  8. Fist of Vulkan says:

    Ahh yes… The vastly under appreciated Glasgow Kiss. A favorite of mine. Very effective when employed properly.

  9. Rojo says:

    Say I were in your place when this went down. Is it bad if I would have tried get away after he said “what are you gonna do boy?” I know we talked about fighting and krav and shit last week, but still I personally would have wanted nothing with him. In spite of my participation in krav and all that, I’m still timid when it comes to this kind of shit. I can fight, but I don’t want to go there. I hope my self-restraint doesn’t make me a bitch.

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      No, it doesn’t make you a bitch. It makes you rational.

      I have PTSD, of I’m pushed; I simply can’t back down. Had wife been there before it started, it probably wouldn’t have gone down.

      Sent from my iPhone

      • kleyau says:

        danny, I here you with not being able to back down. That’s why I always give guys space to pass, since if they go out of their way to start something with me, I got no worries about how it turns out.

  10. Phoenix says:

    I hope dickhead has a deviated septum and needs surgery.

  11. deti says:

    Sometimes ya gotta put up yer dukes and fight.

    This was one of those times.

  12. deti says:

    The pictures? Ow.

  13. Shade Zero says:

    I probably take way too much pleasure when I see bullies get their comeuppance. It was doubly sweeter that it happened in front of his wife.

    Although I don’t agree with apologizing to anyone for finishing the BS he started.

  14. MissMarie says:

    Danny, ouch! Awww…

  15. K-Stan says:

    I haven’t been in a fight in a while. Guys just need that rush I guess. Surprised we haven’t had a fight out here yet. Im one of those guys that trys not to fight but when I have too I do what I gotta do. Before I left overseas I was out at dinner with a girl and her ex showed up at the restaurant, didn’t know we were there til we stood up to leave. She immediately saw him and hurried to the door. I had no idea what was going on but when we got outside I heard someone yell her name. She stopped and I turned around and the guy came at me asking me…well demanded to know who I was. I just said I was a friend of hers out having dinner, who are you? said he was her ex bf that still fucked her whenever he wanted…that comment kind of upset me to say something like that outside a public place and about a woman. I told him to chill out watch your mouth and have a good night were leaving. I turned around and he grabbed my shoulder so I turned shoved him back and told him not to touch me again. Of course the girl had to blurt out, so and so hes in the army, I wouldn’t do that. One of the WORST things to say when a fight is about to happen. This just fired him up more so he swung at me I ducked under it got to his back, rear clinch, took him ti the ground and had him in a rear naked before he knew he wasn’t standing anymore. I asked him if he wanted to get up and walk away or get up from a nap and wonder what just happened. He just struggled trying to hit me and pull my arm free but it was in vain. Luckily for him and kind of for me the host saw this came out and broke it up. Apparently he saw it unfold and told me and the girl to just go and he would handle the rest. The guy was definitely bigger than me and one of those wanna be thug kids…But I hate fighting, only fight if I need to. The other guys in my squad hate on me cause I don’t start fights with them. Ill help them because their family to me but I wont instigate. Im an infantryman who doesn’t like to fight…almost an oxymoron haha Ive also found that some women would rather see a guy walk away from a fight then stand there and slug it out, others want to see that. Its a maturity/chivalry thing. Like that dinner, I apologized to her for that and she said it was ok, sometimes you have to, but she also said it was about time lol.

  16. newlyaloof says:

    I know this drill all too well.
    Danny, how much did you really get out of his way? (Not doubting you, but I know how pride is) Are we talking partial, almost fully, or fully. 🙂 If you yielded and he altered his course to initiate contact, F that dude; he get’s what he deserves.

    Only downside to rightfully defending your respect in these instances is the chance that although you win, you get partially blinded/injured and have to live with that. That and the dickhead will probably take out your victory on his innocent kid.

    That dude needs to join a gym and do that shit inside there. Total low-class honey-boo-boo shit doing that in public with your wife and kid.

  17. Athor Pel says:

    You are living among retards Danny.

  18. Michael of Charlotte says:

    “i really hope the guy recovers quickly and well.”


  19. YerRight says:

    lol thats why your types get sent to the front line or jail.
    “i believe in civility first and foremost.” Obviously, just like a skool kid in a playground.

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      lol. whatever you say.

      and yes, i was just a kid in a “skool” playground. i got bullied, i fought back. however you’d have chosen to deal with the situation….cool, but this guy WANTED to fight.

      • YerRight says:

        My point is you wanted to fight just as much as he did.
        I aint excusing his behavior. But I haven’t had that shit in over 20 yrs and I am often sober among many drunks.

  20. Faust says:

    I consider it a public service, honestly. Every time you smack somebody around like that you make it less likely they’ll pick on the next guy. So on behalf of that next guy, thanks for shutting this idiot up.

    It’s interesting how size matters so much in determining how willing other guys are to fight you. I’m a big enough dude (6’4, 220) that people usually leave me alone. A few weeks back I had a guy screaming in my face and yelling threats at me on my way home. A “Are you 100% sure about this?” frown was enough to get him to walk off, muttering curses at me. But I have no doubt at all that if it came down to it, Danny could kick my ass. I haven’t been in a fight since I smashed a bully into a locker in high school.

  21. […] when i saw fight club (read it after) and got to the part of the movie where Tyler ordered the guys to start and lose a fight, only to find that most men will avoid physical confrontation, struck a cord with me. it made an impression because, well…….it’s true. i think fighting is a regional thing. i know in the south, men fight. […]

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