Have a Grenade

Read an article recently that had a link to a Jezebel “Fuck MRA’s” article. Which I must admit was WAY more vitriolic than any MRA/MGTOW post I’ve ever read. This has always amused me about ardent feminists. I gave up caring a LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG time ago what women think about my decision to not get married. Young girls don’t care. “Oh, yeah, that’s cool. If it works for you.”

Yet, when I mention this to a woman in her 30’s or a single mom; I get a VERY different response. They are either quick to vilify me, or they seem completely crushed after I explain the reasons for my avoiding marriage. I don’t have anything against women. I LOVE women. But I have completely given up on rationalizing my decision to a feminist. I’ll let them drone on and on and on before I respond with, “Ok.” Then I simply quit talking to her.

Which doesn’t really defuse the woman if you MIGHT have thought it would. Lol. What feminists have failed to realize is the MRA/MGTOW camp really doesn’t care what ANYONE thinks of their decision. Most women listen to my POV when it comes to marriage, and YES there are a certain number of men that do have an agenda towards women. HOWEVER, these men have usually had their lives practically devastated in divorce. Lost jobs, children, and their livelihood. And now, a number of men (read- yours truly), have seen enough and are just tapping out.

Add to the equation I was MUCH more concerned with a relationship when I was younger. Now, as an almost 40 year old man, I could care less. All I care about now is trying to teach guys how my dumb ass got to be decent to talking to women. Because guess what?


But sadly, they’re still recovering from the blue pill and maybe if they see a short, pale, bald douche like me can get a girl tingling- they can too. It’s all mindset. I swear, I once finished up a sesh with the gf and I walked back into the bedroom (I was nakie, and girls a solid 8) and I walked past a mirror, looked at it, looked at her laying in bed, looked at myself in the mirror, looked at her and said, “Seriously….how do you fuck me.” Then I made the disgusted noise as I looked at myself naked in the mirror. I mean, I’m not a girl, but I can only assume seeing me naked is like passing a 4 car pile-up. You don’t WANT to look, but you HAVE to. Then once you look you can’t look away. Amirite?

Since I’ve long since gotten off topic I just wanted to point out that while we may be vilified, scorned, and marginalized for opting out of marriage, we don’t care. And when you have game, you AREN’T starved for female attention. You basically have as little or as much as you care to, WINSAUCE.

The best analogy I’ve ever heard regarding marriage was telling a woman she’s presented with a box of 50 grenades. Half are live, and the rest are duds. Pick a grenade and pull the pin. You’ll either explode or you won’t. OR…..don’t pick any. That’s marriage for a man today. Is it harsh, yes, but it’s true….I’ve watched it happen. Not I said Dan.  

Stay up.  

28 Comments on “Have a Grenade”

  1. I was recently having a conversation with a women recently turned 31 and made an off-hand comment that I would not get married. Her reaction was something which I was not expecting. She got startled, even with tears in her eyes, and said “Oh really?! You’re not getting married?!” followed by a couple minutes of some uncomfortable banter. Honestly, I was just expecting a sort of “Hey, that’s your business, whatever.” But she took it personally which surprised me. Now I know.

    But yeah, as for marriage. It isn’t a marriage I have a problem with; it’s divorce. That is what I tried explaining to her. Lesson learned.

    • BC says:

      She got upset because of female solipsism – it’s all abut her. When you said that you would not get married, you were implicitly pronouncing judgment on women in general, which includes her, which by solipsistic definition makes it about her. Add in her age (cue 29-31 video by Simon and Garfunkel), and I’m surprised she didn’t melt down or throw a fit.

  2. M3 says:


    And feminists are doing EVERYTHING in their power to make it as unpalatable as possible us. Then the rest of the women look like deer in the headlights when they try and understand why oh why we are choosing to opt out of that wonderful ‘put a ring on it’ fiasco.

    I like Bill Burr’s take on it. Would you decide to go skydiving if you knew 3 out of every 4 chutes failed to open? (yeah, it’s closer to 2, but the jokes still funny)

    • Maven3 says:

      it’s not about opting-out. It’s about filtering.
      I would like to marry, but after red-pill my script is like that:
      – age > 27 (+/-2 depending on looks), NEXT
      – sex partners > 10 (+/-3 depending of personality), NEXT
      – BMI > 24 (also look at mother), NEXT
      – cheated in past while in LTR, NEXT

      that’s what drives women crazy – they can’t do anything with those now. They had fun, but are now in decline.
      Man can and will increase its attractiveness.

  3. RojoC says:

    Wow, I shouldn’t have done this, but I did. I went and looked up the article. And it was hard to read. That place is just nucking futs.

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      But we’re hateful misogynistic assholes, remember. Smh.

      Sent from my iPhone

      • RojoC says:

        Of course. I also noticed they were talking shit about the Second Amendment and guns and shit—like if it was our fault that this whacko did what he did. They went on and on with the “angry white male” meme.

        Men died in the past so that we could have such freedoms, so I don’t like it when they talk shit about it.

  4. Altimanix says:

    does there seem to be a link between the age ‘you do what you want’ changes to ‘finance my lifestyle choices you selfish prick’ and the onset of early stage baby-rabies?

    basically, I’m asking; could a link be made?


    the car crash moment when 25-30 years of never having understood the word ‘consequences’ comes to an end.

    Men are not f***ing lifestyle enablers for women. Not after the red-pill, anyway.

  5. Flybynight says:

    No…Bill Burr is correct. The other 25% your just trapped in some living hell of a marriage.

  6. taterearl says:

    Marriage is also like going to a casino…a few lucky bastards get triple 7s, most guys lose and lose a lot, and you should consider it a win if you break even.

  7. Vicomte says:

    You know, Danny, you actually write half-decent posts when you use punctuation and stuff.

  8. Athor Pel says:

    I’ve had women at work tell me the single women in the company should be all over me to get married since I’m so eligible. I tell them I want a wife, not a co-husband.

  9. RojoC says:

    So what do you older more experienced men think? What would you say is the percentage of women worth marrying? There HAS to be some keepers out there, right?

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      I don’t know. I’m not getting married.

      Keepers, sure. Hunt well.

      Sent from my iPhone

      • RojoC says:

        I’d kill for a keeper.

        I have some friends who are in such a marriage and it makes me wonder how rare that actually is. I’ll tell you what though, that man is extremely fortunate. Extremely. Not surprisingly, I have seen a lot of red-pill truths in RL after talking and spending time with them.

        As a young man, I’m just learning/observing.

        But yeah, in the end, all I want is an awesome partner in crime–one that has my back.

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