Kissing. Making out. Call it whatever you want, but I love kissing a girl. Well, I have a technique that I use either in text or in actual dialogue to escalate. Escalation can be tricky, it must be subtle, playful, yet convey flirtation and sexual interest. Which understandably can be difficult for many guys.

Well I’m here to help. I’ve been using this for a VERY long time and have RARELY had it not bring the tingles. And by the way, I really like writing these types of posts because I know the girls reading are hanging on every word and grinning and giggling.

So you’ve opened, you know you have only 2-3 minutes to escalate lest you venture into LJBF zone. After I’ve made her laugh I’ll casually mention how cute her laugh/smile is and then I’ll reply, “Do you have any idea what’s on my mind right now?” the hamster MUST know, so she’ll want to know what I’m thinking.

“I’m thinking how fun it’s gonna be to play kissy-face with you.”

Sounds stupid, but trust me…..EVERY woman reading is grinning from ear to ear. Hell, I said this not over 3 nights ago to a girl and she ate it up. “Kissy-face” takes a girl back to junior high. It’s playful, lightly sexual, sets a positive frame and tells her you see her as a woman WORTH making out with. Kissing is a VERY powerful bonding tool for women. It’s intimate, sensual, and extremely private. I know women that would blow a guy before she’d make out with him. I’ve had friends that screwed married women that refused to kiss during the encounter.

Kissy face also works well with text game. Just simply send a text- “was just thinking about you.” She’ll want to know what you were thinking and text back, “I was thinking about playing kissy face with you.”

It’s that simple. It’s humorous, flirty, playful and essentially women are powerless against it. Secondly, it’s VERY unlikely she’s ever had a man say that to her. So it sets you apart from other men. That’s always a good thing.  And most women will gloss over smooth as hell player shit. But once you gotten that smile, made her avert her gaze and grin; you’ve got her.

Also, “kissy face” evokes a certain nostalgia women usually find irresistible. Take a woman back to junior high and you bring major tingles. I’m a HUGE fan of sending a woman a note on a napkin at a bar-

“Do you like me? Check one- yes. No. maybe?” Sounds corny, but women eat it up.

So add what I’ve shared to your arsenal and make a woman smile. And of course, you get to have some fun in the meantime. Lol.     

Stay up.  

14 Comments on “Kissy-Face”

  1. Wald says:

    Once you know the rules, you can break the rules.

    Also, once you know the rules, you are a different man breaking them than the man you were learning and following them.

  2. MissMarie says:

    Mmmm, yep!

  3. M3 says:

    I gotta ask.. at what maturity level of the woman can you expect to get away with this.

    I can see this working on easily identifiable girly girls and young girls (great age range btw) but mizz modern empowered woman with a good dose of feminist formaldehyde flowing through her veins will give you the roll eyes and shrug you off for being so immature.

    So yeah.. actually it’s a great way to filter out stuck up intellectual snobs who took women’s studies instead of studying how to be a woman.

    Well played sir!

    ps-you’re banner talks of horse shit, women and food. i ain’t seen no horse shit yet?

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      You answered your own question. If she looks at you like you’re crazy, she’s not a girl you want to waste your time with.

      No horseshit? I’d argue half this blog is horseshit. Lol.

      Sent from my iPhone

  4. Athor Pel says:

    You left out the smirk, the mischievous smile. Without the smirk you won’t get the same buy-in from her emotionally.

    It’s all about touching the core of her emotions, the well from which all those powerful emotions flow. If you can touch that place, just like getting your hand in her pants, then you can write your own ticket from that point forward. Which is exactly what you write about much of the time when talking about women.


    About kissing, I’ve had girls tell me they didn’t want to kiss on the lips because, and I quote, “it’s too intimate”, They told me this while my hand was between their legs. They knew we were going to be copulating in a few minutes and they were telling me they didn’t want to kiss. I marvel at the mental gymnastics required for those words to be uttered in that particular circumstance.

    At the time I completely ignored her request. I looked her directly in the eyes and kissed her anyway. Pretty soon her tongue was in my mouth as often as mine was in hers. Problem solved.

    There were other words said in regards to her not wanting to kiss but they all boiled down to her admitting there was an emotional connection that was made by kissing that doesn’t happen when doing other sexual things and she didn’t want to get hurt as badly as she could have. Yeah, I wasn’t in a mood to listen to the emotion nanny. I was on a mission to get her wet and needy. She wanted me to succeed on the mission as well, she just didn’t want to say it.

  5. Great stuff as always Danny. Now I’ll have to come up with a spanish equivalent.

  6. Michael of Charlotte says:

    Awesome, going to have to try this.

  7. Infantry says:

    “Do you like me? Check one- yes. No. maybe?” Sounds corny, but women eat it up.

    They always check ‘Maybe’ with that shy little girl smile. Hehhehehehhehe. Checkmate.

    The above is something I’ve had great success with. Its was particularly devastating when I was engaging with a girl from a different culture and I had to use very simple words to game her due to the language barrier. This combines schoolyard charm with international cross-cultural game and retains 100% effectiveness.

    Got me a hot Chilean back to my place. Este bien.

  8. I like to make the Yes checkbox take up approx 10x as much room as the No checkbox.

    Always loved that move.

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