Repost- Asshole game

i’m sure it will be of no surprise to learn that i noticed girls VERY early. VERY EARLY. in pre-K i got into trouble for kissing a girl at recess. as in….it was going on for over a week and the girls mom complained and we were separated from then on. would it surprise ANY of you to learn she was a brunette? perverts old habits start young. lol. i had a type at a very young age. we go to recess, i’d gather with the other boys and we’d do the dare-devil raucous stuff young boys do that inevitable could lead to a trip to the school nurse (i always wondered….did you girls watch us when we were doing that dumb crap?). then eventually i’d make my way to where girl was. and we’d kiss. quick little peck on the lips. i don’t WHY i did it, i just knew she was pretty and i wanted to kiss her.

i couldn’t wait to start school so i could see what new girls were gonna be there. i eventually i slid into the “nerd” section of school around 4-5th grade. it wasn’t until 7th grade when i started skateboarding did my attitude (mostly due to my VERY alpha best bro) towards woman change. when i came back for 8th grade, i was a different guy. i looked different and acted different. i was more aloof and honestly all i wanted to do was get out of school and go skate. my best bud was the first to lose his virginity. after he lost it he was ALWAYS goading me to bang some girl. i was starting to get phone calls from girls, i was getting notes from girls. mom found said letters and i was shown the “condom drawer”. well i had the house to myself for 4 hours after school. lol. mom’s no dummy.  i FINALLY lost my virginity in 8th grade and after i did, skateboarding kind of took a back seat. lol. in high school me and a friend would skip last period, go buy 2 bottles of strawberry him, hit the Catholic high school close by, wait for the girls to file out and crank up the bass in his hyundai. lol. we’d usually manage to scoop a couple up to go to Coconut beach. the girls would start on the strawberry hill and 2 hours later there were used condoms on the ground. lol. by the time i was a sophomore, i was going to tulane bars to get the girls to take me back to their dorms. lol. i was only 16.  i didn’t know game, i was very raw, i just didn’t care. i approached everything til i struck gold. when i was in 8th grade my best friend asked me if i’d “fucked ‘whatever the hell her name was’”. i told him i hadn’t. “didn’t you go to her house and everything?” basically he asked me if i TRIED to fuck and when i said, “how?” this is what he told me. [edit- this is going to be plain as day “guy speak”. this is NOT for the queasy. this is what a certified “PLAY-AH” taught me. i’m gonna ask Kane to comment on this”] 

“ok, IF she invites you to her house, and her parent’s aren’t home, she wants to fuck. PERIOD. but she’s not going to just hand you over the pussy. you gotta go and get it. so she lets you in, show’s you around at some point she going to show you her room. or….tell her to show you her room. when she takes you in the room, if she closes the door….SHE’S DOWN. if she doesn’t close it…YOU close it. and LOCK it. then walk over to her and kiss her. don’t be too bold at first. but once she seems into it, start feeling her up. if she doesn’t stop you, take off her shirt and bra. once she starts getting into it, start rubbing her pussy. *he started rubbing my armpit to demonstrate the circular motion* once she starts pushing into your hand while your playing with her pussy, STOP. step back…..then pull out your dick. if she just stares at if for a second or 2 like a deer in the headlights, grab the back of her head, and slowly pull it towards your dick. once she starts sucking it…’s done. you’re getting that pussy.” i told him NO WAY that could work. he named 6 girls that he had done that to the past 2 weeks. then he told me this. “next time a girl invites you over. try it. if it doesn’t work, what have you lost out on? BUT….if it works” and with that he raised an eyebrow. there was a girl i was getting notes from and long story short i mention wanting to come my her house. one day i got a note from her telling me to come by that afternoon after school. i did what friend told me. i got laid. i was STUNNED. it happened EXACTLY like he said it would. i wish i could tell you the girl inviting me over were slutty bad girls. but they weren’t. they were your average teen age girl. 13-16. i was forever changed. then i got a reputation as the guy that’ll “eat you out”. in the 90′s guys were taught that was what  faggy guys did (don’t ask me). but i didn’t care, i LOVED doing it. i left NO after my sophomore year. i was changed kid.

i moved to Texas and by the time i joined the navy i had already had my first 3 way with 2 Mexican girls and had a girl who was basically my personal sex doll that got ZERO time from me outside the bedroom, she was a very chesty mexican girl (noticing a theme here? lol). i joined the navy and lived in San Diego, Charleston, Sicily, the NO. during that time i got more experienced  with “game type shit” and around 26-27 i began to not like the laid-back “whatever” attitude i had with women and began desiring intimacy more (i blame that on my relationship with Sonia….the Sicialian girl i’ve written about before). i also met Beth and we all know that story.

by the time i got to Japan….the Danny that’s blogging now came about. i had begun qualifying all the woman i was interested in. and by 32-33 i was full on, “i’d rather be in a relationship with the woman i’m sleeping with” mode. YEAH, i still sleep with woman i’m NOT in a relationship with, BUT i readily admit i’d MUCH rather be in a relationship than be single and just “get a piece” .

