Merry Christmas Kids

I haez made an official Christmas card for the site. BUT it’s NSFW so I can’t post it.

So, if you care to receive it, shoot me an email requesting it and I’ll send it to you. All I ask is you reply in the comment section that you got it, and what you thought.

Again, the card is NSFW. [edit-spoiler…..BEWBIES!!!!]

Stay up.


wait….i CAN post this as my alternate CC.

So-So did this. Look at the APIN on my sons face.

So-So did this. Look at the PAIN on my sons face.


35 Comments on “Merry Christmas Kids”

  1. DJ Lynn says:

    Sweet card… Just sayin

  2. sosweet2362 says:

    I like So-So’s card…bewbies just don’t hold the same appeal for me =)

  3. AlTiManix says:

    ooh ooh can I have one please?

    or maybe I should ask for a pair?

    • Altimanix says:

      I’ve compared it to the one on the site, and I prefer the one with puppies. my apologies to Brody.

      regarding the sentiment expressed…the same to you with bells on!


  4. M3 says:

    Pain? He’s just camera shy. Time to put my baby’s Christmas pic up.

  5. MissMarie says:

    Poor Brody! I should do that to Delilah, I can almost guarantee she’d be wearing the exact same expression as your son… Merry Christmas, Danny!!!

  6. Vicomte says:

    Before I request:

    This card does not involve Danny in the Bunny Suit, correct?

  7. dannyfrom504 says:

    i’m going to stop sending out the card since those receiving aren’t commenting.

    if i don’t know you…… card.

  8. Thanks for the card good sir. It did put a smile upon my face, it did.

  9. lifeuniverse42 says:

    Nice pair of Christmas Card. 😉 Honk-Honk

  10. RojoC says:

    After reviewing it, I must say, well played sir. Well played. I cracked a smile even.

  11. K-Stan says:

    Brody looks pissseedd haha

  12. […] to end this on a bright note, following Danny putting up a picture of his son Brody, i thought i’d follow suit and show you all my daughter Buffy.. The Squirrel […]

  13. Fullmoonmama says:

    Thanks danny! Makes me want to make a nsfw card myself 😉 next year may i request you dress as Santa and spank a lady over your lap?

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