the point of this is to give you ladies a little hope. i would NEVER consider myself a “former player” that just isn’t true. i LIKED woman back then, i was just looking out for my own interests only when i was younger. but the desire to fuck every woman you see eventually goes away gets old. personally i think it’s something most guys just NEED to get out of their system before they can really commit. i have ZERO dings on my “things to do with a woman” list. 3 way *yeah 2 of them*, outdoors *YAWN*, in public *SOOO high school*, in a girls rooms while her parents are home *8th grade….C’MON*, virgin *SON PLEASE….indian girl in Charleston*. but like i said…..i got all that out my system. however, i’d trade all that for a healthy LTR now. i think guys that don’t get to do that and get married at 22 and start a family, suddenly get that “GOD I JUST WANNA PARTY AND CRAP” (i call it “the beast”) when they hit 26-27, and end up divorced. this is just a theory based on my knowing guys that gave me shit for never getting married when i was in my mid 20′s, only to run into them in my 30′s and they’re divorced and telling me i’m the smartest man ever. that and the fact that more than one of the married guys on my block ALWAYS wanna hear stories of IF i got laid when i went home (seriously….they really do ask me). then again…..what the fuck do i know. lol.

so ladies fear not. YES we do eventually grow up and “get over it”. ok NOT REALLY, but it get’s to a point where most of us would prefer a steady, monogamous partner to a 22 year old former cheerleader.

wait… the cheerleader Mexican?

18 Comments on “Repost- Asshole game”

  1. RojoC says:

    I think you’d very much enjoy the women of my former hometown in northern Mexico.

    Here is a random sample of one. Link is NOT NSFW.

  2. Jzb says:


    I wrestle with the idea that “get the boning out of your system” is a recommendation for all men. I’m still a virgin in my late twenties due to voluntary celibacy as an overly zealous evangelical Christian. I really went out of my way to avoid relationships/women as I was bent on focusing personal growth and ultimately wanted to find a wife. I also had no game, so I can’t say that I would’ve been able to pump and dump anyone – sex as a part of an LTR would’ve been the more likely scenario.

    Anyway I red pilled a year ago and everything is upended (faith, view on women, etc). While I am still a virgin, honestly I’m just not all that interested in the pump n dump scene. I have a tendency to think for the long term and I just don’t see how banging a bunch of women makes gets me any closer to what I want – which is a fulfilling LTR.

    I’m not condemning sexing women, I’m just asking – is it really for me? Am I just still a bit too blue pill and naive?

    At the end of the day I’m desperate but not desperate. I long for affection, intimacy, companionship etc with/from a woman, but I don’t just throw myself at any woman who would be willing to give me some or all of those things in the short term. I recognize short term vs long term gains.

    The benefit of my position is that I don’t have ant baggage with women, the draw back is that I’m like a 16 year old in this area of my life – very little experience.

    So I guess I’m just a bit unsure of where to go from here. I am not a hopeless case, I’m tall, fairly handsome, debt free, earning 6 figures, have been to fifteen countries, travel internationally for work on a consistent basis, shoot, lift, am out going etc. I’m working on upping the alpha/breaking out of the nice guy mold etc.

    I think I’d like to believe finding a quality woman is still possible, though I recognize I have to be a quality man.

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      I understand where you’re coming from.

      I fully admit, i was an asshole when I was younger. But I NEVER lied or manipulated said women. I was open about not wanting a relationship or talk of a relationship never even came up.

      I am a firm advocate of honesty. I respect your decision and you need to do what you think is in your best interest.

      Stay up.

      • Jzb says:

        Thanks for the reply.

        Ididn’t mean to imply that you were dishonest or lied etc. I am also not claiming there is something morally or ethically wrong with casual sex, playing the field. Etc. my bad if you got that vibe.

        Im just I’m the midst of processing all of this and am trying to figure out what will work/won’t work.

    • RojoC says:

      I can identify with you on almost everything. (except for the 6 figures and traveling part which sounds totally awesome). And I was never 110% religious, but it did play into my situation as well. If you asked me when I was 14/15, I’d have sincerely told you that I thought that getting a BJ was extremely sinful; it would have brought me more mental shame than physical pleasure, for example. Later on, I realized this artificial guilt was not healthy and it was no way to live. I have been mortally terrified of the thought of getting an STD, which I think also played a significant role. I also spent (And do spend) a lot of time learning, talking, shooting, and doing anything and everything that has to do with firearms. I don’t regret that thought, as it’s what I love.

      I know how it goes though. I’m starting to realize my own self-worth/confidence/etc. But I have to start from square 1 as far as interacting with women is concerned. I too am still “16.” I still get super nervous about approaching. Shit, I’ll admit I don’t really ever do it. But I don’t know what a woman’s warmth is like, and I do long for it. So I am desperate, but I am not, like you say. There were some times when I was younger where some girls showed interest in me and I didn’t respond. First, I wasn’t sure of myself and just thought they were being nice and second, I wouldn’t have known how to handle it. But at least this why I don’t feel like I’m at a total loss.

      Like you, the whole pump and dump thing doesn’t really sound appealing to me. You’re not alone and I don’t think you’re wrong for having that opinion. If doing that makes some people happy, I’m all for that. But it doesn’t appeal to me. I’m pretty sure what I really want is the intimacy and companionship, as it is very lonely out there. I don’t know if my mind will change in the future, but this is how I feel right now and this is how I think. For some reason. I’m OK with the idea of FWB. That’s probably because I’ve never done “it” and need an outlet though.

      I hope you succeed and find a quality woman some day. I know that would mean the world to me.

      • dannyfrom504 says:

        sorry it took me a minute to reply.

        here’s the thing. you’re still in semi blue pill mode. i NEVER lied to or manipulated women. most or many women are just as down for ONS and FWB than you might know. my thing is, i DO NOT LIE about not wanting to be in a relationship with said women. i’m catholic as well, and am also scared of STD’s.

        as far as approach fear, i’ve posted about that. print it out and put it on your fridge, and a few other places where you’ll see it all the time.

        without practice, there is no progress. PLEASE…..make progress and you’ll validate my blogging.

        email me if you have any questions. i’m more than happy to help.

  3. K-stan says:

    This brings back the memories when I was maybe 4 or 5. had a friend who was a girl and we would hide in the closet and touch each other and what not. Curious little kids but now that im older…it shows that I started at a very young age. it didn’t stop there. through elementary school I was getting in trouble for writing “obscene” notes and running up and kissing girls and was even suspended in middle school for such activities. The funny thing is…it was never the girl I did it to that told on me. Always her friend haha I didn’t lose my virginity til I was 17…had plenty of opportunities but if you knew the parents I have, that was a scary thought and when they found out…it wasn’t pretty. Im sure you know how it went uncle danny!! I dated only a couple girls since then but the in between is where I had my fun (not saying the relationships weren’t fun). I enjoy being in a relationship a lot. I enjoy the connection, the memories and having a “special” someone there to comfort when needed if at all. My last relationship ended very abruptly and was horrible but I bounced back and I enjoyed myself and im getting to the point of wanting to find another girl to enjoy my time with. I have no regrets and don’t planning on having any. Do what you have to do and make sure you enjoy it at the same time!

  4. Dew Shpag says:

    maybe i am too callous to game now, but where is the asshole part of the game in this? it just sounds like good fundamentals for young’ns, and a good reflection for older guys.

  5. Phedre says:

    Hee hee, reminds me of when I got boys to show me their dicks under the table in grade 2. It is crazy how early it starts! I don’t know why we tend to think of children as sexless…

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      YOU DID THAT TOO!!!!!! wokka wokka.

      did you show them yours? lol in fourth grade i tried to “put it in” a girl i lived down the street from.

      • Phedre says:

        Haha, they kept threatening that they would stop showing me theirs unless I showed them mine, but I could see they hadn’t yet learned to be man enough to follow through with the threat so I didn’t. Actually, looking back that is an great example of how innate a female’s ability to gauge alphaness is… at 6-7 years old!

        This is the weird thing with being a woman. It’s not that I didn’t want to show them mine, it’s that I *couldn’t* because they supplicated instead of demanding. This happened continuously in various situations with guys – I might desperately want our relations to escalate, but if they behaved in a beta way I *couldn’t*. There was like a tangible block on my muscles.

        Then as I got older I would literally feel revulsion when a man asked me for something sexual (even a kiss) instead of demanding/taking it. I would almost always feel bad about it too. In my mind I was like ‘please do it right, please do it right, I want to do this, please…ARGH!’

        I don’t know if most women are that conscious of it. It was certainly very frustrating to see the script replay that way over and over again. Obviously, very frustrating (or worse) for the men too. But it’s uncontrollable. Your limbs are in chains.

      • Phedre says:

        Was it instinctive or did you have a good role model? I know that my feminine reaction was totally untaught, so I would assume that one of the two possible male reactions is inherent and the other learned. Which is which?

      • dannyfrom504 says:

        it was def inherent. if i had shown mine and she not shown hers, i’d have quit talking to her. and since she was a neighborhood girl, she was part of the “kid inner-circle” if that makes any sense.

        i’d have talked shit about her and the other boys would have quit paying attention to her. this is the same girl i tried to put my mule into in 4th grade.

  6. Phedre says:

    I doubt it’s the implied threat that made her do it though. Commanding it is enough.

    I wonder then, did those boys that couldn’t command me learn from their beta dads? I mean, it should be inherent, shouldn’t it, the alpha treatment of women? It would be strange if women’s programming was solidly set from birth and men’s wasn’t…

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